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Starting DAP v4.4, all passwords are encrypted. Previously, one of the main reasons that we had made it open, was because of many DAP admins asking for it to be that way so that they could log in “as” one fo their members to see what they’re seeing, for troubleshooting, etc.

But since the passwords are now encrypted, we have provided an alternate way for DAP admin to log in as a regular user/member.

Log In As Member (LIAM)

  • If your primary browser is say Firefox where you’re normally logged in as WP admin and DAP admin, then open a separate browser window (like in Chrome or Safari)
  • Go to http://YourSite.com/dap/loginAs.php

On that page, you will see 3 form fields as shown in the image below:

1) Email address of user/member that you wish to log in as
2) DAP Admin Email
3) DAP Admin Password

So once DAP verifies that it is indeed the DAP Admin trying to log in as someone else, DAP will log you into the site as that member whose email id you entered in (1) above.

NOTE: The Log In As Member (LIAM) feature does NOT mean that you can use just one browser to log in as both DAP Admin and regular member. You still need to use two separate browsers – one for DAP admin (like Chrome) another for regular member (Firefox). All LIAM does is to give you a workaround for logging in as someone else, because starting 4.4, the DAP Admin can no longer see what the member’s password is in order to log in as them.

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