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What “Free Installation” Means

As a courtesy to our customers, we offer a free installation service, where we will install DAP on your site for free. And we can do your free installation within 24 hours of your purchase.

However, many people are confused by what “Free Installation” really means. So this article is to give you more details about that.

Installation vs. Setup

To give you a real-world example, think of “DAP Installation” similar to “Delivering the boxed TV set to your doorstep”. That’s it!

We won’t take it out of the box, hook it up to your cable box, set up your channels, set up your DVR, hook up your game console, DVD player, Roku box, etc. All of those things fall under “Setup & Configuration”.

So if you want our help setting up your DAP site, then check out our “Membership Site In A Box” package that comes with “Concierge” sessions to help you set it all up.

What Free Installation Includes

  • We will upload all DAP files to your server
  • We will activate the dap plugin on one WordPress blog (the DAP-WP-LiveLinks plugin)
  • Activating this plugin will create all of the dap tables in your WordPress database
  • We will setup the Cron job(s) for you within your web hosting cPanel.
  • If we see any hosting related configuration or installation issues, we will do our best to resolve them, if they are even resolvable (99% of the time, they are).
  • We will then send you your new DAP Admin Email id and Password via the same support ticket you opened for installation.

That’s it. There’s nothing else involved in the free installation that we perform.

What Free Installation DOES NOT Include

  • Installation or setup or configuration of your theme (like OptimizePress or Thesis)
  • Installation, setup or configuration of other plugins
  • Troubleshooting of your current WordPress installations
  • Troubleshooting issues with any previous membership plugins that you may be using
  • Doing an “Overview” of your web site and giving you ideas about what can or cannot be done using DAP
  • etc… etc… but you get the idea 🙂

Hope this helps clarify what you’re getting as part of your purchase.

Please remember that get get only one free installation, regardless of which license you buy.  Additional installations may be purchased at

If you want us to do it all for you, then check out our “Membership Site In A Box” package that comes with “Concierge” sessions to help you set it all up.

To get your first free installation, click here.


Coming Soon: DAP v3.9

[Updated: 09/27/2010]

Video 1: DAP/vBulletin Integration


Video 2: Demo of vBulletin Integration


We’re about to launch DAP v3.9 which has some really cool new features packed into it! Here’s what is coming in 3.9…

vBulletin integration

This is by far the most exciting feature in 3.9. I don’t think even we, the developers of DAP, have been this excited about a new feature in the longest time! 🙂

This is going to completely ROCK your membership world.

Now, with just a few clicks of the mouse, you can completely automate your Forum management, and do some really slick stuff like…

* “Silver” Members get posting access only to the following vB forums…
– Introductions
– General Discussions

* “Gold” members get access to all above, plus the forum “Puppy Potty Training Tips”. So they get access to the following vB forums…
– Introductions
– General Discussions
– Puppy Potty Training Tips

* “Platinum” members get access to ALL of the forums above, PLUS some premium forums, like “Joint Ventures”, “Starting Your Own Dog Business”, “Premium Support”, and more. So they get access to…
– Introductions
– General Discussions
– Puppy Potty Training Tips
– Joint Ventures
– Platinum Mastermind
– Starting Your Own Dog Business
– Premium Support

And then you can add some more rules like…

Both Gold & Silver can just VIEW the “Premium Support” forums, but cannot POST anything.

And Gold & Silver CANNOT even VIEW the “Joint Ventures”, “Platinum Mastermind”, “Starting Your Own Dog Business”.

See how insanely powerful this can get?

Sure, you could have a forum with WP-based forum plugins like bbPress and Simple:Press too.

But comparing those WP forums to vBulletin? That’s like putting a kid who’s just completed one month of boxing lessons, in a ring with Mike Tyson right after someone said something mean about his mother!

And can you imagine what it would do to your “retention rate”, when you tell your members that if they cancel their subscription, they will lose access to the entire community of like minded people?

And to think that we’re just scratching the surface of monetizing forums here.

The vBulletin forum software is so rich in rules and user roles, and the DAP integration with vB is so tight that you could start just a “Forums Only” membership site and charge just for access to your forums!

Imagine creating a one-time product where for $10, they get to post in a “Special Offers” forum where they can advertise their product or service?

Or how about charging $10 to post in a forum called “Outsourcing”, where they can advertise their need to hire someone either for both long-term and short-term projects? It would be free to view for everyone, but you have to pay-to-post]

HTML Email

Now you can send out HTML email in your welcome emails, double-optin emails, autoresponder emails and broadcast emails. Of course, you still get to send out a “text” version of that same email, so that those email clients which cannot handle HTML (we really can’t think of any, though) can still show your member the “text” version. Pretty cool stuff.

Manual Transactions

Now if someone sends you a check in the mail, there is a way to directly enter the “payment amount” into the sytem. This is awesome on many levels:

1) Your DAP Dashboard reports now show you your earnings more accurately (previously, it didn’t know about the “offline” payments)

2) Because now there is a “manual” order in the system, DAP knows how much to pay the affiliate who referred the member. So Joe Customer clicks on Jill Affiliate‘s affiliate link, arrives at your web site, calls you up and says he doesn’t have a credit card or Paypal account, and would like to send you a check. Then you get a check in the mail. You add Joe manually through the DAP Dashboard (this is already possible). Then you now add a new transaction into the system manually, that Joe Customer paid you $100. Then when Joe Customer logs into your system, Jill’s affiliate link kicks in, DAP knows now that Joe paid $100, and Jill’s commission is 20% (what you have set as the admin).

So Jill now gets paid $20, which wouldn’t have been possible before!

And what’s EVEN more cool, is that if you really want to be super awesome to your affiliates (which we highly recommend you do :-), then you can even enter transactions retroactively – even from 2 years ago – and all of your affiliates will now suddenly start seeing commissions for customers they referred a long time ago, but never really got paid because you had no way of entering the offline transactions into the system.

Is that awesome? Or is that AWESOME? 🙂

Manual Affiliate Credits

Joe Customer purchased a product. He doesn’t seem to have been referred by any affiliate. Then you get an email from Jill – “Hey guys, I just referred my cousin Joe to your product using my affiliate link. He says he purchased it, but I never got any commissions. Can you please look into this?”

Previously, the only way to make sure Jill got the credit for Joe, was a slightly long-winded (and boring) manual process (which we won’t go into here), which really wasn’t hard to do, but still took you about 5 minutes.

Starting 3.9, it’s going to take you 5 seconds!

And Lots More To Come…

We have features that are even more exciting (something that’s not going to be easy to do, after the vBulletin launch!) planned for DAP 4.0!

* “N” tier affiliate program (psst… you read that right, not “2-tier”, not “3-tier” – but “N” tier- which means as many levels as you want, and each new tier with a different commission percentage!)

* Coupon Codes

And lots more…. (we can’t tell you just yet, because otherwise our competitors may steal our ideas 😉

Ok, now you know why we’re so excited about DAP 3.9.

So do let us know what you think in the comments section below.

And be sure to also subscribe to this post – because we’re going to shortly publish a video right here showing you some of the new features, as well as announce a pre-launch call that you’re not going to want to miss.


Veena Prashanth & Ravi Jayagopal


WishList Migration Kit

We get many requests from folks wanting to switch their existing membership site from WishList to DAP, or from Amember to DAP, from Magic Member, YourMembers, eMember, Membergate, etc. We’ve honestly lost count of the number of migrations we’ve done over the years. And every single one of those users who switched to DAP, has been thrilled with DAP and has continued to stay with DAP ever since.

In almost all cases, they all wanted to switch their main “bread-and-butter” membership site over to DAP, because of many things that DAP does that the others don’t. Or maybe because their current membership plugin doesn’t let them do what they want to do, or because their developers stopped supporting it (or support is non-existent), or they’ve gone out of business, or simply because the plugins just don’t scale well for a large membership site, like DAP can.

Anyway, we decided to write a blog post about how to do that for those of you considering doing it yourself.

[NOTE] You don’t have to do this yourself – we can do the migration for you for a fee. See this link for details about purchasing our WishList-To-DAP Migration. [/NOTE]

1) Migrating “Free Members”

Moving free members over to DAP is very simple. Export your old members as a CSV (comma-separated) file containing just email, first name and last name(optional) in the following order:


Lastname is optional. No spaces before or after the comma’s.

And then import them on the “Users > Add” screen.

You can read more about importing users into DAP in this post.

2) Migrating “Paying Members” With Current Subscriptions

This is a bit trickier than migrating just free members. You not only have to import existing member information, but you also need to migrate over their existing subscriptions to point to DAP.

How this is done, primarily depends on what payment processor you were already using, and wish to continue to use while making sure all new incoming subscription payments get processed by DAP.

But before you migrate over their existing subscriptions, you have to import all of them first using DAP’s “Users > Add” screen, which allows you to import multiple users into a Product, while also marking them as “Paid”.

Before you do the import, be sure to empty both the “Double Optin” and “Thank-you” email subject and body on the Product page, because you don’t want DAP sending out any double-optin or thank-you emails to the members you are about to import. We can send them a broadcast email at a later point, when we’ve fully set them up correctly in the system.

Then once you’ve imported them all, you can modify each of their records quickly to modify their start and end dates, to sync with wherever they were in your previous WL site.

Then once you have all of their dates set up, all that remains is to integrate DAP with your payment processor, such that both payments from both new members as well existing members, all get processed by DAP, so that DAP continue to manage their subscriptions, and start giving them access to the member’s area, going forward.

Paypal Integration

Your current WishList subscriptions are probably already pointing to a WishList specific “virtual” URL. Unfortunately, Paypal will not allow you to modify the IPN url in existing “stored” subscriptions that are current.

So you will need to put in a new rule into your .htaccess file at the root of your web site, to simply redirect all incoming IPN notifications (that come to your WL virtual URL) to DAP’s Paypal-specific file on your site, which is

Here’s the exact line of text to place within your .htaccess file that’s in your root…

RewriteRule ^index.php/register/pgiotv$ /dap/dap-paypal.php [L]

Be sure to replace the text “index.php/register/pgiotv$” by the IPN URL given to you by wishlist.

Once this is done, DAP will start processing all future subscription payments from existing members.


Before you create any DAP Products and start protecting content within DAP, make sure you have disabled the Wishlist plugin. Also be sure to disable any other “content protection” plugins, like “Maintenance Mode”, and Cache plugins.


DAP’s Incredibly Powerful Affiliate Program

DAP offers you a built-in Affiliate Program for your web site, where all your Members can automatically and instantly be enrolled as Affiliates.

And here are a few, rare and powerful features in DAP, that you won’t find in most other affiliate providers:

1) Instant Affiliates

This means that as soon as a buyer purchases any product, or even signs up for a free product, they can get an instant affiliate link that they can immediately start using to promote your membership site.

In fact, you can even send them their own unique affiliate link right in their welcome email itself, the same email where you send them their login info! So even before they’ve logged in to your site to download or view the content that they’ve just purchased, they’re already and affiliate and can start promoting your site to others, and earn back their investment even before they’ve reached your refund period.

2) Global Affiliate Link

There’s just one “core” (default) affiliate link that your affiliates can use to promote your web site, and regardless of which product the referral ends up buying, your affiliate gets paid on all of those purchased products.

So it’s like an Amazon affiliate link. One global link that gets you paid on any resulting purchases. So your specific affiliate link could be promoting a book, electronic gadget, shoe or clothing. And once your referral gets to after clicking your affiliate link, even if they don’t purchase that specific product that you just them to, and go on to purchase ANY other product from the entire catalog (which are commission-eligible, of course), then you’ll make commissions on any resulting sale. That’s exactly how the DAP affiliate program works too. Just one default affiliate link. Affiliate can redirect visitor to any landing page (see details below), and affiliate gets paid for any resulting sales.

3) Affiliate Link Redirection

Let’s say you were an Affiliate of Now imagine if Amazon gave you just one, static affiliate link to promote ALL of their products across their ENTIRE web site. That is, one standard affiliate link to promote millions of products, and anyone who clicked on that standard link would always land at Amazon’s home page, no matter what – and that there was no way to direct affiliate traffic directly to any of the actual product pages.

Imagine if you saw a link on our blog that read “Click here to check out the amazing Bamboo Fun tablet” and the link, instead of taking you directly to the product page of the Bamboo fun, took you to Amazon’s home page? How incredibly annoying would that be for the visitor to always be taken to Amazon’s home page no matter what product someone were recommending? Think Amazon would be the e-commerce juggernaut it is today without that implementing that simple feature?

But Amazon lets you link directly to the product pages of the product you are referring to (or recommending, or promoting).


Check out the amazing Bamboo Fun tablet” (links directly to product page)

Check out my best-selling book ‘No Business Like E-Business’ on Amazon” (links directly to the book page)

We are amazed that so many affiliate software providers do not offer this simple, basic feature. And that is the ability to set the affiliate cookie, and then redirect the referred visitor to any page on any web site the affiliate wants the visitor to land on.

So when you use DAP, your affiliates are not forced to always send traffic to your home page. They can redirect the visitor (who just clicked on their affiliate link) to any part of your web site. In fact, they can redirect the visitor to any web page on any web site anywhere online! So they could be sending traffic to one of your free videos, one of your blog posts, or even to one of your articles published on someone else’s web site!

3) Multi-Tier Affiliate Program

DAP allows you to offer multiple tiers of commissions, not just one. So you can create an incredible revenue stream for your affiliates, where they get paid on the sales generated by their 1st level referrals. Which means more incentive for them to join and promote your affiliate program!

4) Paying A Per-Lead Commission To Your ClickBank Affiliates

You already know that DAP supports ClickBank purchases, and you can turn off the display of your affiliate section if you are using ClickBank’s own affiliate program, instead of DAP.

But wait – that does not mean that you can’t use the two affiliate programs IN TANDEM to pull of something really crazy – like awarding your ClickBank affiliates with a commission just for sending you a lead – meaning, the lead just signs up for your “free” newsletter – and of course, if they go on to purchase something from your web site (assuming you are selling through ClickBank), then they get the usual CB commissions.

So here’s how it works:

  • Every member on your DAP-powered site gets their own affiliate link that looks like:
  • And their CB affiliate link for your product would look like
  • Now DAP’s affiliate link has the capability of redirecting to any page on your site (or any page on any web site) by adding the destination URL to the affiliate link.
  • So, now your affiliate adds their CB affiliate link to the END of their DAP affiliate link, like this:
  • So when someone clicks on this above link that your affiliate is promoting, then two things happen:
    a) The DAP affiliate cookie is set
    b) The CB cookie is also set
  • So within DAP, you can set up just a Per-Lead Affiliate Commission for your Product (which is say, a free newsletter or a free PDF, or whatever)
  • So when the referred user signs up at your membership site, they first get paid the Per-Lead Commission
  • If they then go on to purchase other products from your web site (which obviously you’re selling through ClickBank, otherwise, this whole section is of no meaning to you), then they get the Per-Sale commission from ClickBank too!

So that sums up some of the best features that are part of DAP.

Other Built-In Affiliate Features

Of course, there’s still all the other cool affiliate features in DAP, like…

  • Commission Override: Give special treatment to your Top Affiliates and JV partners by giving them higher commissions than the rest of your affiliates.
  • Pay affiliates both one-time or monthly recurring commissions for the life of the subscriber.
  • Pay-Per-Lead and Pay-Per-Sale
  • Ready-made Affiliate Links Displayed for Users
  • Ready-made Affiliate Toolbox for your affiliates
  • Affiliate-Analytics:
    * Real-time Earnings Reporting
    * Real-time Payment Report
    * Real-time Traffic Stats for both Affiliates and Admin (with referers)
  • Paypal Mass-Pay Ready: You get a Paypal Mass-Pay ready, fully formatted affiliate list with all commissions listed.
  • Offline Payments: Export Affiliates for payment, pay them using any offline means (eg., checks), and then once the checks have been mailed, you can mark them all as “Paid”.
  • Process Refund for Affiliates: When you process a refund, DAP will also reverse the affiliate commission. It will not reverse the Pay-per-lead amounts. Only the Pay-per-sale amount is negated.

So these are the features available to right out-of-the-box, just waiting for you to start signing up an army of affiliates from day 1!

For more information about the Affiliate Module, check out our documentation page at and see the