User Status “Unconfirmed”

The only time a new user shows up with the status “Unconfirmed” is if you have “Double Optin” turned on for that product to which he just got access.

When you have double-optin turned on, then their initial status is “Unconfirmed” because you want them to click on the “Double Optin” link and confirm their intent to get access to your product, after which their status is automatically changed to “Confirmed”.

So to make sure Users are always created with “Confirmed” status, just remove all text from the “Double Optin Body” and “Double Optin Subject” of the Product in question.


If your product is a “Paid” product, then obviously, you don’t want people who just bought your product by filling out a shopping cart, to have to go through another double-optin confirmation process. So for paid products, you should probably not force double-optin.

Double-optin is best when you’re signing up free users for a free product via the DAP Direct-signup Form.

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