DAP’s Incredibly Powerful Affiliate Program

DAP offers you a built-in Affiliate Program for your web site, where all your Members can automatically and instantly be enrolled as Affiliates.

And here are a few, rare and powerful features in DAP, that you won’t find in most other affiliate providers:

1) Instant Affiliates

This means that as soon as a buyer purchases any product, or even signs up for a free product, they can get an instant affiliate link that they can immediately start using to promote your membership site.

In fact, you can even send them their own unique affiliate link right in their welcome email itself, the same email where you send them their login info! So even before they’ve logged in to your site to download or view the content that they’ve just purchased, they’re already and affiliate and can start promoting your site to others, and earn back their investment even before they’ve reached your refund period.

2) Global Affiliate Link

There’s just one “core” (default) affiliate link that your affiliates can use to promote your web site, and regardless of which product the referral ends up buying, your affiliate gets paid on all of those purchased products.

So it’s like an Amazon affiliate link. One global link that gets you paid on any resulting purchases. So your specific affiliate link could be promoting a book, electronic gadget, shoe or clothing. And once your referral gets to Amazon.com after clicking your affiliate link, even if they don’t purchase that specific product that you just them to, and go on to purchase ANY other product from the entire Amazon.com catalog (which are commission-eligible, of course), then you’ll make commissions on any resulting sale. That’s exactly how the DAP affiliate program works too. Just one default affiliate link. Affiliate can redirect visitor to any landing page (see details below), and affiliate gets paid for any resulting sales.

3) Affiliate Link Redirection

Let’s say you were an Affiliate of Amazon.com. Now imagine if Amazon gave you just one, static affiliate link to promote ALL of their products across their ENTIRE web site. That is, one standard affiliate link to promote millions of products, and anyone who clicked on that standard link would always land at Amazon’s home page, no matter what – and that there was no way to direct affiliate traffic directly to any of the actual product pages.

Imagine if you saw a link on our blog that read “Click here to check out the amazing Bamboo Fun tablet” and the link, instead of taking you directly to the product page of the Bamboo fun, took you to Amazon’s home page? How incredibly annoying would that be for the visitor to always be taken to Amazon’s home page no matter what product someone were recommending? Think Amazon would be the e-commerce juggernaut it is today without that implementing that simple feature?

But Amazon lets you link directly to the product pages of the product you are referring to (or recommending, or promoting).


Check out the amazing Bamboo Fun tablet” (links directly to product page)

Check out my best-selling book ‘No Business Like E-Business’ on Amazon” (links directly to the book page)

We are amazed that so many affiliate software providers do not offer this simple, basic feature. And that is the ability to set the affiliate cookie, and then redirect the referred visitor to any page on any web site the affiliate wants the visitor to land on.

So when you use DAP, your affiliates are not forced to always send traffic to your home page. They can redirect the visitor (who just clicked on their affiliate link) to any part of your web site. In fact, they can redirect the visitor to any web page on any web site anywhere online! So they could be sending traffic to one of your free videos, one of your blog posts, or even to one of your articles published on someone else’s web site!

3) Multi-Tier Affiliate Program

DAP allows you to offer multiple tiers of commissions, not just one. So you can create an incredible revenue stream for your affiliates, where they get paid on the sales generated by their 1st level referrals. Which means more incentive for them to join and promote your affiliate program!

4) Paying A Per-Lead Commission To Your ClickBank Affiliates

You already know that DAP supports ClickBank purchases, and you can turn off the display of your affiliate section if you are using ClickBank’s own affiliate program, instead of DAP.

But wait – that does not mean that you can’t use the two affiliate programs IN TANDEM to pull of something really crazy – like awarding your ClickBank affiliates with a commission just for sending you a lead – meaning, the lead just signs up for your “free” newsletter – and of course, if they go on to purchase something from your web site (assuming you are selling through ClickBank), then they get the usual CB commissions.

So here’s how it works:

  • Every member on your DAP-powered site gets their own affiliate link that looks like:
  • And their CB affiliate link for your product would look like
  • Now DAP’s affiliate link has the capability of redirecting to any page on your site (or any page on any web site) by adding the destination URL to the affiliate link.
  • So, now your affiliate adds their CB affiliate link to the END of their DAP affiliate link, like this:
  • So when someone clicks on this above link that your affiliate is promoting, then two things happen:
    a) The DAP affiliate cookie is set
    b) The CB cookie is also set
  • So within DAP, you can set up just a Per-Lead Affiliate Commission for your Product (which is say, a free newsletter or a free PDF, or whatever)
  • So when the referred user signs up at your membership site, they first get paid the Per-Lead Commission
  • If they then go on to purchase other products from your web site (which obviously you’re selling through ClickBank, otherwise, this whole section is of no meaning to you), then they get the Per-Sale commission from ClickBank too!

So that sums up some of the best features that are part of DAP.

Other Built-In Affiliate Features

Of course, there’s still all the other cool affiliate features in DAP, like…

  • Commission Override: Give special treatment to your Top Affiliates and JV partners by giving them higher commissions than the rest of your affiliates.
  • Pay affiliates both one-time or monthly recurring commissions for the life of the subscriber.
  • Pay-Per-Lead and Pay-Per-Sale
  • Ready-made Affiliate Links Displayed for Users
  • Ready-made Affiliate Toolbox for your affiliates
  • Affiliate-Analytics:
    * Real-time Earnings Reporting
    * Real-time Payment Report
    * Real-time Traffic Stats for both Affiliates and Admin (with referers)
  • Paypal Mass-Pay Ready: You get a Paypal Mass-Pay ready, fully formatted affiliate list with all commissions listed.
  • Offline Payments: Export Affiliates for payment, pay them using any offline means (eg., checks), and then once the checks have been mailed, you can mark them all as “Paid”.
  • Process Refund for Affiliates: When you process a refund, DAP will also reverse the affiliate commission. It will not reverse the Pay-per-lead amounts. Only the Pay-per-sale amount is negated.

So these are the features available to right out-of-the-box, just waiting for you to start signing up an army of affiliates from day 1!

For more information about the Affiliate Module, check out our documentation page at http://DigitalAccessPass.com/documentation/ and see the

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Nigel Aslett - August 9, 2009

Ravi, I always knew that this was going to be a great product when I purchased it. It is so refreshing to see a product that has developed from it’s initial state to one that has achieved so much in such a short time.

Your commitment to this supurb software is only one of the reasons why I treasure this addition to my online marketing tools.

This Addition to the affiliate program shows phenomenal potential to increase sales. No longer can affiliates claim that they are being ripped off for all their hard work.

This is a great selling point to affiliates which will give them the incentive to promote my products over that of any rivals.

Ravi, You have produced a winner product here and one that keeps impressing those of us who own it.

I can’t wait to see what next innovative development you will think of next.


Ravi Jayagopal - August 9, 2009


If anyone looked at your comment, they would think that I must’ve paid you some money for saying such nice things about me and DAP. Wow, you blew me away with your generously kind, un-solicited testimonial 🙂

Thanks much!

– Ravi

barry - August 24, 2009


DAP is fantastic. Easy to use yet very powerful. I’ve been searching high and low for the right membership site software. Every other title had its pluses and minuses. DAP is the 1st complete system that has it all.

Also, you are accessible to your clients. Thats’s what makes this thing a complete steal.



Ravi Jayagopal - August 24, 2009


Thank you for your kind words. I try 🙂

I have many incredible features lined up, so stay tuned.


– Ravi Jayagopal

Emily - January 20, 2010


For the pay per lead to work, we use the “direct signup” link?

If we want to pay for optins, user will have to create account and receive password via email, right?


Ravi Jayagopal - January 20, 2010


>>For the pay per lead to work, we use the direct signup link?
Yes. You can also do a pay-per-lead with paid products, where buyer directly purchases your product.

>>If we want to pay for optins, user will have to create account and receive password via email, right?
Correct. Make it a double-optin if you’re paying for leads, so that the email will have to be real, and they would have to activate the account by clicking on a link.

Ravi Jayagopal

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Jean-Jacques - March 2, 2010

Hi Ravi,

DAP rocks !

I’m planning to use the “project launch formula” method where i’m creating an opt-in list, give away preview videos and free stuff. And then only open the gates of my membership sites for a limited time only.

In this case my affiliates will be rewarded not per lead but per sale (recuring).

Is there a way for DAP to track and reward affiliates in this situation ? (using paypal)

Ravi Jayagopal - March 2, 2010

Of course. If someone who signs up as a lead (“Free” member) goes on to purchase something from you later, the original affiliate will get credited for the sale.

– Ravi Jayagopal

Fred - March 11, 2010

Ravi, 2 quick questions:

1)Lets say the visitor before buying clicks on 2 different affiliate links. The visitor clicks on the first link but he doesn’t buy, then he clicks on the 2 affiliate link and he buys.

In this situation which affiliate is rewarded?
The first one or the last one who closed the sale?

2)I have 2 products, product A and product B.
Both are free with an OTO after the signup.
If an user buys product A in the download area he’ll find an offer for the product B at a discounted price.

If the buyer of product A bought throught an affiliate link and he will buy the product B at a discounted price i would like to give the credit to the affiliate also for this sale.

How can i do that?
it will work if i put %%AFF_LINK%%&p=http//mysite.com/product-b?

What if the affiliate has only the link to promote product A and not product B? He will get credited also for the sale of product B?


Bill - March 20, 2010

First, I am impressed with DAP and look forward to using it as I am just getting started. I am wondering if you have givenaAny thought to adding a multi-tiered affiliate plan to DAP? (I’m also using PostAffiliatePro’s new system w/multi-tiered options)… even considering using DAP in conjunction with PAP as you described in an earlier post. What do you think?

wes thomas - March 21, 2010

Your product puts the old imagination to work

you inspired me to possibly do a free down load of my novel – chapter by chapter, on a daily schedule. Then making the e-version available three days in.

Q. does it make sense to do an affiliate program?
the price point would be small

Thanks Guys

Ravi Jayagopal - March 21, 2010


>>Q. does it make sense to do an affiliate program?
the price point would be small<< You should definitely start an affiliate program (which is included when you use DAP) and give a percentage of the sale - no matter how small it is - to the referring affiliate. Share the bounty, and give others an incentive to promote your products. That is the only way to get traffic and subscribers and sales that you otherwise may never have seen. - Ravi Jayagopal

Elsom - March 21, 2010

Ravi – Your feature page shows two-tier affiliate function as “coming soon”, do you have any idea how far away this is? DAP looks fantastic (switching from Wishlist), but I need two-tier affiliate function.


Ravi Jayagopal - March 21, 2010

Bill & Elsom,

We are hoping 2-tier affiliate program support by the next release – which is out before the end of April 2010.

– Ravi Jayagopal

Mark - March 27, 2010


If I am offering affiliates recurring commission, and I have a product, Reminsicing Workshop-1, which is a subscription for one assisted living facility priced at $87 per month, and later that facility would like to switch to Reminsicing Workshop-5 which is priced at $385 per month, and which I would switch them to manually via the DAP dashboard, how would the original affiliate be assured of their commission structure migrating to the newly switched manual upgrade? What steps does the admin have to take to see that this affiliate’s commission stays attached to wherever I upgrade their original referral?

Mark - March 27, 2010

Forgot to give the link which outlines the way I have my payment structue set up, which obviously has different paymen buttons for each level, and so I’m guessing must also be set up as separate products/levels in DAP:


Max - May 7, 2010


If a user signs up to membership and doesn’t have the recurring setting on (they can basically access it forever), what happens if the affiliate link goes to the sales page and refers someone that signs up for a recurring fee?

Does it register?

Do they get 50% of every monthly recurring payment?

anthony - June 5, 2010

Hey Ravi.

I haven’t even purchased DAP yet but having spent 10 hrs daily on the Internet for the last 2 years, I have never spent as much time on a sales page like I have today… wait, it’s not the sales page that kept me here, it’s the awesome tutorial videos and documentation that I’ve been watching and reading for the last 3 hrs.

I feel that I already know how to use DAP even though 3 hrs ago, I had never heard of it. I did a search on Google for “build membership site” (just so you know your magical keyword)… I clicked on the first thing I saw and here I am.

And lest I forget to ask, “what’s the catch?.. seriously, how can you cram that many unbelievable features in one piece of software and not sell it for 2K or more?

You’re restored my faith in humanity, especially on the Internet where I’ve been doing business for 2 years. I’ve spent thousands of dollars on crap and s#!t but I’m really looking forward to building my new membership site… and on my favorite platform on earth.. WordPress!! (what a dream).

Now, let me go watch more of your videos.



Chaim - June 9, 2010

Hi Ravi,

I affirm what others have said: “Bravo!” for conceiving and developing DAP. Not only is it well thought out with the customer (the internet marketer) in mind, but it’s obvious that you will continue to add features as our profession necessitates and your client base requests.

OK, my question: I have not gone over every square inch of your site and watched every video, but I’ve done a decent job, but I am not clear whether the affiliate part of DAP software covers every type of product sale we might have on our WordPress website. Yes, when people buy memberships that’s more than coverd, and I also see (by your answers above) how it can be tied into Clickbank, but what about info and hard goods products we sell directly off our site? Will it track those for our affiliates too?

I don’t expect DAP to be the only thing I need to run my online marketing business, but it seems you are developing it to be such. 😉 So…is DAP the only affiliate software I will need to run a vibrant affiliate program with all our products, or are you not quite there yet? If you are a complete solution, then may I suggest you write some clearer copy about it on your sales page (of if it’s there already, that you make it easier to find)? But, if I currently require third-party software to fill in the gaps, might you suggest one or two that “plays nice” with DAP?

Thanks again. The night I found you I was somewhat freaked-out and was Googling to see if there really was an out-of-the-box app out there to meet the needs of our fledgling WP site in a comprehensive and affordable way. And there you were…


PS: I’m sure you are busy running DAP, but (after you answer my inquiry) I’d love to see your answers to Fred’s and Mark’s questions above.

Ravi Jayagopal - June 18, 2010


DAP will track affiliate commissions for any product sold through DAP. Will work for both hard goods and digital products.

>>is DAP the only affiliate software I will need to run a vibrant affiliate program<< Again, depends on how you define "vibrant". DAP's affiliate program does everything an affiliate program should do - give out custom affiliate links, track per-lead and per-sale commissions, etc. So not sure what other feature you have in mind. If you can be more specific, we can let you know if DAP does it. Go to http://digitalaccesspass.com/features.php and scroll down to the affiliate section. That tells you all about your affiliate module features.

Hope this helps.

– Ravi Jayagopal

Ravi Jayagopal - June 18, 2010


Thank you so much for your kind words 🙂

>>seriously, how can you cram that many unbelievable features in one piece of software and not sell it for 2K or more<< DAP will surely go up in price at some point in the future, but definitely not to 2K. We want every single WordPress blogger and WP user in the world to be able to afford it, so we won't be pricing it that high any time soon 🙂 - Ravi Jayagopal

Ravi Jayagopal - June 18, 2010


>>If a user signs up to membership and doesnt have the recurring setting on (they can basically access it forever), what happens if the affiliate link goes to the sales page and refers someone that signs up for a recurring fee?<< The affiliate commission will be paid only on the first purchase, not on any of the recurring payments. - Ravi Jayagopal

TheNightOwl - July 28, 2010

Heya, Ravi

The “Affiliate Features” section of the salespage says that the affiliate prog can be switched ON/OFF.

Question #1: Can I launch a site with the affiliate prog switched OFF and then later switch it ON?

Question #2: Is there a way to run the affiliate module but NOT have every member automatically become an affiliate (i.e. make it “invitation only” via an application form of some sort, where I manually create each affiliate account after approval)?

Thanks very much!

P.S. I know that Q#1 might seem an odd thing to do, but there is method to my madness. Basically, the idea is to do a beta-run of a Training Course, get feedback, make modifications, and then open the affiliate prog to those existing members who’ve been through the course (and who will therefore make good, honest reviewers).

Tyler - September 2, 2010

Hello. Does Dap now have 2 tier Affiliate? I need that very much and read before that it would be available soon. Is it now available?

Ravi Jayagopal - September 2, 2010


Sorry, we don’t have the 2-tier yet. Hopefully, it’s coming within a month.

Chaim - September 2, 2010

Hi Ravi,

We were really hoping for the second tier affiliate program in April like you said above. But we have decided that we need to use another Affiliate program software and try to get it to work with DAP, not just for the second tier reason.

The main reason is because (we have been told by you guys) that either ALL your site members are affiliates or NONE of them are. That is, that the DAP Affiliate program feature is global, and cannot be turned on for some and not for others. That is crazy, and very disappointing! Why did you code it like this?

We have very compelling reasons why we don’t want most of our members to be affiliates, but we MUST have some JVs. So, because of this, we have spent extra money buying other software, and are spending a lot of time (and delaying our launch) in order to integrate it with DAP. Not cool!

We really hope you change this in your next release, and make it that the Affiliate feature is not just ON or OFF. I don’t know if we will ever end up using the DAP Affiliate system, since we have been forced to go with a 3rd party software, but your other clients should be allowed to do this, along with having two or more tiers.

Until then, you should make it clear in your sales info that your Affiliate module is an all or nothing feature.


Roderick - November 8, 2010

Short question

Say I have an affiliate program set up and get people to sign up without purchasing anything. Can they use their own affiliate link to purchase a product thereafter and earn a ‘rebate’ or commission?

Ravi Jayagopal - November 8, 2010


By default, yes. They could use their own affiliate link, then purchase your product through their own link, using a spouse’s or friend’s name.

Before DAP v3.9, one way you could avoid this was by protecting the “Affiliate” page as part of only Paid products, so free users could never get access to the affiliates page (which is what showed them their affiliate link).

Now starting DAP v3.9 (which is what was released about a month ago), you also have a new DAP Admin setting, where you can set “Config > Advanced > Allow only PAID users to be affiliates. FREE users get no aff credit” to “Yes”. Once you do that, your free users (users who do not have any real orders/transactions associated with them in the system) won’t get paid for any affiliate referrals. Just make sure you also protect the Affiliate page from free users – as you don’t want to give them an affiliate link which doesn’t pay them any commissions 🙂

Raven - December 16, 2010

Ravi did you answer the Night Owl’s question:

Question #2: Is there a way to run the affiliate module but NOT have every member automatically become an affiliate (i.e. make it invitation only via an application form of some sort, where I manually create each affiliate account after approval)?

Veena Prashanth - January 22, 2011

Every member will automatically be an affiliate, but you do not have to publish their affiliate link on their home page. So users will now know what their affiliate link is.

You can create an affiliate links/details page and hide it under a product to which only the select users have access. You can manually give access to the product to only those select users.

TheNightOwl - January 22, 2011

Thanks for the reply, Veena. (And thanks, Raven, for giving that question a bump!)

Could you go into more detail about how to do that, exactly, please?

(a) Not showing affiliate status/link

How do we not publish each user’s affiliate link on their individual homepage? What settings do we change to disable this default setting?

(b) “Hiding the affiliate resources centre underneath a product to which you grant manual access…

Could you give an example of how to set this up, please?

Much appreciated,

Veena Prashanth - January 23, 2011

>> How do we not publish each users affiliate link on their individual homepage? What settings do we change to disable this default setting? < < Under DAP Setup -> Config -> Advanced ->
Should Affiliate Section be displayed on User `Home` Page?

>> Could you give an example of how to set this up, please? < < Create an affiliate info page (described here).

Create a product in DAP products page, go to content protection section and protect the affiliate info page you created above.

Then go to Manage Users page, select the user and manually give access to that product you created above.

TheNightOwl - March 11, 2011


Thanks very much, Veena. That’s a simple workaround.

I believe I’ve read elsewhere that you’ve got the ability to manually approve/ban/suspend affiliates, etc. (a much-requested, uh, request, it seems) in a coming release. That’ll be great.

But this solution will work great in the meantime 🙂

D. - August 25, 2011


Thanks for all your great work with DAP.

I have a question about the affiliate module. Is it possible to set the initial affiliate commission amount to something different from the recurring?

Example: Customer buys product that is $10 a month. Is it possible to give the affiliate $8 for the initial sale and then $3 for all of the recurring payments?


Veena Prashanth - August 25, 2011

>>Is it possible to set the initial affiliate commission amount to something different from the recurring? << Not possible at this time.

Joey - March 22, 2012

Can you set the commission level to a specific amount per product or launch?

Thanks Joey

Veena Prashanth - April 17, 2012

>>Can you set the commission level to a specific amount per product or launch? << Yes, dap allows you to set commissions at product level.

Pepita - November 2, 2012

Hello Veena & Ravi,

I was wondering if there is an easy way to give a special group of members a specific percentage of commission without having to do it all individually for each member and product?

Looking forward to your answer.


Kenneth - September 1, 2013

To give you more information on what I want to do, there will be a total of 5 products at different membership levels. They will all be video products broken down into between 7 and 15 modules for each product.

Ideally I want to set up two separate affiliate commission levels for each product. 25% commissions for free affiliates and 75% commissions for paid affiliates. A free affiliate becomes a paid affiliate when he personally purchases any or all of the 5 products for personal use.

Affiliates who DO purchase any or all of the 5 products for their own personal use are then enrolled for the 75% paid commission level for those PURCHASED products. They are then entitled to receive 75% commissions for any product affiliate sales they generate on the products they purchased.

Any of the 5 products NOT personally purchased by the aff iliate (free affiliates) will receive only 25% commissions on any affiliate sales they generate for that product.

I would like the option of switching the commissions from 25% to 75% for each product separately. I would make the commission switch of each product after the affiliates personally purchase the products. So, this be done automatically instead of manually?

Terry - March 8, 2014

Is there a way to modify the affiliate to whom someone is credited? In other words, we have a member who put in the wrong affiliate number when they signed up. So, they want us to change who gets the credit for having them join.

And, we have some who let us know after they joined who referred them. And, they have requested we add that for their account.


Ravi Jayagopal - March 8, 2014

Hi Terry,

Yes, you can change it on the Users > Manage page. Search for actual user, then in the right-most column, click on the current affiliate id – it will open a popup where you can replace current affiliate id with a new one.

DCW - March 25, 2014

I do see how to create an affiliate center in dap where I can insert all the emails, banners , or content that the affiliate would use to market the product.

Can we not use DAP to automatically insert their dap link into the promotional emails in the affiliate center?

Ravi Jayagopal - March 25, 2014

Yes, you can use DAP to automatically insert their affiliate link into the promotional emails that they can simply copy/paste/send.

See http://DigitalAccessPass.com/doc/creating-a-ready-made-affiliate-toolbox/ .

You can also see how we’re using it ourselves in the members’ area at http://DigitalAccessPass.com/dappers/

Paul Dunstan - April 17, 2014

Hi – I am interested in using DAP to set up a Pay Per Lead program. I love DAP and use it for my membership site, but I want to use it now as a PPL on the front end. So I have two questions:

I would like to be able to pay only for Top Tier countries. Is there anyway we can track countries of leads using DAP so that I only pay for the leads I want?

Secondly – Is there anyway in paying the affiliate for the lead, without them being automatically the affiliate for the product? If not – I am guessing that to get affiliates for the PPL program, I need to get them to either buy the product or get free access to it in order to be an affiliate – right?



Ravi Jayagopal - April 18, 2014

Hi Paul,

>>Is there anyway we can track countries of leads using DAP so that I only pay for the leads I want?< < Not sure what you mean. After an affiliate sends you leads, you can't tell them you don't want the leads and so you won't be paying them. Or am I misunderstanding your question? Either way, if you're looking to selectively pay for some leads and not some others, then that's not possible in DAP. >>Is there anyway in paying the affiliate for the lead, without them being automatically the affiliate for the product?<< In DAP, you cannot create affiliates per product. They're either an affiliate, or they're not. If they are, then then can get paid on all sales. You can't restrict an affiliate to getting paid on only certain products. However, they don't have to be a paying member in order to be an affiliate, if that's what you're asking. You can create a special product just for Affiliates to get access to their affiliate reports, and they can promote using that. See link below on how to directly add affiliates without giving them access to any of your member content. http://DigitalAccessPass.com/documentation/?page=/doc/instant-affiliates/

Serkan - September 10, 2014

Does anyone have any advice on how to stop users from creating 2 accounts and using an affiliate link to get a commission on their own purchase?

I am guessing there is no automated way to handle this issue?

Does anyone else have any experience with this ?

I have put a clause in my terms and conditions but it’s still a manual process that I want to avoid.

Any advice would be helpful.

Ravi Jayagopal - September 10, 2014

Hi Serkan,

There is no way for DAP to know that someone is signing up as a new user using an entirely different name and email and payment info. The only way to partially avoid this, is to not allow anyone and everyone to sign up for your affiliate program – because if you allow that, then someone wanting to buy your product, will first sign up as an affiliate for free, and then use a spouse/partner/friend’s name and email id – to make the actual purchase through their own affiliate link.

Instead, if you restrict your affiliate program to just “members only” who have already signed up with you and with whom you already have a relationship with, that greatly brings down the possibility of abuse of your affiliate program. Of course, if someone with a big list or someone who wants to promote your product to their audience approaches you, you should accommodate them by making them an affiliate without having to purchase your product first. Using just their name, email id, and domain name, and links to their social presence, you can easily determine if this person is a genuine affiliate, or someone who just wants to get themselves a nice little discount by pretending to be your affiliate 🙂

Hope this makes sense.

Tyson Hale - January 8, 2017

How do I get it so that it will reference a https site. My whole site is https and it breaks because it takes the person to http. All I can put down is %%AFF_LINK%%… where do I change that to refference https?


Veena Prashanth - January 8, 2017

Look for SITE_URL_DAP in /dap/dap-config.php file and change it to https.



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