How to create a Member Dashboard Page

Watch video to see how to set up a Member Engagement Dashboard in less than 1 Minute!

What is a Member Engagement Dashboard?

Say your members log in to your membership site and find something like this in the members area:

  • Their name and image (gravatar).
  • All the badges they have earned.
  • All the certificates they have earned.
  • All the courses they have completed.
  • All the courses they started but didn't complete. What % is still left? 
  • All the courses they enrolled in but didn't start.
  •  All the courses they have not yet signed up for (upsell).
  • All the other products and services (non-courses) they have signed up for.
  • Poducts and services that they don't yet have.
  • How many points they earned that day and the total points.
  • Recent membership activity.

What if you could create a member dashboard where you could show members all of their accomplishments and a roadmap?Imagine what it can do for your member engagement!

It'll allow you to make your membership site fun and addictive. It'll help you create positive user experiences. And positive user experience leads to better engagement, higher participation and more sales.

This is EXACTLY what you can build using DAP's "Member Engagement Builder"!

Watch the video above to see step-by-step how to create and customize a member dashboard page using DAP's new member engagement builder!

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