DAP allows you to create Coupon codes for use as long as you’re using the DAP Shopping Cart, and accepting payments via one of the following:

  • Authorize.net
  • Paypal Standard, and
  • Paypal Website Payments Pro.

1. To create a Coupon code, go to DAP Admin > Payment Processing > Coupons

2. The Coupon options can then be setup on that page:


You not only need to generate new Coupon codes, but you must also associate the Coupon to the DAP Products that should allow use of that Coupon. All of this can be done via the Coupons page.

Using Paypal Standard

If you are using paypal standard button, then create the DAP button with coupon enabled (under dap payment processing -> generate buy button page -> paypal standard tab) and put the coupon enabled button code on your sales page.

And when your prospect enters a valid coupon code in the form and clicks on the button, they will taken to the PayPal checkout page where they will see the discounted price

Using Auth.net or Paypal Pro

If you are using DAP Shopping Cart that connects with Authorize.net or Paypal Website Payments Pro, then in addition to setting up the actual Coupon, you must also go to DAP Admin > Payment Processing > Cart Options , and enable Coupons for the product(s) of your choice.

Now when your buyer clicks on the the DAP buy button, they will be taken to the checkout page where they can see the option to enter a Coupon Code.


If a Coupon is not working, check if the coupon code has actually expired, by going to DAP Admin > Payment Processing > Coupons page.

Check to see if Start Date and End Date are current.

Make sure the coupon’s Actual Usage is less than the coupon’s Max Usage.

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Veena Prashanth - March 23, 2013

Hi Greg,

The discounts are at product level, can’t offer discount on A based on purchase of B or C.

Maybe you can do upsells or OTO. You can create 2 separate upsell flows :

1) present upsell offer of $250 for product A if they purchased B

2) present upsell offer of $200 for product A if they purchased C.


Greg - April 11, 2013


Austrian - June 8, 2013

Hi there,

Of course, the most obvious question is: could you program it in such a way that with other, third party payment gateways (like the one I will be using: http://www.icepay.com) coupons can also be used? The reason I use icepay and not a shopping cart is because I don’t sell “stuff”, only a subscription. DAP works great, but the moment I use another PSP, coupons are not an option anymore 🙁

Could this be included in a next release?



Veena Prashanth - June 10, 2013

Hi Austrian,

Yes, we do plan on integrating more payment gateways in future but the ones we do first will be ones that has the highest demand from dap users. Sorry, no timelines or plans yet for icepay integration.


Trevor - January 10, 2014

From a admin standpoint, is there a method to delete coupons?

Secondary question, is anyone else having issues with 100% discount coupons and using Stripe?

ERROR: Sorry, after discount, amount cannot be <= 0

Veena Prashanth - January 10, 2014

Hi Trevor,

You can do $0.01 but cannot bring down the price to $0.

You can rename the coupon to something else but cannot delete it currently.


Imogen Lamport - August 12, 2015

Hi Veena

Can I just check that the coupon code Discount Amount is the amount taken off the product price, not the Discount Price to be paid?



Veena Prashanth - August 12, 2015

Hi Imogen,

Correct. It’s the amount taken off from the product price.


Jerry - August 23, 2015

Hi Veena,

Can coupons handle % discount, like 20% off, instead of a fixed amount? Thanks.

Veena Prashanth - August 23, 2015

Hi Jerry,

No, currently DAP can only handle fixed amount discount but % discount is on our to-do list.



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