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DAP Support & Renewal

Membership Sites Run Themselves Forever

Nah, just kidding 🙂

Contrary to popular belief, or what some people would have you believe, web sites – especially “membership” sites – cannot run themselves. Nor will they keep going on autopilot for ever while you “relax at the beach”. Whoever said that to you, has never owned a web site.

Running a regular web site takes time and effort. Running a membership site can take more time effort, because you also have something called “customer service” and “billing” involved.

While DAP will make your life a lot easier, by putting a great deal of automation at your fingertips, there are still a few moving parts that need to be considered.

First, there web host related issues – like web hosts not having the required libraries or running outdated software, web hosts randomly disabling required libraries (like PDO or JSON) months after you have launched your web site, email server issues, payment processing issues, database issues, web site not being available because of a hacker-attack, your server crashing and causing files and data to go missing, and so on.

Then there are the “User” errors. People do all kinds of things – intentionally or unintentionally – like overwriting or deleting files, deleting databases, entering incorrect database settings, setting up their cron job incorrectly, deleting their cron job settings by mistake, putting the files in the wrong directories, incorrectly uploading files, not uploading the right files – you get the point.

To help with many of these issues, we offer free installation, so we can take all of the hassle out of your hands, even if it means we spend more of our time upfront on your purchase.

But even after doing that, it’s not like things will just continue to run themselves for ever and you can walk happily ever after into the sunset.

People change web hosts, change domains, move servers, move databases, move or rename wordpress installations, install new plugins that may break old plugins, upgrade old plugins that may break new plugins, upgrade to a newer version of WordPress that could break old and new plugins alike, delete plugin files by mistake, etc. Yup, we deal with a number of such “duh!” moments from site owners every other day 🙂

Just the task of managing so many moving parts itself can be a daunting task at times.

So it is critical for your business – and for your peace of mind – that you have reliable, accessible, helpful tech support. Especially when the whole idea of launching a membership site is because you’re hoping that it will become your primary source of income (or at least add a big chunk to your existing income).

Your membership site is your cash cow. Which is why you get Unlimited free tech support via our ticketing system for free for 6 months. During this time, you also get unlimited software updates & upgrades for free.

Free Support means we will answer any questions you may have about using DAP. We will point you to the right documentation for troubleshooting tips. If we are unable to resolve it via the ticketing system, we may optionally (at our discretion) work with you one-on-one via skype or gotomeeting.

But if it requires logging in to your web host to troubleshoot issues, then depending on the complexity of the issue (“I just moved my site to a new host and now nothing is working”), we will have to charge you for premium support.

Premium Support

There may be occasions when you need support right away, need more personalized support or hand-holding, or simply don’t have the time or patience to resolve it via our ticketing system. Or you did “something” and need us to log in to your server and troubleshoot.

In that case, we can work with you 1-on-1 via skype, phone or gotomeeting, for a premium support fee of $45 for 1/2 hour, or $90 per hour. You may need to schedule this in advance depending on our support resources available.


The first thing to note, is that the DAP license never expires. So once you buy a copy of DAP, you can use it for life, on as many sites as your license permits you to (like 1-site, or Unlimited-sites), without ever having to pay us a single penny ever again.

So DAP is really a one-time purchase.

When you first buy DAP, you automatically get 6 months of free Software Upgrades & Support. During these 6 months, you get unlimited access to support via our ticketing system, plus you also get to download all new versions of DAP we release during this time.

That said, there’s also the subject of ongoing access to new versions of DAP as and when they are released, as well as ongoing support.

If you see our release history, you will see that we are constantly updating DAP by adding new features, as well as enhancements to existing features. Plus we are very proud of our “FANATIC’nical” support. All of that takes a tremendous amount of time, money and resources.

So after your first free 6 months, any time you want access to support or the newest version of DAP, then there is a small renewal fee, which gives you access to yet another 6 months of free support & upgrades.

Now please note that this is not a forced continuity or subscription.This is a voluntary purchase, and nothing will be charged to you automatically. And you don’t have to renew right away after 6 months. You need to upgrade only IF and WHEN you need access to the latest versions of DAP, as well as support.

Click here to renew your access to DAP Software & Support.


Upgrading to DAP version 1.0

The following is relevant to you only if you are “Upgrading” DAP from an earlier version.

Yay, DAP version 1.0 is here! (click here to see the what changed )

This is an important update, so do not skip this.

Here’s how to upgrade to the new version:

1. Download the zip file and unzip to desktop. You should now see a folder by name “dap” on your desktop.

2. Overwrite the contents of your current “dap” folder on your site with the contents of the new “dap” folder on your desktop.

3. Do not try to use any admin functionality yet. Visit the following link: and follow the instructions on your screen.

NOTE: Replace with your actual domain name.

That’s it!


This is just for your information….

We have moved the email and header/footer templates from text files into the database, as some web hosts were very weird with file permissions and were causing issues. So all files which were previously located under /dap/templates/email/ and /dap/templates/content/ have now been moved to the database.

The contents of these template files have been copied over as-is to your database. But just as a sanity check, visit your “Admin > Templates” screen and double-check the content of these templates.


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