Free And Paid Installations

How to get DAP installed


  • Please DO NOT email us this information. You must open a support ticket for this.
  • We also offer free installation as a one-time courtesy service to all new, first-time buyers of DAP – to help you get started with DAP quickly.
  • If you are a DAP Elite or Platinum member, all installations & upgrades are free. Otherwise, the first installation is free but subsequent installations and upgrades are not free if you want us to install or upgrade DAP for you (but is free if you do it yourself).
  • Same information below is required for paid installations & upgrades too

Installation Details

First, go to https://www.DigitalAccessPass.com/support/

Then, open a new ticket, and enter the information below into the ticket – after filling in the blanks, of course.

Your Email Id Used During Purchase: __________
Domain name: __________
FTP Host name: __________
FTP Username: __________
FTP Password: __________

Link to Your WordPress Blog: __________
WordPress Admin Username: __________
WordPress Admin Password: __________

Which one of these Payment Processors do you wish to use to accept payments for your membership site?
(Paypal/1Shoppingcart/ClickBank/etc): ______________

Web Site Control Panel Info (to create cron jobs):
Control Panel Link: __________
Username: __________
Password __________


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June crow - May 25, 2010

I need to set up a membership component to:


It is pretty busy, although it’s base is a wordpress blog.

Will this be possible to add a dap membership component to this site?


Kerry bethell - May 27, 2010

How long does it take for the average set up service? I’m guessing it depends how many clients are in your queue…!

Can you offer a time estimate 24hrs, 48 hrs etc.

Many Thanks.


Veena Prashanth - May 27, 2010

Hi Kerry,
It takes just 5-10 minutes to complete the setup as long as your site meets the minimum installation requirements.


Yes, total time depends on the total number of clients in the queue. If the right ftp info and WP account info is sent for installation, then the installation goes a lot faster. This way we avoid a lot of back and forth ‘id/password not working’ emails and get started on installation right away.

Overall, it should not take more than 8 hours.

Linda Woods - January 16, 2011

Does DAP work in conjunction with DL Guard? or does it replace DL Guard. I’ve heard some good things about DL Guard and am not sure if the two products do the same thing or not. I don’t think DL guard has an affiliate program yet. Thanks for your help

Veena Prashanth - January 16, 2011

DAP replaces DL Guard. DAP has file protection included.. so you dont need DL Guard if you use DAP.

Linda Woods - January 17, 2011

I host tele-eseminars and send buyers to a thank you page with a link to download the mp3 interviews. Buyers do not necessarily become members. Does DAP protect that link that I send to people who purchase the interviews? I do not want the link shared all over the internet. Does DAP protect this somehow? Or do I deliver the information to them some other way with DAP? I appreciate your help

Veena Prashanth - January 17, 2011

If you protect the link in DAP, then yes it will protect it from all users. To access the link, the user needs to have a membership account on your site and access to the product under which you protected the link.

The users can be free members to access the link. You just need to make the link accessible by Free Members. It’s a content/file level setting in dap products page -> protect content area.

See – http://digitalaccesspass.com/doc/adding-users-via-dap-signup-form on how to signup free members.

Steve - February 12, 2011


Do you still do a free trial?
Also I see you do the set-up nas cron job do you still do that…

I have Wishlist member but I find that difficult to understand is yours easier?

Also I find the auto responder flow charting for the sequence difficult can you recommend some autosponder swipe files to help me? and example flow charts …I have a new book coming out soon and I want to create a membership site to host my course and some additional content related to the book



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