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[Updated: 09/27/2010]

Video 1: DAP/vBulletin Integration


Video 2: Demo of vBulletin Integration


We’re about to launch DAP v3.9 which has some really cool new features packed into it! Here’s what is coming in 3.9…

vBulletin integration

This is by far the most exciting feature in 3.9. I don’t think even we, the developers of DAP, have been this excited about a new feature in the longest time! 🙂

This is going to completely ROCK your membership world.

Now, with just a few clicks of the mouse, you can completely automate your Forum management, and do some really slick stuff like…

* “Silver” Members get posting access only to the following vB forums…
– Introductions
– General Discussions

* “Gold” members get access to all above, plus the forum “Puppy Potty Training Tips”. So they get access to the following vB forums…
– Introductions
– General Discussions
– Puppy Potty Training Tips

* “Platinum” members get access to ALL of the forums above, PLUS some premium forums, like “Joint Ventures”, “Starting Your Own Dog Business”, “Premium Support”, and more. So they get access to…
– Introductions
– General Discussions
– Puppy Potty Training Tips
– Joint Ventures
– Platinum Mastermind
– Starting Your Own Dog Business
– Premium Support

And then you can add some more rules like…

Both Gold & Silver can just VIEW the “Premium Support” forums, but cannot POST anything.

And Gold & Silver CANNOT even VIEW the “Joint Ventures”, “Platinum Mastermind”, “Starting Your Own Dog Business”.

See how insanely powerful this can get?

Sure, you could have a forum with WP-based forum plugins like bbPress and Simple:Press too.

But comparing those WP forums to vBulletin? That’s like putting a kid who’s just completed one month of boxing lessons, in a ring with Mike Tyson right after someone said something mean about his mother!

And can you imagine what it would do to your “retention rate”, when you tell your members that if they cancel their subscription, they will lose access to the entire community of like minded people?

And to think that we’re just scratching the surface of monetizing forums here.

The vBulletin forum software is so rich in rules and user roles, and the DAP integration with vB is so tight that you could start just a “Forums Only” membership site and charge just for access to your forums!

Imagine creating a one-time product where for $10, they get to post in a “Special Offers” forum where they can advertise their product or service?

Or how about charging $10 to post in a forum called “Outsourcing”, where they can advertise their need to hire someone either for both long-term and short-term projects? It would be free to view for everyone, but you have to pay-to-post]

HTML Email

Now you can send out HTML email in your welcome emails, double-optin emails, autoresponder emails and broadcast emails. Of course, you still get to send out a “text” version of that same email, so that those email clients which cannot handle HTML (we really can’t think of any, though) can still show your member the “text” version. Pretty cool stuff.

Manual Transactions

Now if someone sends you a check in the mail, there is a way to directly enter the “payment amount” into the sytem. This is awesome on many levels:

1) Your DAP Dashboard reports now show you your earnings more accurately (previously, it didn’t know about the “offline” payments)

2) Because now there is a “manual” order in the system, DAP knows how much to pay the affiliate who referred the member. So Joe Customer clicks on Jill Affiliate‘s affiliate link, arrives at your web site, calls you up and says he doesn’t have a credit card or Paypal account, and would like to send you a check. Then you get a check in the mail. You add Joe manually through the DAP Dashboard (this is already possible). Then you now add a new transaction into the system manually, that Joe Customer paid you $100. Then when Joe Customer logs into your system, Jill’s affiliate link kicks in, DAP knows now that Joe paid $100, and Jill’s commission is 20% (what you have set as the admin).

So Jill now gets paid $20, which wouldn’t have been possible before!

And what’s EVEN more cool, is that if you really want to be super awesome to your affiliates (which we highly recommend you do :-), then you can even enter transactions retroactively – even from 2 years ago – and all of your affiliates will now suddenly start seeing commissions for customers they referred a long time ago, but never really got paid because you had no way of entering the offline transactions into the system.

Is that awesome? Or is that AWESOME? 🙂

Manual Affiliate Credits

Joe Customer purchased a product. He doesn’t seem to have been referred by any affiliate. Then you get an email from Jill – “Hey guys, I just referred my cousin Joe to your product using my affiliate link. He says he purchased it, but I never got any commissions. Can you please look into this?”

Previously, the only way to make sure Jill got the credit for Joe, was a slightly long-winded (and boring) manual process (which we won’t go into here), which really wasn’t hard to do, but still took you about 5 minutes.

Starting 3.9, it’s going to take you 5 seconds!

And Lots More To Come…

We have features that are even more exciting (something that’s not going to be easy to do, after the vBulletin launch!) planned for DAP 4.0!

* “N” tier affiliate program (psst… you read that right, not “2-tier”, not “3-tier” – but “N” tier- which means as many levels as you want, and each new tier with a different commission percentage!)

* Coupon Codes

And lots more…. (we can’t tell you just yet, because otherwise our competitors may steal our ideas 😉

Ok, now you know why we’re so excited about DAP 3.9.

So do let us know what you think in the comments section below.

And be sure to also subscribe to this post – because we’re going to shortly publish a video right here showing you some of the new features, as well as announce a pre-launch call that you’re not going to want to miss.


Veena Prashanth & Ravi Jayagopal

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blogjunkie - September 13, 2010

Hi Ravi, I’m very excited about the vBulletin integration! Quick question: can I make it so that customers of Product A only have access to Forum A, customers of Product B only has access to Forum B and so on? Thanks!

Pravesh - September 14, 2010

Wow…i just bought DAP V 3.8…..still getting my head wrapped around all the possibilities!!!!
And now so much more!
Good work!!!

Veena Prashanth - September 14, 2010

Yes, with DAP 3.9 -> VB integration, the possibilities are endless. Yes, you can control forum access based on membership level.

We will soon release a video with all the details!

Thanks Pravesh for your comments!

Marc - September 15, 2010

Hey guys integrating VBulletin with DAP seems very easy now but do i still need to decide if i want to give access the forum to free members or only paid members?

Looks like the new VBulletin mapping overrides both those selectors, am i right?


Veena Prashanth - September 15, 2010

Correct. The new DAP->vBulletin mapping will override the paid/free selectors in DAP config.

With DAP 3.9, you will have a great amount of flexibility in controlling your members access to the VB forums based on the product/membership level.

Rogier - September 15, 2010

With this vBulletin integration, is it still the case that a user can belong to multiple levels?

blogjunkie - September 16, 2010

Thanks Veena, can’t wait for v3.9 to ship

Veena Prashanth - September 16, 2010

Yes, a user can belong to multiple levels and each level in turn can be assigned different permissions/roles for forum access.

Rogier - September 16, 2010

Thanks. And can these users, on the same site, access content in both WordPress and vBulletin areas? Or does DAP work with just WordPress or just vBulletin?

Veena Prashanth - September 16, 2010

Yes, these users, on the same site, can access content in both wordpress and VB areas. DAP will work with both WP and VB at the same time and on the same site.

Nik - September 24, 2010

Hi Veena,

Thanks for the video; it was very helpful. I’d love to see more like it for your other features. 🙂 I currently own a Wishlist Member multisite license but I am taking a good long look at DAP for its multiple functionalities.

I’m anxious to test out your DAP script, but I wan to be sure, what I want to do is within the range of possibility. After watching this forum video, I’m still left with a few questions I’m hoping you can help me with.

Veena, I noticed that in your video, the vbulletin forum is installed in a subfolder on the same domain the dap subfolder is on… so my first question is

1. Does vbulletin HAVE to be on the same domain as DAP, or can it be on a separate domain (either one or many), a subdomain, or add-on domain as well?

2a. Does DAP work with WP3 Multisite?

2b. More specifically, can DAP and WP3 Multisite both function well coexisting on the same domain, as I understand DAP has a plugin portion as well as a DAP folder that needs to go into the domain’s root or public_html folder, right?

2c. If it does work, does it matter whether WP Multisite is set up as subfolders or as subdomains (wildcard DNS)?

3. Should vb indeed need to be on the same domain (question #1 above) and IF DAP works with WP3 multisite (as it appears implied in #2. Updates that we can install DAP in the root even with single-site WP in the root as well), I question whether it’s even advisable to install vb on the same domain as WP3 Multisite.

It would seem to me that nothing should be installed in the root whenever WP or esp. WP Multisite is on the root (because of confusion between permalinks and actual files). What is your experience with this? Have you tested this out with both WP and WP3, or would you be willing to do so?

I know this is an in-depth inquiry, but I am quite interested in your product’s features. I do appreciate your efforts at answering.

Thanks again Veena and Ravi! 🙂

Marc - September 29, 2010

Veena you should record your voice and sell meditation tapes, your voice is soooo relaxing 😀

Veena Prashanth - September 29, 2010

Hi Marc,
Wow 🙂 Thanks.

I hope I did not put you to sleep with the video 🙂

Hopefully the video conveyed how comprehensive, customizable and easy the VB integration is going to
for the DAP users!

Lars - September 29, 2010

Sound great Veena. You are working very hard to give us a fantastic tool, so lot’s of possibilitys. Do you have any more exact time when we can have 3.9?

Veena Prashanth - September 29, 2010

Hi Nik,
>> Thanks for the video; it was very helpful. Id love to see more like it for your other features. 🙂 < < Thanks! Yes, we are busy updating our documentation with more how-to videos like this. >> I currently own a Wishlist Member multisite license but I am taking a good long look at DAP for its multiple functionalities. < < Thanks for considering DAP. >> 1. Does vbulletin HAVE to be on the same domain as DAP, or can it be on a separate domain (either one or many), a subdomain, or add-on domain as well? < < The single-sign-on feature will not work as we cannot set VB login cookie if it's installed on a different domain. If you are ok with your users logging in to VB separately through the forum login page, then yes it should work. >> 2a. Does DAP work with WP3 Multisite? << Not yet. DAP will not work with the Multisite functionality of WP3. But we will incorporate support for this in a future version of dap. VB is a rock-solid forum platform and DAP is a rock-solid membership software. Our goal with DAP 3.9 release is to offer very seamless integration between DAP and VBulletin that will allow dap users to build a strong community and take their DAP powered membership site to a whole another level.

Veena Prashanth - September 29, 2010

Hi Lars,
DAP 3.9 will be out early next week.

10/11/10 — The DAP Blog - October 1, 2010

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Murray - October 2, 2010

I have DAP on my WP which is in its own folder. My existing vB forum has close to 2000 members. It is in it’s own folder on the same hosting package as my WP and regular landing pages etc which I use Joomla for.
So far, watching your videos I cannot see any reason why I cannot use DAP3.9 for my existing forum. It would appear to be just a matter of creating GOLD and SILVER cats and the appropriate forums under those cats and setting the permissions for those. Is that right ? It will not disturb my existing members or their existing permissions ?

Veena Prashanth - October 3, 2010

You can integrate DAP 3.9 with your existing VB forum.
It should not affect your existing forum setup.

You will have to import your existing VB users to DAP (with their existing password) for single-sign-on to work seamlessly between your membership site and forum.

Murray - October 3, 2010

Hi Veena,
I imagine that only new members or those existing members who wish to pay to upgrade to Gold or Platinum will need to sign in or be manually shifted over to DAP membership list ?
Or, does DAP completely take over the sign up process for vB, so that anyone who wishes to join the forum (ordinary members) somehow is picked up by DAP when the use the vB sign up process?

Veena Prashanth - October 3, 2010

Hi Murray,
DAP will completely take over the sign-up / registration process for vB. That’s the only way to keep the forum database fully in sync with DAP.

Murray - October 3, 2010

Sounds fantastic, I can’t wait to get it up and running with my existing forum.
So the regular log in for vB will appear the same as it does now ?

Veena Prashanth - October 4, 2010

Hi Murray,
Actually the regular login for vB can be removed and instead you can use the DAP login form.

If you want the single-sign on to work between dap and vb, and if you have imported all the existing vB users to DAP, then you can configure vB to not display the login form in the navbar.

But if you want to keep the vB login form in addition to dap login, then that’s fine too. The users will not be automatically logged in to their dap membership area when they login via the vB login form.

BTW, pl. note:
When you import the existing vB users to DAP,
you will not have the users current password (stored encrypted in vB). When you import these users to DAP, a random password will be generated for these users in DAP and it will also be sync’d to vB.

You can configure DAP to send out an email to these users right after they are imported, with their new membership login/password info. Your users will have to use this new password to get to vB.

When you are ready to do integrate DAP and vB on your site, instead of bringing over all the 2000 users at a time to DAP, run a test with just a couple of test users to make sure it works per your expectation.

Nik - October 17, 2010

If a user logs into dap, he is logged into vb, and if a user logs out of dap, she is logged out of vb.

Ok, so what happens if a user logs into vb only? Can they do this? I’m assuming he or she would not have access to any wordpress blogs if they did this? Is that correct?

What if the user logs out of vb only?

Will logging either in or out via vb and not dap mess with any configurations such that it will cause problems for future logging in/out?

Veena Prashanth - October 17, 2010

If they login or log out of vB directly, then they login or logout of ‘vB only’. They will not be logged in / out of DAP or WP.

You can configure vB to disable the vB login/logout.
That way there will be only single entry/exit point
to/from DAP, WP and vB.

Murray - October 18, 2010

Hi Veena,
I am getting the feeling that it might be better to leave my existing member base alone in vB and just have those that want to upgrade to Gold or Platinum have an additional DAP log in to the two exclusive areas on vB
As I also have a WP blog now running with DAP. Will the new DAP 3.9 in its own folder service both my WP blog and my vB forum.
The vB forum and the WP Blog are on the same server in folders side by side with my existing DAP.

Veena Prashanth - October 18, 2010


>>it might be better to leave my existing member base alone in vB and just have those that want to upgrade to Gold or Platinum have an additional DAP log in to the two exclusive areas on vB << Yes, you can do that. It's just that you cannot have single entry point to your site. You will have to retain the vB login / registration form for just the forum users and it will be not integrated with DAP. You can have the dap login/registration process integrated with vB for the Gold/Platinum level users. Yes, the WP blog and Forum can both be serviced by DAP 3.9.

vBulletin Setup — DAP Documentation - November 7, 2010

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