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What “Free Installation” Means

As a courtesy to our customers, we offer a free installation service, where we will install DAP on your site for free. And we can do your free installation within 24 hours of your purchase.

However, many people are confused by what “Free Installation” really means. So this article is to give you more details about that.

Installation vs. Setup

To give you a real-world example, think of “DAP Installation” similar to “Delivering the boxed TV set to your doorstep”. That’s it!

We won’t take it out of the box, hook it up to your cable box, set up your channels, set up your DVR, hook up your game console, DVD player, Roku box, etc. All of those things fall under “Setup & Configuration”.

So if you want our help setting up your DAP site, then check out our “Membership Site In A Box” package that comes with “Concierge” sessions to help you set it all up.

What Free Installation Includes

  • We will upload all DAP files to your server
  • We will activate the dap plugin on one WordPress blog (the DAP-WP-LiveLinks plugin)
  • Activating this plugin will create all of the dap tables in your WordPress database
  • We will setup the Cron job(s) for you within your web hosting cPanel.
  • If we see any hosting related configuration or installation issues, we will do our best to resolve them, if they are even resolvable (99% of the time, they are).
  • We will then send you your new DAP Admin Email id and Password via the same support ticket you opened for installation.

That’s it. There’s nothing else involved in the free installation that we perform.

What Free Installation DOES NOT Include

  • Installation or setup or configuration of your theme (like OptimizePress or Thesis)
  • Installation, setup or configuration of other plugins
  • Troubleshooting of your current WordPress installations
  • Troubleshooting issues with any previous membership plugins that you may be using
  • Doing an “Overview” of your web site and giving you ideas about what can or cannot be done using DAP
  • etc… etc… but you get the idea 🙂

Hope this helps clarify what you’re getting as part of your purchase.

Please remember that get get only one free installation, regardless of which license you buy.  Additional installations may be purchased at

If you want us to do it all for you, then check out our “Membership Site In A Box” package that comes with “Concierge” sessions to help you set it all up.

To get your first free installation, click here.

DAP Starters – FAQ

>> 1. I want to have an Add to cart button for each product. I have a PayPal business account that I want to use. I want to have DAP host the add to cart buttons. Where do I put my paypal info in at? < <

See –

>> 2. Also it would be nice to be able to set up an OTO/up sale for each product. The OTO will be the same for every product. < <

Add a redirect tag as shown below to the button code generated by dap.

Say the OTO page is, then add the following redirect tag to your button code that you generate in DAP:

(Note: replace above with the name of your site. )

>> 3. After the customer makes the purchase I want them added to my Aweber auto responder. < <

Please see: For paid products, always integrate DAP -> Aweber.
For free products, you can use either aweber webform -> DAP OR DAP direct signup form -> aweber.
If you want to use aweber -> DAP, use
If you want to use DAP -> AWeber, use

To create a DAP free/direct signup form, use this –

>> 4.  People sign-up with their email through an Aweber sign-up form. At the end of a few dripped emails using Aweber they can buy a low-priced product. Whats the best way to set this up ? <<

Create a free product in DAP.
Use Aweber webform -> DAP to integrate aweber free list to DAP free product.
When the users signup using the aweber free form, they will also be signed up in DAP.
Encourage these users to update their paypal email address in their DAP userprofile after they become member that way when they become paid members (applies to payment via Paypal only), DAP will add the paid product under the same user account under which they had free product.
See –

Create the paid product in DAP.
Integrate DAP with the payment processor so when they purchase the product, DAP will be notified and the user account will be created in DAP.
Update the 3rd party notification field in DAP products page to notify the paid aweber list.
Add product chaining rule in DAP to remove access from free product when the user gets access to the paid product.
Add rule in aWeber to automatically remove user from free list when they get added to paid list.
When the user makes purchase, DAP will add the new product to their existing account, remove free product from their account, add them to the new aweber list and aweber will remove them from the free list.

>> 5. There are two subscription products: Monthly ($10, recurring) and Annual ($100, Recurring).  A subscriber tries Monthly for two month and then decides to “upgrade” to an Annual subscription, which is cheaper in the long-run.  Is there a way to automate this for the subscriber’s choice?


Create 2 products in dap – monthly subscription and annual subscription product

The recurring settings for monthly will be as shown below:

The recurring settings for annual will be as shown below:

Setup product chaining rule in dap to automatically remove user’s access to monthly product if they subscribe to annual.

1) user purchases monthly product
They will get 30 days access initially. When the next payment comes in at the end of the month, dap will extend access by another 30 days.

2) now after the user purchases monthly product, they want to upgrade to annual payment option.
They will click on the buy button to complete purchasing the annual subscription.
DAP will now give them access to the annual product with a start date of current date and end date of 365 days from today.
The product chaining rule will trigger and dap will remove this user’s access to monthly product. So now in manage users page, you will see the user is tied to annual product and not the monthly product.

You do need to take some manual action in this scenario. You will have to login to the payment gateway (authnet or paypal) and remove the users old subscription to monthly). DAP will not automatically remove user’s monthly subscription profile in the payment gateway.

>>6. How do i make sure the email drip feed via DAP autoresponders are working?

Add a new user via DAP admin panel
Wait for the top of the hour for cron to run
Then check the user’s email box at the top of the hour to see if the day-1 drip emails went out.

If the user is on say day 2 of membership… then they will receive the day 2 drip emails at midnight (server time) because when the cron runs for the first time for that day (at midnight), it will pick up all users that are on day 2 of their membership and send out day 2 emails.

>> 7. All of the products are in one file called DLmmmDL. All files in this folder are zipped. The file is located where dap was installed. I want this file and the files in it protected. < <

If you have a wordpress site, ideally you should upload the files that you want to protect under /wp-content/uploads folder. You can create a subfolder under uploads and upload the files there. DAP looks under /wp-content/uploads folder by default for file protection. After uploading files under /wp-content/uploads, go back to dap products page and protect the full URL of each zip file. See – >> 5. I want an affiliate section to where people can sign up and sell my products. I dont see where to create a link in my footer that says affiliates. < < You can update the theme footer to include the hyperlink of your affiliate signup page. See – >> 6. Of course it needs to send an email to the customer once they pay so they can download their products. <<
See –


Troubleshooting Welcome Email Delivery

Problem: Someone buys a product from your site, and you can see in the DAP  “Manage Users”  page that they have been added as a user, but that user never gets an email with their login/password. All they get is the confirmation email from the payment processor.

You want to know: “How can I get my users to automatically receive a “welcome” email with their Id/password” from DAP?”

If the users got added and the user status is “A” in the DAP manage users page, but the user did not receive welcome email with their ID/Password, it could because:

No Thank-You Email Setup

[NOTE: In newer versions of DAP, “Thank-You Email” is now being called as “Welcome Email”. So wherever you see “Thank-You” below, please note that it’s the same as “Welcome”]

For that product, you did not set the ‘thank-you’ email subject/body in the DAP Products Page.

Select the product in DAP products page and set the thank-you message content as shown below.

Thank-You Email Setup, But Still No Email

You have set up the thank-you email message, but the email still did not get delivered.

Solution 1

The only time the Welcome Email is sent, is when a user is given access to a Product for the very first time. If you are trying to add a user to a product, and the user already has been given access to the product, then it won’t send out the welcome email the second (or subsequent) time(s). So make sure the user you’re testing with does not already have access to that Product. If she does, then remove access to the product before testing again.

Solution 2

Go to DAP Setup > Config > Basic and make sure the “Admin Email” is set to an ’email address that resides on your domain/hosting account where DAP is installed’ instead of say a gmail or hotmail or yahoo email address. Now, if you have done everything in terms of making sure there’s no reverse DNS lookup issues with your host but if there are still users who do not receive emails (and the email is not in their spam folder) :

Here’s what you can do:
1) Setup dap to generate default password (dap setup -> config -> advanced) and instruct users to change their password right after they log in.
2) Set up an autoresponder email in DAP to drip day 1 with the merge tag for login id/password. So even if the thank-you email is not delivered right after purchase, when the cron runs at the top of the hour, it will send out the id/password again.. in case they did not receive it the first time.

You can have dap connect to 3rd party smtp service like to send out all autoresponder/broadcast emails for better email deliverability.

BTW, if you have tried everything and still the emails are not getting delivered or is landing in the SPAM folder, then please checkout our documentation on troubleshooting email delivery here:



Minimum Requirements To Run DAP

Minimum Basic Requirements

  • Your own domain name (
  • Your own web hosting account

Minimum Web Hosting Requirements

  • PHP version 5.6.x+
  • MySQL 5+
  • PDO for MySQL
  • JSON support
  • MBSTRING support
  • FOPEN/CURL support
  • Ability to run CRON JOBS (scheduled jobs – very useful for sending out autoresponder & broadcast emails, managing the affiliate program and processing affiliate commissions)
  • Some flavor of Unix server operating system (eg., Linux)
  • Apache web server
  • Support for PHP Sessions

Just copy/paste the above list, or the link to this page, which is…

…into a support ticket with your web host, and ask them to confirm if they support all of the above.

Please note that as a DAP user, you don’t have to know what any of this means. These are commonly available on almost all decent web hosts.

Also, if your current host does not have any of these features, we’ve seen that most web hosts enable these for your web site by request, at no additional cost.

So please check with your web host. If they can’t help, then here are a couple of recommended, DAP-Certified web hosts. vs.

DAP does not work on You must install WordPress (downloaded from on your own domain on your own web hosting account. Most web hosts have a 1-click option in their control panel (or cPanel) to install WordPress on your site. That’s the one DAP will work with. The web site that you get for free at, will not allow installation of 3rd party plugins like DAP. So you must have your own hosting account at a web host like liquid web. See our recommendations for web hosts.

Windows vs. Linux

DAP works right out of the box, flawlessly, on all flavors of Unix/Linux. But when it comes to Windows servers, while DAP has been found to work on some installations, it all depends on the kind of Windows setup. We have spent way too much time troubleshooting Windows installations, so we do not recommend Windows-based servers. If you must use DAP on a Windows-based server, unfortunately, you’re on your own. We’re unable to support such installations.


DAP Certified Web Hosts

Last updated: 12/01/2019

DAP works off-the-shelf on almost all web hosts.

But as in any industry, some hosts are just outdated, some run old and outdated software, or do not offer a choice to upgrade to the latest server software (like a recent version of PHP or MySQL). Some are just not helpful at all. And some just don’t have a clue!

So, if you had the choice of picking a new web host, then here are the web hosts we use ourselves, and highly recommend, and they have everything readily available that DAP needs to run smoothly.

Recommended Web Hosts

1) LiquidWeb

2) SiteGround


 VPS Hosting

If keeping your site(s) running almost all the time, and having insanely great support from your web host, are both important to you, then you should go with a VPS server from LiquidWeb or SiteGround. For about $50 a month, you can get yourself a great server, with terrific up-time and support. And did we say support is crazy good?

Shared Hosting

If you can’t afford the $50 a month for a VPS server, or don’t (yet) see the value of high site availability and great support, then the next best option is shared hosting, where you share a server with other business owners. Not all shared hosts are made equal. And that’s why we still recommend Siteground as our #1 choice for shared hosting as well.

Managed WordPress Hosting

DAP also works on “Managed WordPress Hosting” accounts like, etc. You’ll have to work with the hosting team to help you setup DAP hourly cron.

But DAP does not work with WP Engine as it does not support “PHP Sessions”. If you want to use a Managed WP hosting platform, be sure to check if they support PHP session.

Hosts Not Recommended

DAP works fine on all of the following web hosts – unless we specifically mention that it won’t.

But just because DAP works fine on these hosts, doesn’t mean their service or support is good enough for the long term.

So if you are already hosting with one of these hosts below, then you already know how well they work (or don’t), but if you’re happy with them, then there’s no further issue.


GoDaddy is great for registering your domain names. For hosting? Not so much.

We do have a large number of DAP users who use Godaddy for hosting, and they all either totally love it, or hate it. More hate it than love it. No middle ground.

We’ve ourselves have witnessed many issues with some GoDaddy-hosted sites. Their email systems don’t always work consistently on all servers. It works great for some, while some of our other users have reported that even simple admin notification emails from DAP don’t get sent correctly. To compound the issue, Godaddy queues up even real-time emails on their end, and only send them out as batches. Which means even instant “Thank You” emails sent to your buyers with their membership login info, may not get sent for a couple of hours, even though DAP has actually sent them out, but are being intercepted and put on a queue by Godaddy to be sent out “later” in a “batch”.

And then there are the random blank pages and “internal server errors” (500 error). If you search Google for “Godaddy internal server error”, you will see enough folks to form a small nation, complaining about it. And most them aren’t even using DAP (we wish!).

These guys are still stuck in the 90’s, and provide you with some really primitive admin tools.

For instance, the process for setting up a cron job on 99.99% of the other hosts takes about 2 minutes, because it’s point-and-click-and-type. On 1and1, if you see the tutorial they’ve provided ( ), they’ve made it very complicated, that it would take us too much time just to setup a simple cron job!

And spending 20 minutes for something that normally takes 2 minutes on other hosts, is simply not worth our time. So if you’re on 1and1, we won’t be able to set up cron jobs for you for free. We would have to charge you to set it up for you, so just be aware of that.

And for some reason, their servers always seem to give us a lot of grief with installation & support. So we do not recommend them.

Windows-based hosts

Make sure your server is running some for of Unix (Linux/BSD/etc). DAP and plugins do not work well on Windows-hosted servers. Please see this post for more details.

What Does It Mean If Your Host Is Not Listed Here?

If your host is not shown here, then don’t worry – it doesn’t necessarily mean that DAP won’t work on your host. DAP works well on most hosting platforms.

We just recommend that we use ourselves or have done countless installations on, for our DAP users, and highly recommend (or recommend against, in some cases) if you have the option of picking a new web host.

This is exactly why we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee when you purchase DAP – so that you can make sure DAP can run on your current web site, and also help you decide if DAP will work for you.

So there’s no risk to you, regardless of who you are hosting with.

Disclaimer: We only recommend products and services that we absolutely love and believe in. When recommending such third-party products or services, we may sometimes use affiliate links, which means if you go on to purchase the product or service recommended, we may earn a commission from those purchases.

Free And Paid Installations

How to get DAP installed


  • Please DO NOT email us this information. You must open a support ticket for this.
  • We also offer free installation as a one-time courtesy service to all new, first-time buyers of DAP – to help you get started with DAP quickly.
  • If you are a DAP Elite or Platinum member, all installations & upgrades are free. Otherwise, the first installation is free but subsequent installations and upgrades are not free if you want us to install or upgrade DAP for you (but is free if you do it yourself).
  • Same information below is required for paid installations & upgrades too

Installation Details

First, go to

Then, open a new ticket, and enter the information below into the ticket – after filling in the blanks, of course.

Your Email Id Used During Purchase: __________
Domain name: __________
FTP Host name: __________
FTP Username: __________
FTP Password: __________

Link to Your WordPress Blog: __________
WordPress Admin Username: __________
WordPress Admin Password: __________

Which one of these Payment Processors do you wish to use to accept payments for your membership site?
(Paypal/1Shoppingcart/ClickBank/etc): ______________

Web Site Control Panel Info (to create cron jobs):
Control Panel Link: __________
Username: __________
Password __________



Installation / Pre-Installation FAQs

What are the minimum web-hosting requirements to run DAP?

See “Minimum web-hosting requirements”

What web hosts to you recommend?

See “DAP-Certified Web Hosts”

I’m getting an error during installation

See this post for more details about errors .

How can I avail of Free Installation?

See “Free Installation”

How do I setup Cron?

Setting up Cron Jobs

All about Cron Jobs

Your host does not support Cron Jobs