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Pay-Per-Post with DAP

One way of setting up Pay-Per-Post in DAP, is to create one product per post, and then sell access to each one separately.

However, if you have a lot of posts, this can be a lot of work.

An easier and more efficient way is to use our credits plugin, “Credit Store“.

Using the Credit Store plugin, you can setup individual pieces of content – like a post, page, category, or even a file – to be Redeemed via Credits, instead of cash. You sell credits, your members buy those credits, then use their credits towards redeeming individual content.

Just like when you buy an iTunes gift card and purchase individual songs or movies with it. Or like buying credits on a stock photo site and then redeeming it for individual images.

Whether that content is a bunch of content all bundled together, or individual posts/pages/files, is up to how you configure and set up your own Store.

The Credit Store plugin is a true game-changer, and allows you to be a lot more creative, and for your content to be delivered in a much more flexible yet powerful manner to your buyers and members.

We already have a few DAP users using the Credit Store (beta) this way, and they’re all loving the power and flexibility of this plugin.

See this for more details on the Credit Store:

As the Credit Store is currently in Beta, if you wish to purchase it now, we will make it available for download in a few weeks and give you access to the plugin for a big discount compared to the price it will be launching at. So feel free to email us or open at ticket if you want more details.


Self-Service Store (SSS) Installation & Setup

SSS Intro


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SSS Installation

  1. Make sure you are using DAP v4.1 or above, because SSS won’t work otherwise.
  2. Download the file from the member’s area.
  3. Unzip the 5 files inside to your desktop.
  4. Here’s where each file goes:
    selfService-submit.php: Upload to your “dap” folder and Upload to dap/inc/content folder

    selfServiceAdmin.php and selfServiceAdmin_submit.php: Upload to dap/admin folder.

  5. Go to “Setup > Config > Advanced” screen in DAP Admin Control Panel. You will see two SSS config items:Self-Service: Allow members to use credits and choose products a-la-carte.
    Set this to “Y” and click ‘Update’
    How to order the products displayed in your Self-Service Store?
    Ignore this for now. For future use. Let it remain at whatever it currently is set to.

SSS Setup & Configuration

Watch the following videos for more details:

1) Admin Setup


2) User View


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