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DAP Release History

03/28/2023: dap_v19.4 zip & LiveLinks v16.4 

NEW: Introduced a new setup wizard for DAP. It can accessed via the new wizard link in the main DAP menu in the DAP admin dashboard


03/23/2023: dap_v19.3.2 zip & LiveLinks v16.3.2

FIXED: Fixed timer issue in courses.

NEW: Updated member pages success message design

NEW: Added support for Gutenberg WordPress editor in custom lessons support

NEW: Added a new Post Activation Redirect option. This will control where users are sent after they click on activation link in the email (for double opt-in products). 

NEW: Set default values for Access Content Button URL for products/memberships.

NEW: Redesigned the tab where different registration options are displayed for free products in the product builder. 3 options displayed - DAP's form builder, SQB and DAP's HTML code option.


03/20/2023: & LiveLinks v16.3

NEW: Completely redesigned Email >> SMTP page.

NEW: Added a new feature to test SMTP connection and display helpful error messages if the connection does not work due to SMTP issues.

NEW:  Set default values for post-login redirect and access content in the products >> rules tab and also in courses >> rules tab. Updated Member Dashboard shortcode to automatically display the right content in the "my content" page for the selected product.


02/28/2023: & LiveLinks v16.2.2

NEW: The job queue page fully redesigned. Added new settings to view/delete chained product queued items in the job queue. 

NEW:  Added a new sneak peek feature that will allow you to display the error message in a popup. 

NEW:  A newly designed rules tab for both products and courses,  and added new options for "error page" settings to make it easier to set global or product-level error page.

Details here:


02/21/2023: & LiveLinks v16.0

NEW:  A brand new tag management page in DAP (replaced old one)

NEW: A brand product chaining management page in DAP (replaced old one)

NEW: Added a new chaining feature that will you to delay the processing of chaining rules. This is to speed up checkout processing where chained products are processed via cron and not instantly during payment.  You can set "delayed processing" when you create a chaining rule. 

Details here:


02/21/2023: & LiveLinks v15.3.1

FIXED: resolved all issues in the new product builder.

02/07/2023: & LiveLinks v15.3

NEW: added a new product page builder. Replaced the old one. The new one is much more intuitive and easier to understand.


01/30/2023: dap_v18.2.3zip & LiveLinks v15.2.3

NEW: Created new Listing page for course + challenges + products

NEW: Grid view and list view option added for listing page

NEW: Added a new DAP shortcode tab in the DAP products >> shortcode page. It lists all of the available DAP shortcodes in addition to course/challenge shortcodes. 


01/20/2023: & LiveLinks v15.2

NEW: A new tinymc editor that replaces the old one for better editing experience in the course builder. 

FIXED: issues with course delete not deleting the shortcodes for the course. Also fixed new shortcode page issues.


01/19/2023:  & LiveLinks v15.1.3

NEW: A brand new page that houses all of the DAP course-related shortcodes. 

FIXED: Mark as complete button issues on some sites.

Release details:


01/13/2023: DAP v18.0  & LiveLinks v15.0

NEW: A brand new course layout. Replaced the old course builder with a new, more intuitive, easy-to-use builder.


09/09/2021: DAP v13.4  & LiveLinks v10.4

NEW: move lessons from one module to another (in a built-in template).

NEW: Support for parent page. You can enter parent page name while creating lessons. The lessons will be organized under the parent page.

NEW: While creating lessons, you can now select "WordPress page template". Before this update, DAP always used the default template to create lessons in WP.

NEW: If you update the URL / slug of a protected page in WordPress directly, the new URL will replace the old one in DAP automatically. You'll not have to manually protect the new permalink / URL in DAP. 

FIXED: formatting issue in form builder

FIXED: course pre-requisite css was messed up. Now fixed.

FIXED: Course tab was loading slowly. Fixed it by removing the total stats. You can now click on an icon to see stats. It won't be loaded by default.

NEW: added new animation gif and updated it to display towards the middle of the screen. 

NEW: update course outline layout.

NEW: you can now add other resources in the built-in template. These content can be protected but will not appear in the course outline / lesson structure. 

09/01/2021: DAP v13.3  & LiveLinks v10.3

NEW: Edit Member updates. 

Details in this post.

07/28/2021: DAP v13.0  & LiveLinks v10.0

Another massive release. 

NEW: We've separated out different types of products. You'll now find your free products under the free tab and group memberships under the group tab. Your product page will load faster and the new layout will make it easier to find different types of products.

NEW: If it's a new site and you have not yet created member-facing page (login page, profile page, affiliate page, etc.), just click on the "click here to create" button at the top to let DAP create these pages for you.

NEW: You'll also find new, active and total members under each product in the products page.

NEW: New course dashboard builder! In WP dashboard >> under DAP menu, you'll find "member/course" dashboard builder. Follow the steps to create an engaging course and membership dashboard page for your membership site.

Details in this post.

06/22/2021: DAP v12.4.4  & LiveLinks v9.4.4

This release comes with several updates to DAP's built-in LMS!

NEW: You can add a blocking quiz where students need to pass the quiz with a certain grade to go to the next lesson.

NEW: Award points when users complete your quiz.

NEW: Send a course completion reminder email for those that started but didn't complete your course.

NEW: More improvements to member dashboard builder.

NEW: Security features - block by IP, country, domain or email ID.

Details in this post.

05/10/2021: DAP v12.0  & LiveLinks v9.0

NEW: DAP now comes with a "Built-In" advanced course template and lesson builder! You no longer have to create your course content in WordPress. You can do it all in DAP! 

Release details in this post.

04/11/2021: DAP v11.8  & LiveLinks v8.8 

1. Fixed: Course delete functionality was not working correctly. It was not displaying message if course could not be deleted.

2. Fixed: Free product access was not getting extended correctly if product was first setup as recurring/paid and later change to free.

3. Fixed: WooCommerce integration not working correctly after new update.

4. DAP v11.7 now final. DAP v11.8 in beta.

04/11/2021: DAP v11.8  & LiveLinks v8.8 

1. Fixed: Course delete functionality was not working correctly. It was not displaying message if course could not be deleted.

2. Fixed: Free product access was not getting extended correctly if product was first setup as recurring/paid and later change to free.

3. Fixed: WooCommerce integration not working correctly after new update.

4. DAP v11.7 now final. DAP v11.8 in beta.

04/09/2021: DAP v11.7  & LiveLinks v8.7

1. Highlight the selected tab in course builder.

2. Fixed: Elementor conflict where in edit mode, protected content was not editable.

04/02/2021: DAP v11.6  & LiveLinks v8.6

All the issues found in v11.x release is resolved in this release and will be final soon.

03/24/2021: DAP v11.0  & LiveLinks v8.0

A massive release with a brand NEW, one-of-a-kind Course Builder!

Details in this post.

03/13/2021: DAP v10.4  & LiveLinks v7.4

This DAP v10.x release is now final. 

02/23/2021: DAP v9.5.2  & LiveLinks v6.5.2

1. FIXED: Drag/Drop was not working in the contentresponder tab  due to blog path issue on one site.

2. FIXED: Elementor conflict on a client site.

Details in this post

2. Optimized the flow for magazine model

02/18/2021: DAP v9.5  & LiveLinks v6.5

1. Updates to the group account feature in DAP.

Details in this post

2. Optimized the flow for magazine model

02/13/2021: DAP v9.4.1 / DAP v9.4.2 

Big fixes from v9.4 release.

Support for WordPress action hooks.

02/11/2021: DAP v9.4 & LiveLinks v6.4

Massive DAP release! All the details in this post:

01/25/2021: DAP v9.3.2 & LiveLinks v6.3.2

1. FIXED: view certificate button displayed even if user had not yet earned a cert.

2. FIXED: DAP product table size reduced.

3. FIXED: A session issue in tag-based content protection.

4. Position of popup in the DAP admin >>> tag protection page.

01/22/2021: DAP v9.3.1 & LiveLinks v6.3.1

1. FIXED: certificate css issues

2. Student-facing shortcode was displaying incorrect module name.

01/21/2021: DAP v9.3 & LiveLinks v6.3

1. NEW: You can now upload your own course certificate "background image". You don't have to use the default image. We've released a fully customizable, click/edit certificate template that supports this feature.

2. NEW: A new student-facing shortcode. You can publish it on any page to instantly create a student-facing reports page where they'll find a list of all the courses (enrolled, in-progress, completed), quiz results, certificates, etc. Your students can even reset their status and start fresh.

Details here.

3. NEW: Automated menu switch! You can configure DAP to automatically switch menus for logged-in and not-logged-in users. Just select the menu you want DAP to display to your logged-in and logged-out users. 

Details here.

01/13/2021: DAP v9.2 & LiveLinks v6.2

1. Reason for Cancellation: If you don't know why your members are cancelling their subscription, you can't reduce your membership site churn. What better way to find out why people are leaving than just ask them that question prior to cancellation? They may not respond if they have already cancelled and moved on, but if you require that they enter a reason for cancellation before cancelling their subscription, there is a good chance they'll fill it out with the reason they are leaving.

You can use that information to reach out to them and let them know how you can help. Maybe setup a free call or give them a discount, but more importantly, address the problems that's resulting in churn. The good news is... we've added several options to the DAP Self-Cancellation shortcode so you can fully automate this! Use the option that works best for you! 

2. Course Prerequisites: DAP does this better than other platforms! Not only you can configure DAP to redirect users to a different page or display an error message when they try to access a course without completing the prerequisites, you can also use DAP's engagement dashboard to display a "locked" message and a "check prerequisite" button next to courses that they can't start yet!

3. Integration with SendInBlue: DAP integrates with all leading email platforms. Now we have added SendInBlue to the list. All of this is included in DAP v9.2.

Details here.

01/05/2021: DAP v9.1.1 & LiveLinks v6.1.1

NEW: Only allow whitelisted domains. This feature was already there but we have updated it. Now, even if the aff id is incorrect, it'll still reject the domain if it's not in the whitelisted list.

FIXED: course tags not getting saved correctly.

12/30/2020: DAP v9.0 & LiveLinks v6.0 

Here are some of the DAP v9 key features:
=> Referral Bonus
In addition to cash commissions, you can now also reward your affiliates with a 'free month' of subscription for every referral! And everything is configurable in backend! You can configure the "number of billing cycles" and "number of referrals" (that makes them eligible for the referral bonus), in the new DAP Affiliates >> Referral Bonus Rules page.

=> Prevent Involuntary Churn
We've created a centralized failed payment management system in DAP where you can automatically send an email to your users if their payment is declined, credit card expires or subscription is cancelled or suspended. We've also updated DAP to send a copy of that same email to the admin/you so you can see what email is being sent to which user. You can turn on/off this configuration in the DAP config >> notifications page.

=> Automated Member Page Creation
You no longer have to manually create member-facing pages. We've automated the whole process of generating member-facing pages in DAP! Just click a button and member-facing pages such as member home page (built using DAP's new engagement builder), login, content, profile, cancellation, affiliate, etc., will be auto-generated in seconds! You can always edit and make updates to it.

=> Brand New Product View 
A new look for DAP products page. We've made product creation process easier than ever before in DAP! A new wizard-style product creation interface is part of DAP v9!

Details here.

12/28/2020: DAP v8.9.1 & LiveLinks v5.9.1

  • FIXED: Stripe Cancellation was removing user's access to product even if it was set to 'mark as current'.
  • FIXED: Product Chaining flow updated to use 'mark as current' setting.
  • FIXED: Manage Students page was not loading on sites that didn't have SQB plugin.

12/24/2020: DAP v8.9 & LiveLinks v5.9

  • NEW: Referral Codes. Your affiliates can now create personalized links called ‘referral codes’ in DAP. Your affiliates can customize these codes in the affiliate-facing page in DAP. For e.g., if the referral code is "john" and say the affiliate id (DAP user id) is 10, any of these links will work: or Details here.
  • NEW: Easy Installer now updated to save license in DAP so you don't have to re-enter it in DAP.

12/21/2020: DAP v8.8.8 & LiveLinks v5.8.8

  • FIXED: stripe recurring coupon webhook notification was not connecting with DAP.
  • FIXED: On a customer site, chaining rule was incorrectly set to connect to the payment processor to downgrade users from paid to free membership. This was causing stripe payment issue. When users were upgrading from free to paid, the call to downgrade was stalling. This issue is now resolved. No calls made to payment processor even if chaining rule is set incorrectly.

12/19/2020: DAP v8.8.7 & LiveLinks v5.8.7

  • FIXED: form builder tinymce issue.

12/17/2020: DAP v8.8.6 & LiveLinks v5.8.6

  • NEW: A new Manage Subscriptions interface! If you want to:
    1. Give your users a free month of subscription -OR-
    2. Extend their next billing date by a few days -OR-
    3. Change their next billing due date to a future date.

    You can do it in the new DAP payments >> orders >> manage subscriptions page. Click on update subscription to update billing date.
  • NEW: a new editor that will allow you to change text color/font/style of messages displayed on the My Content page.
  • FIXED: Issue with WP v5.6 - add media button was not working correctly.
  • FIXED: date-based dripping was showing content even if start date was set to a future date.
  • FIXED: Issue with 'pause subscription'. It was removing user's access to product. Fixed now. It'll allow access until the end of the current billing cycle. 
  • FIXED: DAP Upgrade button (in the dashboard) was not working on some sites due to "http" mixed-content issue. 
  • FIXED: MCE editor in form builder not showing color / font options

12/11/2020: DAP v8.8.4 & LiveLinks v5.8.4

  • NEW: You'll now find a new generic messages area in the member engagement customizer. You can click a button to add it to your dashboard. This section will be added towards the bottom but you can drag/drop and re-order it. Use this section to display any generic messages / notifications in the members area.
  • NEW: Want to display quiz results in your member dashboard? You can now add a "quiz results" section to your member engagement dashboard. Insert SQB-generated "student-facing" shortcode in this section. 
  • NEW: a new Manage Courses Page in DAP where you'll find a list of all courses. A centralized page from where you can manage all of your courses. See details here.
  • FIXED: DAP auto-update was leaving behind .zip files after the upgrade. It'll now automatically remove files upon upgrade. This feature will take affect from the next release. 

12/07/2020: DAP v8.8.3 & LiveLinks v5.8.3

  • FIXED: engagement shortcode css issues on some sites.

12/03/2020: DAP v8.8.2 & LiveLinks v5.8.2

  • NEW: Display your course outline page to both logged-in and not-logged-in members. While all logged-in members can access the outline, if they don't have access to the course, they cannot access the lessons.
  • NEW: New image resize button in all "My Content" templates so you can resize your product images based on your specific needs.
  • FIXED: Tiny MCE errors in some of the pages in the backend.

12/01/2020: DAP v8.8.1 & LiveLinks v5.8.1

  • FIXED: profile page not linking correctly in the engagement builder.
  • FIXED: image alignment issues in the engagement builder.

11/30/2020: DAP v8.8 & LiveLinks v5.8

  • NEW: Engagement Builder! Take your membership site engagement to the next level using our NEW member engagement dashboard feature! Click here for details.
  • NEW: A brand new interface for "New Product Creation". A new product-creation wizard makes the product creation process in DAP way more intuitive than before.

11/22/2020: DAP v8.7.8 & LiveLinks v5.7.8 

  • FIXED: Tiny MCE error in the course outline and manage students page.

11/20/2020: DAP v8.7.7 & LiveLinks v5.7.7 

  • FIXED: Tiny MCE error in the course outline and manage students page.
  • NEW: Email sent to admin if user cancels Stripe Subscription via member-facing cancellation page. The email includes name, user's email and also all custom field data.

11/18/2020: DAP v8.7.6 & LiveLinks v5.7.6 

  • FIXED: Tiny MCE error if SITE URL didn't match the WP URL in WP admin >> settings >> general page. Resolved.

11/17/2020: DAP v8.7.5 & LiveLinks v5.7.5 

  • FIXED: search button in the orders page was not working due to tinymce conflict. Resolved.

11/16/2020: DAP v8.7.4 & LiveLinks v5.7.4 

  • FIXED: Tiny MCE v4 was deprecated causing errors and warnings. Updated DAP to use the WP tinymce.

11/11/2020: DAP v8.7.3 & LiveLinks v5.7.3 Beta

  • FIXED: switching between tabs in dap backend >> manage products page was causing error in certain cases.
  • FIXED: SPC upsell stats were not being reported correctly due to an issue with DAP orders.

11/05/2020: DAP v8.7.2 & LiveLinks v5.7.2 Beta

  • FIXED: Invoice shortcode conflict with thrive architect.
  • NEW:  More updates to the "create a new product" interface to make it easier to use.

10/29/2020: DAP v8.7.1 & LiveLinks v5.7.1 Beta

  • NEW:  Added a NEW Manage Points Interface.
  • NEW: Integration with GameOfPoints to award lesson and course points.
  • Award points to students that complete your lessons, modules, course, etc.
  • There's also a built-in GIF animation when users earn points. You can also upload your own gif animation.
  • There's a timer as well - if you want to only award points if users have spent a certain amount of time on the lesson. It's configurable at lesson-level.
  • There's a also a "You've unlocked points" message that can be customized to display whatever you want.

10/23/2020: DAP v8.6.9 & LiveLinks v5.6.9 Beta

  • NEW:  Added a NEW Create Product interface.

10/21/2020: DAP v8.6.8 & LiveLinks v5.6.8 Beta

  • NEW:  Added a NEW Manage Products interface. It now supports both list view and grid view. The list view is set as default view but can be changed to grid view and the default can be updated.
  • NEW: Added sort functionality to all columns listed in the Manage Products table (list view).

10/19/2020: DAP v8.6.7 & LiveLinks v5.6.7 Beta

  • Added Recent Activity date, start date and join date to "Manage Students" interface.
  • Added Sort Functionality to Manage Students interface.

10/19/2020: DAP v8.6.6 & LiveLinks v5.6.6 Beta

  • FIXED:  CSS issues with My Content page.

10/16/2020: DAP v8.6.5 & LiveLinks v5.6.5 Beta

  • NEW:  Added a new container width controller to My Content Shortcode.

10/14/2020: DAP v8.6.4 & LiveLinks v5.6.4 Beta

  • NEW: Release next lesson only after users spend configured amount of time on the current lesson. You can set timer value in the DAP >> Mark as Complete tab.

10/13/2020: DAP v8.6.3 & LiveLinks v5.6.3 Beta

  • NEW: See the initial and total time users are spending on each lesson in the Manage Students page in the DAP backend.

10/12/2020: DAP v8.6.2 & LiveLinks v5.6.2 Beta

  • NEW: Award Certificates when users complete the course.
  • Details here.

10/01/2020: DAP v8.6.1 & LiveLinks v5.6.1 Beta

  • NEW: support for multiple quizzes on the same page.

09/24/2020: DAP v8.6 & LiveLinks v5.6 Beta

  • NEW: Integration between DAP and our quiz plugin -
  • NEW: Fully track student progress in the backend as an admin.
  • NEW: Reset status of students to the beginning of the course or quiz.
  • NEW: Add blocking and non-blocking quizzes to your lessons.
  • Details here.

09/24/2020: DAP v8.6 & LiveLinks v5.6 Beta

  • NEW: Integration between DAP and our quiz plugin -
  • NEW: Fully track student progress in the backend as an admin.
  • NEW: Reset status of students to the beginning of the course or quiz.
  • NEW: Add blocking and non-blocking quizzes to your lessons.
  • Details here.

09/17/2020: DAP v8.5.9 & LiveLinks v5.5.9 Beta

  • FIXED: warning messages when livelinks is activated on a site

09/16/2020: DAP v8.5.8 & LiveLinks v5.5.8 Beta

  • FIXED: my content css issue on one of the sites.

09/15/2020: DAP v8.5.8 & LiveLinks v5.5.8 Beta

  • NEW: DAP now supports "Bulk Add of Subaccounts". Group owners can add multiple subaccounts via CSV upload. An extension of the DAP's Group Management feature.

09/08/2020: DAP v8.5.7 & LiveLinks v5.5.7 Beta

  • NEW: Turn OFF payment notification email at product level in DAP setup >> config page.
  • NEW: Delete Customer Tags

09/02/2020: DAP v8.5.6 & LiveLinks v5.5.6 Beta

  • FIXED: Resolved an issue with session on a DAP site.

08/26/2020: DAP v8.5.5 & LiveLinks v5.5.5 Beta

  • FIXED: Resolved an issue with menu update taking too long.
  • NEW:  Admins can now import subaccounts in bulk (via DAP members >> import feature). 

08/21/2020: DAP v8.5.4 & LiveLinks v5.5.4 Beta

  • FIXED: Resolved an elementor conflict

08/11/2020: DAP v8.5.3 & LiveLinks v5.5.3 Beta

  • FIXED: Resolved an issue with order amount not reflecting the recurring discount in orders page.
  • FIXED: Group management creating new shortcode upon save instead of updating the shortcode.

08/05/2020: DAP v8.5.2 & LiveLinks v5.5.2 Beta

  • FIXED: Resolved conflict with Nitro Header Builder.

08/01/2020: DAP v8.5 & LiveLinks v5.5 Beta

  • NEW: File uploads feature. See this article for details
  • NEW: You can use the DAP Member Profile interface to allow your members to upload files.
  • NEW: You can use the DAP form builder interface to allow anyone to upload files at the time of registration.
  • NEW: You can use the DAP Admin >> Edit Members interface to view the uploaded files.

     DAP restricts file types to safe files only (the same file types allowed by WordPress core).

     Allowed file types are:

     Images:  .png, .gif, .jpg
     Documents: .doc, .xls, .ppt, .pdf
     Audio: .wav, .mp3, .mp4
     Video: .mpg, .mov, .wmv

     Plus there are several built-in security features to prevent upload of malicious files.

07/23/2020: DAP v8.4 & LiveLinks v5.4 Beta

  • NEW: Create Coupons and Assign to Affiliates! The Most comprehensive implementation of Affiliate Coupons feature. See this article for details.

07/20/2020: DAP v8.3.1& LiveLinks v5.3.1 Beta

  • FIXED: Products page not loading due to a JS conflict on a site.

07/20/2020: DAP v8.3 & LiveLinks v5.3 Beta

  • NEW: BuddyBoss Integration! This integration between DAP & BuddyBoss platform will allow you create a powerful online communities membership site.

         You can control access to your BuddyBoss groups and profile types at "membership/product level". 

07/17/2020: DAP v8.2 & LiveLinks v5.2 Beta

  • NEW: Removed coupon "expiry" validation for Stripe 'recurring payments'.
  • FIXED: DAP >> ActiveCampaign "tag" automation was only sending email but no name. 

07/10/2020: DAP v8.1 & LiveLinks v5.1 Beta

  • FIXED: PayPal Invalid IPN notification. Paypal is triggering empty notifications (IPN) at times. Added a fix to ignore these notifications.
  • FIXED: Affiliate Commissions page not loading on some sites
  • FIXED: Pay-per-post section was missing in custom post types. Fixed now.
  • FIXED: View PDF (on the invoice page) showing a blank page on a site. Related to sessions.
  • FIXED: Affiliate Commission page not loading (site-specific).
  • NEW: ActiveCampaign webhook integration with DAP

06/26/2020: DAP v8.0 & LiveLinks v5.0 Beta

  • NEW: Content Protection Tags
  • NEW: Action / Activity-based tags (purchase tags, lead magnet tags, course/lesson completion tags, cart abandonment tags, failed purchase tags, etc)
  • NEW: Tag-based automations (trigger email notifications, give users acccess to a bonus product, etc)

04/28/2016: DAP v5.0.3 & LiveLinks v2.0.3 Beta

  • Default in drop-down is showing inactive
  • Access Start in the past should not show "Warning Color" - only access end date - it is confusing
  • Hitting "enter" in the search form is not submiting the form - it is reloading the page on manage users page
  • Changes to "Product Access" column in User row
  • Reset button added

04/21/2016: DAP v5.0.2 & LiveLinks v2.0.2 Beta

  • Major overhaul of User-Facing Membership Pages: Brand-new look & feel and responsive
  • New DAP shortcode buttons in WordPress editor page for My Content, My Profile, Affiliate Info, Member Invoice and Member Cancellation
  • New Pages for member invoicing and member self-cancellation
  • Updated Affiliate details look & feel
  • Bug fixes from 5.0.1
  • Internationalization changes
  • Invoicing library integrated into main DAP code base

04/12/2016: DAP v5.0.1 & LiveLinks v2.0.1 Beta

  • Internationalization changes
  • Changes to userfacing css
  • More changes to Manage Members page
  • Bug fixes to Bulk Email changes from 5.0
  • Update to phpMailer code and integration with Amazon S3

04/09/2016: DAP v5.0 & LiveLinks v2.0 Beta

  • Probably the biggest update ever to existing features, squarely focused on improving DAP Admin user experience
  • A ton of new features and additions to the User management features: Manage Users, Import Users, Export Users, beautiful UI update, etc
  • Updates to the Email Broadcast page: WYSIWYG HTML Editor, additional product selection (and exclusion) options, etc.
  • Click here for details

08/20/2015: DAP LiveLinks v1.12.1

  • WordPress 4.3 Upgrade Sending out “Password Changed” Notice
  • Action Required if you have upgraded WordPress to version 4.3 on your site.
  • A new feature in WP 4.3 is designed to send out a ‘password changed’ email to subscribers in the event that an e-mail or password is changed directly in WP. But this feature is triggering an unexpected ‘password changed email notification’ to members during login.
  • DAP LiveLinks v1.12.1 has a fix for this.
  • Click here for details

06/25/2015: DAP 4.9.1 (BETA) & CB INS 6.0

  • DAP 4.9.1 (BETA) & ClickBank INS 6.0 Integration
  • Includes a much improved integration with ClickBank (CB)!
  • 1) Integration with ClickBank INS version 6.0.
  • 2) DAP Automatic Login with ClickBank.
  • New Automatic-Login Link Generator for CB that will automatically log in your buyers to the member’s area after completing their purchase on ClickBank.
  • They don’t have to wait for a welcome email (with their log-in credentials) to access the content.

06/12/2015: DAP v4.9 Beta

  • New Mobile-responsive DAP Admin Home page that now includes graphs & charts for a great visual snapshot of your entire membership site’s stats.

06/09/2015: DAP 4.8.1 is now FINAL

  • Basically, it’s the same 4.8.1 version released earlier . No code has changed. Just the label changed from “Beta” to “Final”, as no issues were reported during the final beta period.
  • So, if you already have 4.8.1 installed on your site, then no further action is required from you.

04/02/2015: DAP v4.8 Beta & AWeber API Integration

  • DAP now has API-based integration with AWeber!
  • Send Membership Password To AWeber
  • Single Opt-In List
  • Move Users to a Different List in AWeber

03/18/2015: New Mobile Responsive “My Content” Page

  • Fully Mobile-Responsive.
  • New Shortcode Generator that will allow you to easily customize the “My Content” page that shows your members all of the products they’ve purchased, or have access to.
  • You can configure the shortcode to display Product Images. You can configure the product image (URL) in DAP Admin => Products/Levels Page.
  • If you have a lot of content under each product and you don’t want to show all the links when the users first visit this page, you can configure the shortcode to display the “links” section collapsed by default, and it will expand only upon the member explicitly clicking on that section.
  • You can configure the shortcode to display a “Coming Soon” content.
  • You can also configure the shortcode to display ONLY the high level product details and NOT the individual “links” under each product.
  • If you wish to display a pre-configured renewal message to the user if their access to product has expired, you can do that too. You can configure the renewal message in DAP Admin => Products/Levels Page => Cancellation & Expiration tab => Renewal HTML.
  • Fully customizable: You can update font, colors, form width etc to better match your site. You can also customize the templates.

03/07/2015: New Mobile Responsive Login Templates

  • Fully Mobile-Responsive Templates.
  • You can configure Post-Login URL right within the login shortcode – if it is specified in the shortcode, it will override the Post-Login URL in the Config or the one at the Product-level.
  • 7 wicked cool templates: The new release comes with 5 pre-built, login-page templates and 2 sidebar templates.
  • Fully Customizable: You can update font, text color, background color, form width etc to better match your site.
  • Bring Your Own Template: You can create your own template and just include the name of your template in the shortcode.

03/05/2015: New DAP Shopping Cart Plugin v2.0

  • Fully Mobile Responsive
  • Lots of new customization features
  • New shortcode editor

01/12/2015: DAP v4.7.2 Final

  • 4.7.2 is the latest in the 4.7.x series – it replaces the older versions 4.7 and 4.7.1.
  • A few minor cosmetic changes. No bug fixes.

12/12/2014: DAP v4.7.2 Beta

  • Reverse sync between WooCommerce=>DAP: If buyers create an account during the WooCommerce (WC) checkout process, the account will get created in WordPress first, but it will also be sync’d to DAP. The users will have the same username/password in DAP and in WP. If they log in to DAP, they will get auto-logged-in to WP.
  • Map Address Fields: Address fields entered in WC during checkout will be mapped to the user’s DAP profile.
  • Physical Products: Added a new Configuration option to prevent DAP from processing physical products sold via WC. If it’s a physical product that is NOT DOWNLOADABLE (is_virtual=NO and is_downloadable=NO in WC product setting), and if you do not want DAP to process it, ftp to your site, find dap-config.php file in the “dap” folder and add this to the dap-config.php file:
    If “is_downloadable” is true in your WC product setting, DAP will automatically add user to DAP.
  • Minor bug fixes:
    DAP Doctor fix to allow the login check to work correctly even if WP is installed in a subfolder.
    Fix to the Paypal script to prevent an IPN Error.

12/04/2014: DAP v4.7.1 Beta

  • FIX: Activecampaign: Fix to send the right tags to Active Campaign
  • FIX: UltraCart: firstname/lastname was missing in shipping, fix to get from billing
  • FIX: Stripe: Fix to NOT process event type=charge.failed
  • FIX: Zaxaa: Call api to cancel. This will trigger the action from 'cancellation & Expiration' tab and trigger chaining rules.
  • FIX: Added additional log stmts to subscription code
  • FIX: JVZoo Autologin: Decoded incoming request data
  • FIX: XenForo: Upon remove, remove from primary but add back user to register usergroup
  • FIX: Subscription handling: Fix paypal refund call to use right transaction id
  • FIX: Credit Store: Initialize credits_assigned = 0

10/21/2014: DAP v4.7 Beta

  • NEW: DAPDoctor
  • NEW: DAPPay with Stripe
  • NEW: ActiveCampaign Integration
  • NEW: XenForo Single Sign-on (Auto Login)
  • NEW: WooCommerce Integration
  • NEW: ClickBank Auto Login
  • NEW: JVZoo Auto Login
  • NEW: Warrior Plus / WSO Pro Login Credentials
  • NEW: Username Generation Rules Configuration
  • NEW: WordPress Syncing Improvements
  • NEW: Job Queue Search
  • NEW: Member Self-Cancellation for Stripe
  • NEW: Admin Cancellation within DAP Admin for, Paypal and Stripe
  • NEW: Access Expiration Options
  • NEW: ClickSure integration
  • NEW: UltraCart Integration
  • NEW: Maropost Integration
  • NEW: DAP2DAP Cross-Site Product Chaining Plugin

07/07/2014: DAP Easy Installer v1.3

  • FIX: Issues related to file unzip on certain hosts

07/02/2014: DAP Easy Installer v1.2

  • FIX: Issues related to some web hosts pertaining to sessions & file path.

06/18/2014: DAP Easy Installer v1.1

  • Not really a bug-fix release. Just added two new files - phpinfo.php and siteroot.php - to the zip file.

06/14/2014: DAP v4.6.2 Final

  • DAP v4.6.2 is now officially ‘Final’. No changes to the Beta version. Now being labeled as Final. Does this mean there are no bugs? Of course not ;-). It's just that no one has found any so far. Which is pretty cool too :-)

06/04/2014: DAP v4.6.2 Beta

  • dap-infusionsoft.php - fix to pick up the latest order
  • dap-ejunkie.php - fix to remove multiple includes of a function
  • Dap_Transactions.class.php - fix to not default the date range if not passed
  • Dap_Payment.class.php - autologin fix
  • storeBillInfo.php - autologin fix
  • DAP-ShortCodes-Transactions.php in DAP-WP-LiveLinks folder - fix for invoice

05/29/2014: DAP Easy Installer v1.0

  • New plugin to install and upgrade DAP.

05/05/2014: DAP v4.6.1 Beta

  • Bug fix for free signup form on some themes
  • Bug fix for ejunkie issue
  • Infusionsoft class fix for password related issue
  • Bug fix for email aliasing in reporting
  • Minor reporting changes

04/21/2014: DAP v4.6 Beta

  • NEW: DAP=>Infusionsoft Integration
  • NEW: Ontraport (formally Office Autopilot) Integration
  • NEW: arpReach Integration
  • NEW: Sendreach Integration
  • NEW: Zaxaa Integration
  • NEW: vBulletin 5.x & Xenforo integration
  • NEW: CCBill Integration
  • NEW: Integration
  • IMPROVED: GetResponse Integration
  • NEW: Clickbank Automated Login After Purchase
  • NEW: ClickBank Automated Refunds and Cancellation
  • NEW: JVZoo Automated Login After Purchase
  • NEW: Warrior Plus – Keygen Support
  • NEW: Admin-Facing Cancel Option – Paypal /
  • NEW: User-Facing Cancel Option – Paypal And
  • NEW: Auto Refunds & Cancellations: User’s access instantly removed (configurable)
  • NEW: List of ALL Member Transactions
  • NEW: PDF Invoice Generation & Download
  • NEW: NEW DAP Shortcode for Update CC/Billing page
  • NEW: DAP shortcode: “hasExpiredAccessTo”
  • NEW: Improved Admin Home Page Report to show all Unique members
  • NEW: Updated CSV Export options
  • NEW: Shortcode for login: [DAPLoginForm]
  •

01/03/2014: DAP v4.5.2 - Final

  • DAP v4.5.2 is now officially "Final" and may be used on live web sites.

12/05/2014: DAP v4.5.2 - Beta

  • Shopping Cart related bug fixes

11/20/2013: DAP v4.5.1 - Beta

  • Free/Paid links back in Users>Manage page with better titles for links (alt tags)
  • Affiliate "EPC" was not being calculated correctly in "Performance Summary" report. Fixed.
  • ContentResponder issue with "encrypt" field name javascript error. Fixed.

11/04/2013: DAP v4.5 - Beta

  • NEW: DAP Shopping Cart plugin with Stripe Integration
    - Use Stripe, or Paypal Payments Pro for accepting Credit Card - Payments on your OWN site without transferring the buyers elsewhere!
    - Do Unlimited 1-click Upsells/Downsells.
    - A Beautifully Elegant Checkout Page
    - Accept Credit Cards & PayPal (integrated checkout experience)
    - Customer-Facing Interface for Update Credit Card / Profile
    - Offer Coupons & Discounts
    - Allow Buyers/Members to Choose Password During Checkout
    - Pre-Registration: Capture Email Addresses Even For Failed Purchases
    - Multiple-Item Purchase
    - Customizable Buy Now / Checkout page
    - Custom Fields: Add any number of Custom Fields to your Checkout Page.
    - Existing Users Login: Allow existing users to ‘log in’ on the checkout page itself, so the new product purchase can be attached to their existing membership account.
    - Checkout With Just Paypal Standard
    - Checkout With Just Credit Card (No Paypal)
    - Automated Login: Users do not have to wait for ‘welcome email’ for their login / download credentials
  • NEW: Queries and Code optimization for better memory utilization and faster loading
  • NEW: Ability to change User Status, Product Status and Opt-In Status right from Users > Manage page by clicking on status link
  • NEW: Ability to resend double-optin and welcome email for a user, from Users > Manage page
  • NEW: Ability to redirect user-profile submit to a different URL with new shortcode parameter “redirect”.
    Eg., [DAPUserProfile showFirstName="Y" showLastName="Y" showCustomFields="cbnick" redirect=""]
  • NEW: On Users > Manage page, you can now identify DAP Admin users from regular users using new background color of “Name” field.
  • NEW: DAP merge-tag for Username in WordPress pages/posts: %%USER_NAME%%
  • NEW: Confirmation prompt presented when trying to do a refund.
  • NEW: Confirmation prompt presented when deleting anything on System > Job Queue page
  • NEW: “Login Count” field now moved between “Last Login Date” and “Access Start Date” to prevent confusion
  • NEW: New DAPUserLinks parameter “hideproductid” to hide certain products from showing up in product list.
    Eg., [DAPUserLinks hideproductid="3,7"] will show all products except 3 & 7.
  • NEW: So far, the Upline shortcode only supported 3 options: When a user visits the page that had this shortcode, it would display information of that user’s referring Affiliate – from…
    1) Cookie (if affiliate cookie exists).
    2) Or if they’re already a member, and have logged in to DAP, then it will show their current Affiliate’s information.
    3) And if neither the cookie is set, nor the user has an Affiliate attached to their account already, then it will show the info of the DAP Admin.
    Now we’ve added a 4th option, which is: IF affiliate IS found, BUT affiliate has NOT filled out a certain field, then instead of showing a blank value, DAP now replaces that with data from Admin’s corresponding field. So if it’s an affiliate username for a third-party program and the affiliate has not filled it, then Admin’s affiliate username for that program is now shown.
  • UPDATE: DAP Admin logging in directly via DAP login form will be taken to standard member page (usual post-login rules apply). No more redirecting directly to DAP admin. DAP Admins can always get to DAP Admin Dashboard (DAD) via link in WP Admin. For non-WP users, you’re just going to have to type “/dap/admin/” to get to DAD.
  • UPDATE: %%LOGIN_FORM%% issue: “You are already logged in…” showing when logging in from page with login form that is NOT marked as main login page
    * You can put %%LOGIN_FORM%% on ANY page, and user can log in from there, and will act as “Primary Login”
    * You can put %%LOGIN_FORM%% on any custom error page, and if redirected to that page from another page, then it will stay on that page (even if logged in) and will display text from dap/inc/error-loggedin.php , which basically says “You are already logged in, but still don’t have access to this content”. Even though %%LOGIN_FORM%% is there on the error page, just because they were redirected from another page, when logging in from this page, it will become “Secondary Login”
  • UPDATE: ‘You are logged in’ for DAP admin always going to Admin Dashboard issue: If you are DAP admin and visit any login page (with %%LOGIN_FORM%%) after being logged in, you will see “You are logged in, click here to continue” which will now take you to regular member home page, and below that you will see a new link “You are logged in as DAP Admin. Proceed to DAP Admin Dashboard” which will take you to DAP Admin. So no more confusion about going to member’s area vs DAP Admin Dashboard.
  • FIX: Previously, not including “Opted Out” checkbox field in user profile was forcing user to become opted out. From now, no opted out field means user’s opted out status will remain as “N”, which means, they remain opted in and WILL continue to get emails. This was fixed many months ago, but officially stating it now.
  • FIX: Affiliate Performance Summary section included in %%AFFDETAILS%% tag. Was previously only available on dap/index.php. This will show new section on affiliate page that shows them their full stats at-a-glance.
  • FIX: Removed %%PASSWORD_RESET_LINK%% from Setup > Templates. Not being used.
  • FIX: You send a link to a piece of dripped content. If the user is not logged in, s/he is sent to /error?request=/url-to-dripped-content, meaning that upon login they will be sent to the request url. However, if the user types in wrong password he is returned to login page, but the request-parameter in the url is not passed on. So it kind of loses track of where to go next when the user then tries the password again. This issue is now fixed.
  • FIX: “My Account” link in DAP menu is back (had been removed in DAP v4.4.x)
  • FIX: Admin report “Earnings Report By Product” refund amount total formatted to two decimal places.
  • FIX: Trim license key in Config – so including space at the beginning or end of license key (almost never happens) will not be an issue.
  • FIX: Broadcast submit message has been improved to “SUCCESS! Your broadcast has been added to the Job Queue (see ‘System > Job Queue’). It will be sent the next time the DAP hourly cron runs at the top of the hour. Make sure the DAP hourly cron job has been set up if you haven’t already done so.”

02/09/2013: Bug fix in v4.4.3

Found a bug in a new feature that was only recently introduced in DAP v4.4. Basically, on the Products > Manage screen, on the new Cancellation & Expiration tab, DO NOT set the Expiration Action to Set End Date To Previous Day.

Full details here:

01/15/2013: DAP v4.4.3 - FINAL

DAP v4.4.3 is now considered "Final".

  • FIXED: A bug in LiveLinks when it tries to log in the WP admin as DAP admin - it was encrypting password more than once.
  • FIXED: Minor formatting bugs
  • FIXED: Timezone issue fixed in dap-settings.php
  • NEW: New field "Product Image URL" added to Product settings. Currently used only by Paypal Upsell-Tree plugin, which is sold separately.
  • FIXED: More code from the new Credit Store (CS) plugin now included by default in Core DAP. But you still need to buy CS in order to actually use it.

12/09/2012: DAP v4.4.2 (BETA)

  • FIXED: Delete product was deleting correctly, but showing an error.
  • FIXED: Logout was showing blank screen in WP installations where wp-config.php was located outside of usual location.
  • FIXED: Bug in personalization of user/product data from 4.4.1
  • FIXED: Some code from the new Credit Store (CS) plugin now included by default in Core DAP. But you still need to buy CS in order to actually use it.
  • FIXED: Issue with size of ContentResponder tab when popping out/popping back in the contents of that tab.

11/30/2012: DAP v4.4.1 (BETA)

  • FIXED: Issue with sending encrypted passwords via email for new users.
  • FIXED: ContentResponder popup was showing Credits Store settings by mistake.
  • FIXED: LiveLinks was not showing correct sales page URL in certain conditions.
  • FIXED: A content dripping bug fixed in 4.3.1 had resurfaced due to code-merge issues.

11/27/2012: DAP v4.4 & LiveLinks v1.8.3 (BETA)

New DAP Features

  • NEW: Buy-Button Links are here! You can now generate Buy Links right from within DAP. Previously, the DAP buy buttons were a form code. Now you can have them be an actual link. Very handy when you wish to use a pricing table plugin that allows you to enter only links (and not buy-button form code).
  • NEW: Negative Dripping Day for Email Autoresponders: To send an email X days before the user’s access expires to that product, set the usual drip day ("Day to Send") to a negative number on the "Email Autoresponder" tab. For example, setting the "Day to Send" field to "-3" would send out that email 3 days BEFORE the user’s access to that product ends. So you can use this to send out renewal reminder emails. And you can set up multiple of those too – one that goes out on -7 (one week before expiration), one that goes out on -3 (three days before expiration) and one that goes out on -1 (one day before expiration). Date of expiration (access end date) is actually day 0 – but DO NOT USE 0, because 0 is not allowed at this time. Reverse dripping HAS to be a negative number. So -1 would be one day prior to actual access end date.
  • NEW: Encrypted Passwords with 2-way encryption: All passwords in DAP are now encrypted and stored in the database. For current DAP users, un-encrypted passwords will initially work as usual. And every time the DAP Admin updates a user’s password, or a member updates their own password, from that point onwards, the plain-text password will become encrypted.
  • NEW: DAP Admin User can no longer see member passwords. DAP Admin can change everyone’s existing password (their own, as well that of others), but can no longer see what they are.
  • NEW: Login As Member: Not being able to view a member’s password brought a new challenge: How can the DAP Admin login as a member to see what they’re seeing – a critical feature during initial testing as well as troubleshooting a live site when a member says they’re having trouble accessing certain content. So we have introduced a new "Login As Member" feature, where the DAP Admin would go to This page will present 3 form fields:
    1) Email id of member you wish to log in as.
    2) DAP Admin Email
    3) DAP Admin Password
    So once DAP verifies that it is indeed the DAP Admin trying to log in as someone else, DAP will log you into the site as that member whose email id you entered in (1) above.
    NOTE: The Login As Member (LAM) feature does NOT mean that you can use just one browser to log in as both DAP Admin and regular member. You still need to use two separate browsers – one for DAP admin (like Chrome) another for regular member (Firefox). All LAM does is give you a workaround for logging in as someone else, because starting 4.4, the DAP Admin can no longer see what the member’s password is in order to log in as them.
  • NEW: New tab on Products page – "Cancellation & Expiration".
    This tab has 3 new settings:
    1) Renewal HTML: You can enter HTML here that will show up on an expired user’s "My Content" page right under the product info (before the links are displayed).
    2) Post-Expiry Renewal Redirect URL: This is the URL to which a user is redirected to, right after they log in, if…
    a) Access to this product has expired,
    b) Setup > Config > Redirect Expired Users to Renewal Page Upon Login? has been set to "Y"
    However, if the user has access to multiple products, and access to more than one of those products has expired, then they will be redirected to the equivalent global field at Setup > Config > Post-Expiration Renewal Redirect URL (Global) right after they log in.
    NOTE: For any kind of renewal redirection to take effect upon log in, you must also set Setup > Config > Redirect Expired Users to Renewal Page Upon Login? to "Y"
    3) Expiration Action: Options in the drop-down are:
    a) No Action: Means status quo – nothing special or extra will be done if a user’s access expires to this product.
    b) Remove from Product: Very useful if you have a non-dripping subscription product, where if a user cancels their recurring subscription, you want to fully remove them from the product.
    c) Set End Date To Previous Day: This is a "rolling window" feature, useful if you want people to be able to pause their membership, come back and re-join, and get their access current (the entire period for which they were a member keeps rolling forward even if they left in between for 6 months, so that there is no "gap" in their access. So even if they leave in between for 6 months and come back and re-subscribe, it will be as though they never left.
  • NEW: Autologin for Aweber-to-DAP flow. Previously DAP would only auto-log in those signing up from the DAP signup form. Now even those signing up through an Aweber sign up form can be auto-logged in to DAP.
  • NEW: Super-simplified Aweber-to-DAP integration. Just point your Aweber list’s thank-you URL to That’s it! No more fiddling with code, or renaming files, etc.
  • NEW: Better looking default free signup form for DAP
  • NEW: Custom Fields: DAP Admin can now make a user-facing custom field to be a "Required" field. So when it shows up on the user’s own profile, they must fill it out, and cannot update their profile without entering data in the field.
  • NEW: DAP logs older than 5 days, will now be automatically cleared to make sure the log table doesn’t grow too big.
  • NEW: DAP Admin Panel now displays "Logged in as: <First><Last>" at the top of every screen right below the menu. It will be a hyper-link that will take you directly to the User-Edit page for the admin where you can modify the DAP Admin user’s profile.
  • NEW: Ability to configure Post-unsubscribe URL (see new CONFIG item below)
  • NEW: Ability to delete saved Autoresponder emails (On Email > Autoresponders page) completely from system – which will also delete it from all DAP products that it has been added to.
  • NEW: Option to automatically flush the login IP records of all users in the system, every X number of days. See new config item below "Flush Login IP Records How Often?"
  • NEW: Ability to flush the login IP records of an individual user, by clicking on the new "Flush all Login IP records for this user" link on User-edit page.
  • NEW: User-edit page shows all of the user’s login history with IP’s and time of log in
  • NEW: Ability to exclude individual users from IP monitoring, like say those with a high IP reset rate because they have dialup, or because their ISP assigns them a new IP way too often than the others. New field on User-edit page "Exclude From IP Monitoring"
  • NEW: Users > Manage page shows two new colums for every user: "Last Login Date" (date when user last logged in) and "Login Count" (how many times user has logged in so far) 

New Affilate Features

  • NEW: Affiliate email notification of Commissions earned as well as Leads generated. You can configure the content of the email sent to the affiliate under Setup > Templates.
  • NEW: The "Lead" notification email is sent instantly when the lead/buyer is first logging in to the member’s area. The "Sale" notification email is sent at the top of the hour when the DAP hourly cron runs.
  • NEW: The Affiliate Email Notification feature itself is configurable. It is set to "No" (don’t send notifications) by default. Just set it to "Yes" in Setup > Config to turn it on.
  • NEW: You can enter merge tags like….
    • %%PRODUCT_NAME%%
      And if you want the affiliate to see their referral’s name and email, you can additionally use these in the email…
    • %%BUYER_EMAIL%%
  • NEW: "View Affiliate Traffic" button on "Affiliates > Reports" page that now allows you to see incoming affiliate traffic for a given affiliate and date range
  • NEW: Allow affiliate payment in credits. You can now set up Commissions in "Credits" – You can assign Per-Lead Fixed, Per-Sale Fixed and Per-Sale Percentage all in "Credits" as well (previously, it was only "Cash" commissions). NOTE: In order for your affiliates to redeem those credits and use it to purchase your content, you will need the new CreditsStore plugin (previous known as "Self-Service Store" (SSS) which will be sold separately, and released shortly.
  • NEW: Configure First-Cookie or Last-Cookie wins? Default: Last-Cookie
  • NEW: Configure Affiliate Cookie Length (in days). Default: 365

New Merge Tags & ShortCodes

  • NEW: New shortcode for customizing the user profile: [DAPUserProfile].
    You can now pick and choose which fields appear on the user profile page using this shortcode. You can also choose to display all user-facing custom fields (showCustomFields="Y"), or only select custom fields (showCustomFields="cbnick,ssn"). Default is "Y" for all fields – so even if you don’t enter showFirstName="Y"  for a field, it will show up by default.
    The full list below is the same as entering just [DAPUserProfile]
  • NEW: New Shortcode [DAPUpline]
    Basically, this shortcode shows a user their referring Affiliate’s (a.k.a Sponsor’s) information. So when a user visits the page that has this shortcode, it will display information of that user’s referring Affiliate – either from cookie (if exists), or if they’re already a member, then their current Affiliate’s information. And if neither the cookie is set, nor the user has an Affiliate attached to their account already, then it will show the info of the DAP Admin). So you can use it to show the user information of the person (affiliate) who referred them to the page. Think of it as a "Your Sponsor" tag.
    [DAPUpline showField="first_name"] – To show affiliate’s first name, use this
    [DAPUpline showField="last_name"]
    [DAPUpline showField="user_name"]
    [DAPUpline showField="email"]
    [DAPUpline showField="address1"]
    [DAPUpline showField="address2"]
    [DAPUpline showField="city"]
    [DAPUpline showField="state"]
    [DAPUpline showField="zip"]
    [DAPUpline showField="country"]
    [DAPUpline showField="phone"]
    [DAPUpline showField="fax"]
    [DAPUpline showField="company"]
    [DAPUpline showField="title"]
    [DAPUpline showField="paypal_email"]
        For Custom fields…
    [DAPUpline showField="custom_<customfieldname>"]
  • NEW: New parameters for existing shortcode, [DAPUserLinks]
    a) showProductCount => ‘Y’: If set to "Y", then the message "You have access to (X) products" will be displayed. If set to "N", it won’t be.
    b) showRenewalHTML => ‘Y’: If set to "Y", new product level field "Renewal HTML" will be displayed giving clear indication that the user’s access to that product has expired.
    c) productId parameter can now accept multiple product id’s separated by a comma if you wish to show "My Content" only for a select number of products.
  • NEW: 3 new merge tags for email, all available in a product-related context
    3. %%ACCESS_END_DATE%%

New Configs & Internationalization

  • NEW CONFIG: Flush Login IP Records How Often? Every….. ? Login IP records in the system will be flushed/reset as often as you configure here.
  • NEW CONFIG: Last Flush Date of Login History: Shows date when all users’ login history was last flushed (reset)
  • NEW CONFIG: Post-Unsubscribe URL: New config item. URL to which User is redirected to, right after clicking on the "Unsubscribe" link at the bottom of DAP emails.
    Defaults to /dap/unsubscribed.php
  • NEW CONFIG: First-Cookie or Last-Cookie wins? New config that allows you to set the affiliate module to be "First Cookie" or "Last Cookie". Default: Last Cookie wins.
  • NEW CONFIG: Affiliate Cookie Length (in days): New config that allows you to set affiliate cookie expiration days.
  • NEW: New customizable variables in /dap/inc/language/english.php
    //———- Added in v4.4 ———//
    define("AFFILIATE_INFO_PERFSUMM_SUBHEADING","Affiliate Performance Summary"); //used only in dap/index.php
    define("AFFILIATE_INFO_HEADING","Affiliate Details"); //used only in dap/index.php
    define("MSG_NO_COMM","Sorry, no commissions earned yet.");
    define("USER_PROFILE_SUCCESS_MESSAGE_USER","SUCCESS! Your profile has been updated.");
    define("MSG_ERROR_EMAILEXISTSVB", "Sorry, this email id is already in use in our vBulletin Forum. Please try using a different email id.");
    define("MSG_SUCCESS_USERUPDATE_NOVB", "SUCCESS! Your profile has been updated, but could not register this username in our vBulletin Forum. Please contact the site admin for help.");
    define("AUTOMATED_AUTORESPONDER_EMAIL_SUBJECT", "New Content Available:\n%%CONTENT_NAME%%");
    define("MSG_INVALID_PASS","Sorry, the password you have chosen contains special characters. Only Alphabets and Numbers allowed. Please go ‘back’ and choose a different password.");
    define("USER_PROFILE_NEW_PASSWORD_LABEL_DAPUSERPROFILE","Password<br/>(only if changing)");

List of Improved Features

  • IMPROVED: Products > Manage screen will remain on same tab after saving the product – will not switch back to "General Settings" tab.
  • IMPROVED: "Earnings Report By Product" report on DAP Admin home page now includes refunds (previously, reported only net – now separately reports Sales and Refunds).
  • IMPROVED: Better support for Internationalization (non-English characters). Previously, on some DAP screens, junk characters were showing when name had certain non-English characters. That’s fixed now.
  • IMPROVED: Affiliate > Reports page now shows today’s date as default for Start and End date (was previously blank and was confusing).

List of Bug Fixes

  • FIXED: Currency symbol issue in aff details page. Instead of a currency sign (for the Euro) "€" was showing up. That’s fixed now.
  • FIXED: Use paypal email in mass pay if exists – if not use main email id
  • FIXED: There was a fatal error when WP admin tried to update a regular user’s password via WP Admin User profile page. Fixed now.
  • FIXED: Syncing was not working when using two blogs protected by one installation of DAP. It was syncing to the first blog visited by user, but not to the other one(s). Fixed now.
  • FIXED: "States" in the User Profile page is now a free-form text field. Both User (on user profile page) and DAP Admin (on user-edit page) can edit this and type in free-form text in this field.
  • FIXED: "Payer Email" field in the transaction table is updated when user changes their own email in their profile AND also when DAP Admin changes email of user from the DAP Dashboard
  • FIXED: When a user updates their profile info, confirmation message will now show below button too (and not just at the top of the form, where they would miss seeing it if they didn’t scroll up). Not even applicable any more with the new [DAPUserProfile] shortcode.

08/14/2012: LiveLinks v1.8.2

  • Update with minor bug fixes.

05/16/2012: DAP v4.3.1 & LiveLinks v1.8.1 (FINAL)

04/09/2012: DAP v4.3 & LiveLinks v1.8 (Beta)

New WordPress Integration Features

  • NEW: When you log in as WP admin, or browse any part of WP admin, you’re automatically logged in as DAP admin (DAP admin user with the least user id, in case you have more than one DAP admin user). No more having to log in separately to DAP. This is also configurable (default is YES). In case you do not want WP admins to be auto-logged in as DAP admin, then you can set this to NO under Setup > Config.
  • NEW: When you log out of DAP by going to, you will now also be logged out of WordPress, whether you are WP Admin or regular WP user
  • NEW: When you log out of WordPress, regardless of whether you are WP Admin or regular WP user, you will now also be logged out of DAP.
  • NEW: Reverse sync from WP to DAP now available. So, if a regular user goes to the standard WP profile page, and updates first name, last name or email id, their corresponding DAP record will also be updated. This also disables regular users from even updating their password in the WP profile page. So, the only place they can update password is via the DAP profile.
  • NEW: Shortcode [DAPUserLinks]: Allows you to heavily customize how the links are displayed when you use the merge tag %%USERLINKS%%…
    [DAPUserLinks showProductName="N" showAccessStartDate="Y" showAccessEndDate="Y" showDescription="Y" showLinks="Y" orderOfLinks="NEWESTFIRST" howManyLinks="10000" errMsgTemplate="SHORT" productId="ALL" dateFormat="YYYY-MM-DD"]
  • NEW: "Coming Soon" Shortcode [DAPComingSoon]: Allows you to display links that are coming soon.
    [DAPComingSoon showProductName="Y" showAccessStartDate="Y" showAccessEndDate="Y" showDescription="Y" showLinks="Y" orderOfLinks="NEWESTFIRST" howManyLinks="10000" errMsgTemplate="SHORT" productId="ALL" makelinksclickable="N" dateFormat="YYYY-MM-DD"]
  • NEW: Merge tags for WordPress: %%USER_ID%%, %%PASSWORD%%, %%SITE_NAME%%
  • NEW: Shortcode Features:
    – "publicUntil": You can set a date UNTIL which a blog post is public (no protection or rules will be applied from any other shortcode parameters.
    [DAP publicUntil="2012-12-31" hasAccessTo="1"]This message will be completely public UNTIL (and including) December 31st, 2012[/DAP]

    – "publicAfter": You can set a date AFTER which a blog post will become public (no protection or rules will be applied from any other shortcode parameters.
    [DAP publicAfter="2012-01-01" hasAccessTo="1"]This message will be completely public AFTER (and including) January 1st, 2012[/DAP]

    – "hasNoAccessTo": A much requested feature. You can now specify a list of products that a user does NOT have access to, like this:
    [DAP hasAccessTo="2" hasNoAccessTo="1,3" ]This message will appear only to active (current) users of product 2 but don’t have access to 1 or 3[/DAP]

    – "startday" and "endday": Now you can specify "startday" and "endday" in the shortcodes to make the contents stop being shown after a certain end "day". Previously available "day" variable has been deprecated and replaced by "startday" instead. However, if you already are using it somewhere, it will continue to work as is. However, if you wish to use the "endday" variable, you must now also use "startday" instead of "day". Very useful for, say, displaying a message on the Welcome page only on the first day.
    [DAP hasAccessTo="2" startday="1" endday="1"]This message will appear to you only to users of Product 2, on Day 1 and no further[/DAP]

    – Negative Days: "startday" and "endday" can also be a negative number.
    For eg., [DAP hasAccessTo="2" startDay="-6" endDay="-3"]Howdy[/DAP]
    This basically means, the message "Howdy" will be shown starting 6 days before the "Access End Date" of the user’s access to the product with Id "2" (specified in hasAccessTo). So you can use this to display a special message – or specially priced offer (buy button) – for those whose access has not yet expired. Last day (same day of access end date) is day 0. Day before that is -1.

    – Error Message From File: You can now specify a file name whose contents are to be used as error message. Use the existing errMsgTemplate field, but add a "file:…" to the beginning, and make sure the file name is a fully qualified URL starting with http:// and your domain name. So you can say…
    [DAP hasAccessTo="2" startday="1" endday="1" errMsgTemplate="file:"]This message will appear to you only today[/DAP]

New Affilate Features

  • You can now show your affiliates more information about their referrals in their affiliate report. In Setup > Config, you can now configure the following info to be shown to the affiliate (only for their own referrals, of course):
    First Name, Last Initial (Default) (or)
    First Name, Last Name (or)
    First Name, Last Name, Email (or)
    First Name, Last Name, Email, Phone
  • Ability to remove associated affiliates (including making user "UN-Affiliated" – meaning, no affiliates attached to the user any more)
  • Ability Re-assign a new affiliate to a user
  • Instant Affiliate Credit enabled even for Free signups. So new free members no longer have to log in for affiliate to get credit – it happens instantly upon signup.
  • Both you and your affiliates can now view referral data for free sign-ups too. Just add a commission row for each free product with 0.00 commissions (if you don’t wish to pay a PER LEAD commission, but still want your affiliates to see the details of the referral). And then, when an affiliate refers someone to your web site and the visitor signs up for a free product, your affiliate can see the new sign up as a "Lead" in their affiliate report.

New DAP Admin/Usability Features

  • NEW: All real-time emails to be sent using SMTP (if configured)
  • NEW: Drag & Drop rearranging and re-ordering of links within same drip day, is now possible (on "ContentResponder" tab)
  • NEW: Newly signed up "Free Signup" subscribers will now be instantly logged into the member’s area. But NO auto-login for double-optin enabled products – they must confirm first. And NO auto-login for those who are already a member, and are only signing up for a new free product.
  • NEW: You can now have a limited-duration one-time product. Previously, all one-time signups were assigned "9999-12-31" as access end date. No longer necessary. You can set a limited duration – like 30 days, or 90 or 365 days as the duration of your one-time product. And if you set the "Membership Duration" to 9999, then as before, it will set access end date for user to "9999-12-31".
  • NEW: New Config item: To allow "display" of protected links in the menu even if the user does NOT have access to it (regardless of Sneak-Peek)
  • NEW: New Config item: Is Free Product?
  • NEW: New Config item: Allow Free Sign-up?
  • NEW: New Config Item: Global Sales Page URL (for when a user has access to more than one Product)
  • NEW: New Config Item: Global Error Page URL (for when a user has access to more than one Product)
  • NEW: New Config item: Allow Auto-login of WP admin as DAP admin?
  • NEW: LiveLinks to use new global sales page url and global error page url
  • NEW: No more having to worry about free users not having access to paid content. It is all controlled by whether or not someone has access to a product. If they have access to a product, free or paid, as long as access dates are OK, they will get access to the content assigned to the product.
  • NEW: Ability to sort Products ordered by Product Name or Product Id – ascending or descending
  • NEW: Affiliate referer links shortened in referral report for both Admin home page as well as Affiliate report page
  • NEW: To improve performance, number of rows in affiliate referral report now restricted to just 2000 on Admin home page
  • NEW: Login count field is now updated for each successful login attempt by user. Not yet exposed in DAP Admin area. Will be available in the next release.
  • NEW: Logs were showing last 1000 rows. Instead, will now show all logs for the day
  • NEW: On the "Content responder" tab, next to the heading "Protected Content", it now shows how many links are protected as part of the product. Eg. (# of protected links: 8)
  • NEW: Product list now shows up as a drop-down at the top of the Product screen tabs, so that it’s always visible even when moving across tabs.
  • NEW: On Products page, moving from one product to another will keep admin on same tab even across different products. So switching products (only when using drop-down) will NO LONGER make you jump back to the new product’s "General Settings" tab. You will remain on whatever tab you were on previously.
  • NEW: ContentResponder tab’s contents can now be "popped out" and shown in large window, so you can even see long links without any part getting cut off from the display. And then you can pop the window back in once done.
  • NEW: Now you can mass-delete all Autoresponder Emails from Product in one click
  • NEW: New lines in /dap/inc/language/english.php
    //———- Added in v4.3 ———//
    define("USER_LINKS_COMINGSOON_TEXT","Coming Soon…");
    define("USER_LINKS_COMINGSOON_PREFIX_TEXT","[In XXX day(s)]");
    define("MSG_UNSUBSCRIBE","[In XXX day(s)]");
    define("MSG_MANDATORY","Sorry, all fields are mandatory. Please go ‘back’ and fill up the missing information.");
    define("MSG_INVALID_EMAIL","Sorry, the email address you entered is invalid. Please go ‘back’ and enter a valid email address.");
    define("MSG_INVALID_COUPON","Sorry, the coupon code you entered is invalid. Please go ‘back’ and enter a valid coupon code.");
    define("MSG_MISSING_COUPON","Sorry, coupon code is a required field. Please go ‘back’ and enter a valid coupon code.");
    define("MSG_PAYMENT_FAILED","Payment failed. Please contact the site admin. ");
    define("MSG_THANKYOU_SIGNUP","SUCCESS! Thank you for signing up. Please check your email for further details.");
    define("SUCCESS_CREATION","SUCCESS! Your account has been successfully created! Please check your inbox for login information…");
    define("NO_AUTH","Sorry, you are either not logged in, or not authorized to perform this operation.");

List of Improved Features

  • IMPROVED: Category protection error message.
    • If a category is protected as part of just 1 product, and someone doesn’t have access to it, then DAP will redirect to Product-Level Error Page URL. If that is blank, it will use Global Error Page URL.
    • If part of multiple products, goes directly to Global Error Page URL.
    • If DAP tries to use Global Error Page URL (however it got there), then if that field is also blank (or defaults to /dap/product-error.php), then it will use "In-Page Error Message with Padlock".
  • IMPROVED: Logging in thru Login/Logout widget on any page is now considered a primary login.
  • IMPROVED: When DAP Admin removes welcome/thankyou mesg, now shows a WARNING
  • IMPROVED: When Product is saved, if there is no welcome mesg, now shows a WARNING
  • IMPROVED: If Product is recurring, you can no longer set "recurring count" to null or 0 (in Products page)
  • IMPROVED: Clicking on the link to a post that’s part of a product’s available content output from %%USERLINKS%% no longer opens that post in a new window
  • IMPROVED: Product description may not be more than 127 characters. Cannot save product settings if it’s more.
  • IMPROVED: Changed default templates for new installations: Forgot password subject and body, Locked email body
  • IMPROVED: One-time products with access end date of "9999-12-31" will no longer be highlighted with a warning color.
  • IMPROVED: Enter key works during login now
  • IMPROVED: If recurring is Y and recurring cycle 1 is not set, then show ERROR

List of bug fixes

  • FIXED: Password changing: Admin can no longer include special characters when changing password for user via DAP Admin
  • FIXED: Link Titles can now have apostrophes and it won’t show backslashes.
  • FIXED: New-line chars in Description breaking shoppingcart pages is fixed.
  • FIXED: "Save as New" was sometimes incorrectly setting product status as "Inactive". It now correctly sets them as "Active".
  • FIXED: Export of user data for individual products was not working on some servers. Fixed.
  • FIXED: Space getting stripped in forgot password (issue on some servers only)
  • FIXED: Space getting stripped on user signup form (issue on some servers only)
  • FIXED: Space getting stripped in error message on access to DAP Admin (issue on some servers only)

11/5/2011: Additions & Updates to DAP v4.2.1

  • DigiResults Integration
  • 2Checkout Integration
  • JVZoo Integration
  • wp-eStore Intergration

09/15/2011: DAP v4.2.1 & LiveLinks 1.7.1 (Final)

  • Includes bug fixes and minor UI updates.

07/01/2011: DAP v4.2 & LiveLinks 1.7 (Beta)

Shopping Cart Features

  • [NEW] Shopping Cart "Check Out Page" can now be placed right inside WordPress pages using new merge code %%DAPCART%% , thus taking on the instant look & feel of your WordPress theme!
  • [NEW] Ability to customize shopping cart options: Like "Where did you hear about us", "Additional Comments", "Terms & Conditions", etc – on the DAP Cart's Checkout page
  • [NEW] Ability to include and customize Product-level Cart header & Cart footer HTML
  • [NEW] Dedicated Buy Button "Generator" Page
  • [NEW] Coupons support for
  • [NEW] * "Add To Cart" Support for (and possibly Payments Pro too): Which means if you're using the DAP cart &, your members will be able to buy multiple products in one purchase

GUI Enhancements

  • [NEW] Complete redesign of the Products page. Is now fully tab-based (instead of one long page). So basically, the long Products page has now been chopped up into multiple, shorter tabs. The GUI has also been redesigned to make the Product setup a lot more intuitive and simple
  • [NEW] Improvements to "ContentResponder" section: DAP will now highlight (actually, down-play with a dull gray color) all of the blog posts/pages that have already been added to the product being viewed, so you can clearly see which ones are not protected.
  • [NEW] "Help Tips" and "Tool Tips" added to many pages, making things much easier to understand
  • [NEW] Fully re-designed Config page. Now you can change multiple config items in one go, and click "Update" just once. Better description of fields, better organization of logical groups of configs, etc.
  • [NEW] Cleaner-looking forms and buttons in the DAP Dashboard
  • [NEW] "First Name" now part of User Search Criteria
  • [NEW] Improved Pagination on Users > Manage page. Eg., when you're on page 4 of the users list, and you take any action on any user on that page, previously DAP used to reset the user search back to Page 1. Now it's been fixed so that it will stay on same page.
  • [NEW] Improved "Pop Up" locations: Previously, popups for "Modify Dates" or "Add Affiliate" used to show up all the way on top of the page regardless of how far down you've scrolled on the Users page. Now, the popups will show right next to the clicked link.

New Features & Fixes

  • [NEW] Secure, personalized RSS feeds: Each of your members can now get their own unique RSS feed link that they can use with a feed reader (like Google Reader, FeedBlitz, iTunes, etc) to get a custom RSS feed with content that they're eligible to view.
  • [NEW] Custom Fields (Hooray!): Admin can create new custom fields inside DAP
  • [NEW] New feature for Shortcodes: You can now insert your own error message into the errMsgTemplate, like this:
    [DAP isPaidUser="Y" hasAccessTo="6" errMsgTemplate="your own custom text message here"]content[/DAP]
  • [NEW] User unsubscription notification to admin
  • [FIX] Change to DAP Shortcodes to remove empty breaks and paragraphs when hiding protected content
  • [FIX] "Missing spaces from error and notification browser messages" issue fixed

06/16/2011: DAP v4.1 & LiveLinks 1.6 (Final)

  • DAP v4.1 & LiveLinks 1.6 are now in Final release (out of Beta)

03/14/2011: DAP v4.1 & LiveLinks 1.6 (Beta)

For full details about this release, click here.

  • [New] Self-Service Store (SSS)
    SSS is a very cool new plugin, that allows you to give "Credits" to your buyers (of a "Master" product), which they can then "Redeem" towards various "Child" Products. It's practically "Content On Demand". Instead of you dripping content on them in a pre-determined fashion, they choose the modules they want, and the order in which they want them. You just give them the credits, put the power of choice at their fingertips, and get out of the way :-) . Awesome stuff (video further below).
  • [New] MailChimp Integration
    DAP now integrates with MailChimp. At a Product level, you can choose if buyers of that Product get added to your MailChimp list. DAP will also "remove" them from your MailChimp list if their access to the Product is removed within DAP.
  • [New] Internationalization
    You can now customize the few "Member-Facing" pages in DAP – like "My Content", "My Profile" and "My Affiliate Info" pages – in any non-English language of your choice. We tested with many languages – like Spanish, Dutch, German, French, and even Chinese! Others will/should work too – as long the language characters are UTF-8 based.
  • [New] Non-English Emails:
    WordPress is already "international" friendly, so we're excited to be able to help membership site creation in multiple languages. And what's even cooler, is that you can now also send Autoresponder & Broadcast emails in all of these languages (the last time we checked, even the big-boys like Aweber don't let you do that!).
  • [New] Admin & Affiliate Reports
    Admin: On the DAP Admin home page, you will see a few new reports, and enhancements to existing reports. The new "Member Summary" report will show you how many paid users, free users, admin-added and expired users there are. It also gives you a per-Product break-down of these same numbers. And on top of that, you can use the date range to further filter results. There's also a new "View Performance Summary" report (default report that runs when you visit the "Affiliates > Run Reports" page) that gives you more information for each affiliate – like Clicks generated, Leads, Sales and even Earnings-Per-Click (EPC).

    Affiliate: The same affiliate report above is now available to each of your affiliates too. On their affiliate page, they can now see a new table that lists their Clicks, Leads, Sales and EPC.
  • [New] IPN Script Generator For Developers
    DAP now supports the ability to quickly develop support for any 3rd party shopping cart providers that support IPN notification (via HTTP POST) to 3rd party scripts. The DAP admin will have the ability to generate an IPN Script for any 3rd-party shopping cart that support IPN
  • [New] DAP ShortCode Feature
    You can now use the DAP ShortCode framework to NOT SHOW a part of your post or page, to anyone WHO IS LOGGED IN. So, say you wanted your "Sales Copy" and your "Buy Button" to be shown only to visitors, but NOT BE SHOWN to those who are already members, then you can do this.
  • [New] DAP Plugin Framework
    We've created a new "Plugin Framework" for DAP, that developers (and we ourselves) can use to quickly add plugins (even a few-line scripts) to DAP, in order to integrate with other 3rd-party scripts. For example, on a new user-add, you want DAP to pass the member info to a 3rd-party script or application that you are using in addition to DAP. It's not yet as slick as the WordPress plugin framework, but we'll certainly get there sooner than later. In fact, the MailChimp integration is our very first plugin to use this framework.

02/14/2011: DAP v4.0 & LiveLinks 1.5 (Final)

  • DAP v4.0 & LiveLinks 1.5 are now in Final release (out of Beta)


12/30/2010: DAP v4.0 & LiveLinks 1.5 (Beta)

  • [New] Coupon Codes for Paypal
  • [New] Paypal Buy-Button Generator (within DAP admin panel – no more having to log in to Paypal just to create a buy-button)
  • [New] Paypal Login Xpress: Buyers will be automatically logged into their membership area upon successful purchase. No more having to wait for email containing their password
  • [New] Paypal Sandbox Support
  • [New] Config option to choose FOPEN or CURL as the way for your web site to connect to Paypal behind the scenes
  • [New] Support for member's Primary Email being different from their Paypal Email.
  • [New] Multi-Tier Affiliates: Create unlimited affiliate tiers. Extremely simple to set up.
  • [New] DAP ShortCodes:  Partial content protection. Ability to hide different parts of the same post or page, using custom DAP shortcodes

    Example 1: Shows content to ONLY logged-in user
    [DAP]protected content here[/DAP]

    Example 2: Shows content between the shortcodes to only a PAID user who has access to Product Id 1.
    [DAP isPaidUser="Y" hasAccessTo="1" errMsgTemplate="SHORT"]protected content here[/DAP]
  • [New] In-Page Dripping:
    We've updated the new DAP Shortcode framework to include the ability to specify a "Day" right within the shortcode itself. So you can now publish, say, 10 videos on one page, and you can enclose each video's embed code with a separate DAP Shortcode that has a different "Day" setting, so the very same page will show 1 video on Day 1, 2 videos on Day 2, 3 videos on Day 3, and so on.
  • [New] "For Your Eyes Only": User-specific Custom Content Dripping
    Let's say you run a coaching program. You have 10 clients. You want Joe Customer to see a tailor-made custom video meant only for Joe, and Jill Member to see a specific PDF report written specifically for Jill's business. Now using the new "userId" parameter in the DAP shortcode, you can now protect a piece of content so that only a specific DAP user can see it.
  • [New] Post-Dated Product Chaining
    This basically extends the existing Product Chaining feature such that you can now set up a product chaining to occur in the "future"
  • See a more detailed explanation and a video of all of these features, at:
  • [New] Custom "Thank-you Redirect URL" for Paypal Button
    When you use the new built-in Paypal buy-button generator, you now have the ability to redirect the buyer to any thank-you page URL after successful purchase.
  • [New] Multi-site Support
    This new custom url will allow you to specify which Silent Post URL to redirect the silent post to. Which means, one account can now be used by multiple DAP-powered and even non-DAP web sites, thanks to our awesome "hack" :-)
  • [New] Support for WordPress Custom Menus: Now if you have posts or pages in your custom menu's, DAP will "hide" them completely from users who don't have access to those pages/posts
  • [New] Ability to delete individual items from job queue
  • [New] Automatically Redirect to protected URL after logging in. So you can directly send protected links in emails, and when they click on it and log in, they will directly be redirected to the page/post they were trying to visit
  • [New] Capture & Display of "Destination URL" for affiliate links, to answer the question: "To which page on my site are my affiliates sending traffic to?"
  • [Fix] Javascript fixes specifically to accommodate some new & custom themes which were breaking the JS used by the login form and user profile.

11/06/2010: DAP v3.9 & LiveLinks 1.4 (Final)

  • [Enhancement] "Users > Add" now contains a new field: "Username". So you can optionally choose a username for the user that you are manually adding. The same new field also applies to adding users in bulk.
  • [FIX] 2 columns were being incorrectly displayed on Users > Manage screen.
  • [FIX] vBulletin-related fixes

10/14/2010: DAP v3.9 & LiveLinks 1.4 (Beta)

  • [New] vBulletin integration
  • [New] ClickBank INS support - no more need for Email Order Processing for ClickBank
  • [New] HTML Email - Ability to send HTML copy in Double-optin emails, Thank-You Emails, Autoresponder Emails and Broadcast emails
  • [New] Ability to input offline purchases (manually create a transaction)
  • [New] Affiliate info shows in every user row on Users > Manage screen
  • [New] Manually giving credit to a chosen affiliate for a sale (even for offline purchases, which can be input into the system now)
  • [New] Config to Disable Affiliate Commissions for "Free" Users (Config > Advanced)
  • [New] New field in user table: "user_name" - used for forum integration. Once chosen, neither user nor admin can change their username. In compliance with vB forum rules.
  • [Enhancement] Suppress PHP 5.3 Deprecated errors
  • [Enhancement] User id on Users > Manage page also now links to the edit user page
  • [Enhancement] Disallows special chars in password
  • [FIX] When a user name or email has special foreign characters, it was breaking the user search display. This is fixed. 

07/05/2010: Final Release: v3.8 & LiveLinks 1.3

  • DAP v3.8 and LiveLinks 1.3 are now out of beta and are in final release.

06/08/2010: DAP v3.8 & LiveLinks 1.3 (Beta)

  • [NEW] Product Chaining
  • [NEW] (New Config Field) SECRET_KEY: Secret Authorization Key used when interfacing with external systems
  • [NEW] (New Config Field) SHOW_COMMENTS: Show comments on protected WP content
  • [NEW] (New Config Field) DEFAULT_AFF_LANDING: URL of default landing page for Affiliate links (when not redirected). Default: / (home page)
  • [NEW] (New Config Field) DEFAULT_PASSWORD: This gives you the ability to generate a “Default Password” – like ‘dap’ – for all new users. Which means, if you have say, integrated Aweber or an external email system with DAP, now you can send out the welcome email along with the password (simply use the same default password into your Aweber email as the one you have set in DAP Config, that’s it!). You could even bring the user back to your login page and say something to the effect of “Please use the email address you just used during purchase, and the password ‘changethis’ to log into your account right away! Just be sure to change your password soon after logging in.”
  • [NEW] DAP will no longer allow deliberate or unintentional deletion of admin users. You must change their account type to “User” (from “Admin”) first before you can delete the user.
  • [NEW] 1-Click Delete-All functionality to delete all protected content in a Product
  • [NEW] Warning presented and asks for confirmation when you click on “Delete Product” (even though DAP already won’t delete a product if there is even 1 user associated with a Product. Just another confirmation in addition to what was there before).
  • [NEW] Display of User Links (sorting order): Within a given day, if you have multiple links dripping (say, on day 1 itself you have multiple links), then they will show up on the “User links” page in the exact same order in which it shows up on the Products page.
  • [NEW] DAP Logs displays only 1000 rows now
  • [NEW] Content URL field length increased from 100 to 200
  • [NEW] Affiliate Info Page now fits well even into narrow themes.
  • [NEW] Logout link in DAP Dashboard (under “My Account”)
  • [NEW] When you add a blog post/page to a Product, it retrieves the post/page’s title, and the page title is what your member will see in the “Links” section of a product.
  • [NEW] Product Specific Logged-in URL
  • [NEW] dap/inc/content/userfacing.css – can be customized by renaming it customuserfacing.css
  • [NEW] Ability to completely customize CSS of User-facing pages – like affiliate links, user links and user profile
  • [NEW] List of Affiliate Link Referrers are now in a scrollable div so as to save real estate
  • [NEW] WP Widget to show Products Purchased on sidebar
  • [NEW] New merge code %%PRODUCT_DETAILS_<id>%% to show Product-specific Links on a page
  • [FIXED] LiveLinks: Last name merge tag wasn’t functional.
  • [FIXED] Removed “http://” from second link in affiliate “redirection” link

04/21/2010: Final Release: v3.7 & LiveLinks 1.2

  • DAP v3.7 and LiveLinks 1.2 are now out of beta and are in final release.

03/15/2010: DAP v3.7 & LiveLinks 1.2 (Beta)

  • [New] Brand spanking-new DAP Admin Dashboard Navigation Menu
  • [New] Comments on protected pages/posts are now hidden from un-authorized users. Comments are shown only to authorized, logged-in users who have access to view that post/page
  • [New] DAP now hides WordPress page links from the sidebar as well as from the WP standard navigation menu. So if a page is protected and the user (logged in or not-logged in) is not yet eligible to view it (or access has expired), then the link to the protected page will no longer even "display" on your blog's sidebar.
  • [New] Title of Login/Logout Widget can now be customized
  • [New] Login/Logout Form can be completely changed to however you want it to look.
  • [New] OTO's are now free and part of core DAP. No need for new files.
  • [New] Complete "Power Customization" of protected content error messages (ones with the DAP lock image)
  • [New] Ability to redirect unauthorized users to a custom URL : to any page on your site, to any page on any site, to a product-specific error page, or to your sales page.
  • [New] Separate customizable error messages for logged-in users (who have lost access to expired content, or because they don’t yet have access to it because of the dripping) and non-logged in users
  • [New] Login-form shows up right on the error page for non-loggedin users trying to access a protected link. So when someone visits a protected link, DAP will show them something to the effect of “Sorry, you don’t have access… Click here to buy access to this content. Already a member? Log in below…”
  • [New] Custom Redirection After Login: Now you publish multiple login forms on your web site, one per product - IF you so choose to - and pass a hidden form variable called "redirect". So after the user logs in, you can take the user to any page on any site you want. In effect, what this does is allow you to control the "URL After Login" for different products, and allow you to redirect them to any custom page immediately after they login. Of course, you must set up one login form PER product. May not be too useful for the average DAP admin, but this has been requested a lot for a while, so we decided to implement this. Low hanging fruit :-). In a future version, you will be able to set this "POST_LOGIN_URL" at a Product level, right within the Product page.
  • [New] DAP is becoming a Platform! WooHoo! You will be able to write new plugins FOR DAP just the way people can write plugins for Wordpress. So DAP will no longer be just a Membership Script. It will become an entire platform by itself, which different developers and companies can extend easily without touching the DAP core files.

02/12/2010: DAP v3.6

  • [New] Upsell Tree for Paypal Payments Pro
  • [New] Integration for Paypal “Add To Cart” buttons too!
  • [New] Changes to DAP core for Paypal Payments Pro integration
  • [New] Authnet form - new look & feel

12/29/2009: DAP v3.5, LiveLinks 1.1, UpsellTree 0.2

  • [New] More enhancements to LiveLinks for various error conditions. Nothing that you would notice as a user or admin.
  • [New] Upsell-Tree - which includes 1-Click Upsells, Downsells & One-Time offers.
  • Changes to DAP to accomodate Upsell-Tree changes.
  • Changes to DAP to accomodate upcoming Paypal Payments Pro integration

12/05/2009: DAP v3.4 & LiveLinks 1.0 (Final)

  • A few bugs squashed that were found during beta.


11/23/2009: DAP v3.4 & LiveLinks 0.9 (BETA)

  • [New] WordPress User Integration: DAP now fully integrates with the WordPress user tables. Which means you can now put to use awesome WordPress plugins that require the user information to exist in the native WordPress user tables. Also see our earlier post about this.
  • [New] WordPress Forum Integration: We have so far tested DAP with bbPress and Simple:Press and both work great! If DAP works with these two forum plugins, then it should work with other WP forum plugins too.
  • [New] More columns added on the “Users > Manage” screen. New colums include: “User Status”, “User/Product Status”, “Opted Out”. So in one glance, you can see if a user is active, if the user/product status is active, and if the user has opted out of receiving emails from you. Any of the users that are “Inactive” or “Unconfirmed” will be highlighted with a bright color (orangish?)
  • [New] Merge code %%AFF_LINK%% can now be used in blog posts too.
  • [New] 3rdPartyNotification Email now contains details about the product that just got a signup
  • [New] There’s a new file called “/dap/inc/protected_html.php”. The contents of this file will show up below the padlock. You can customize this page with any sales copy you want.
  • [New] Links on “User Home Page” are now sorted by “dripping order” – newest at the top, oldest at the bottom.
  • [New] Changed affiliate earnings summary on user home page to now show “Product Name” instead of just the “Product Id”. So affiliate can know what product on your site that they referred someone to.
  • [New] Minor changes to Look & Feel of various DAP pages
  • [Bug-fix] Fix for the “Umlaut” above letters in the user’s first/last name
  • [Bug-fix] Removed JS alert on “Export Affiliates” from archive functionality
  • [Bug-fix] Some servers don’t seem to like the second “http://” in affiliate links when you’re redirecting to a new page other than the default affiliate landing page. Fixed this to remove the second “http://” from the affiliate link. It will not affect your existing affiliate links.

[Note] LiveLinks v0.8 was not a general release. It was given to just a few select DAP users who reported LiveLinks 0.7 conflicting with their theme. So regardless of whether you have LL 0.7 or 0.8, you can upgrade to LL v0.9.

10/28/2009: DAP v3.3 & LiveLinks 0.7

  • [New] DAP Within WP: DAP can now be accessed within your WordPress Admin Dashboard (link to the bottom left on your WP admin menu).
  • [New] WordPress blog posts & pages appear within DAP Products page
  • [New] 1-Click Protection of specific posts and pages
  • [New] 1-Click "Entire Blog Protection"
  • [New] New "Interval" When Adding Multiple Posts/Pages
  • [New] Product-specific Double-Optin & Thank-You Emails
  • [New] Product-specific Aweber Lists
  • [New] New Email Group on "Email Broadcast" screen (Send BulkMail to users who signed up for <product list> between <date 1> and <date 2>)
  • [New] New Config item in "Config > Advanced"
  • "URL to which User is redirected to when there are no posts are available for display"
  • [New] New Config item in "Config > Advanced": "How many users to show in the results on the 'Manage Users' search screen?"
  • [New] 2 New Reports on DAP Admin Home Page: 1) Earnings Summary By Month 2) Incoming Affiliate Traffic
  • [New] New Merge variable for blog posts/pages for errors: %%MSG%%
  • [Deprecated] "Global" Activation Email & Welcome Email
  • [Deprecated] %%ACTIVATION_KEY%%. Instead, now there is %%ACTIVATION_LINK%%
  • [New] Products Page: Oldest Product default selection
  • [New] Manage Users: Default Search executed
  • [New] Automatically logs in DAP Admin (forever) during installation/admin login
    [Update] 1ShoppingCart Email Parsing Template
  • [New] 2 Sample Products inserted during new installation: 1 recurring and 1 one-time
  • [New] Sample Email and Sample blog post inserted during installation

09/27/2009: DAP v3.2 & LiveLinks 0.6

  • [New] Ability to include same Email Resource MULTIPLE TIMES in a Product
  • [New] Mark an Email Resource to be sent to Admin (or any 3rd party email id) instead of to the user. This makes DAP a CRM-of-sorts, in that, you can now add an email as part of the normal to be sent out on Day #1 (with specific personalized information of each customer
  • [New] WP WIDGET: Login/Logout Widget: Shows the "Login" form on the sidebar when not logged in, and a "Logout" button when logged in.
  • [New] REPORT: New report on Admin home page: Earnings Summary By Product (default dates: 1 week)
  • [New] More logging and admin notification introduced in Paypal IPN notification
  • [New] Link to completely "Empty Logs" (dap_log) on the "Admin > Logs" screen.
  • [New] DB: Added 4 new fields to User table: Title, Company, Phone, Fax
  • [New] DB: New field for storing user photos. Available as a separate plugin.
  • [New] LOGGED_OUT_URL can now be customized via Config
  • [New] PROFILE_URL can now be customized via Config
  • [New] Extended User Profile that includes many more fields
  • [New] You can also specify on-the-fly what URL the user should be redirected to after they log out, as follows:
  • [Fix] Paypal bug fixed - Multiple affiliate transactions
  • [Fix] DAP allows people to change their password to one containing illegal characters, but then doesn't allow them to login with that new password.
  • [Fix] DAP recurring fields can now have up to 4 digits (eg., "9999")
  • [Fix] On some servers, when you added an email thru the Manage Email in DAP, if you use apostrophes, they got escaped with a "\". This is now fixed.

07/27/2009: DAP v3.1

New Features

  • Send Bulk Email to "Unconfirmed" Users
  • Send Bulk Email to Users with Access to NO PRODUCTS
  • On Users/Manage - added an "Export Users" to .csv option - can be imported into Excel
  • On the "Job Queue" page, you can now delete 3 different types of scheduled jobs...
    - Delete ALL Scheduled Jobs
    - Delete Jobs in Error (from before)
    - Delete All Successful Jobs (till yesterday)
  • New email validation feature for emails entered via the direct-signup form.
  • Auto-generated Passwords will no longer use confusing text like "0" (zero) and "O" (Oh!).
  • Ability to customize "canned" messages - like "Oops, you do not have access to this content..."
  • 1ShoppingCart API Notification
  • Self-service Store: Ability to manually add credits to user.
  • On the Affiliate Reports page, you can now see which user was referred by the Affiliate, when you run the "View Earnings Details" report.
  • Bug fix: Slashes stripped from Product name field
  • Bug fix: %%UNSUB_LINK%% tag now works when placed in email template Email:Footer

05/26/2009: DAP v3.0 & LiveLinks 0.5

DAP v3.0

New Features

  • If Affiliate Section is turned off, then "Paypal Email" field will no longer show up in the user profile. So no more confusing normal users by asking them for their Paypal email
  • Bug fix to disallow user from blanking out the password field when updating profile
  • SSS Enabled: The backend is now enabled to use the Self-Service Store plugin (sold separately - coming soon)
  • Session warning fixed: [Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: Cannot send session cache limiter - headers already sent (output started at /home/site/public_html/wp-admin/admin-header.php:17) in /home/site/public_html/dap/dap-settings.php on line 68
  • Instant Affiliate: New affiliates - especially in a mom-and-pop niche, can now refer others using the link:
  • Displays warning "No Such User Found" if trying to do forgot-password on an invalid email id.
  • When you disable double-optin, every time a new user signs up (free or paid), the user will no longer be sent an "activation email" requesting them to click on a link to activate their account. Their account is automatically activated when created. Leads to one less email being sent to the user.

LiveLinks v0.5

  • LiveLinks profile text made same as main profile text (at dap/index.php)
  • Enhancement to show "Please login" when non-logged in user tries to view user profile or affiliate pages
  • Bug fix for errors displayed when not logged in
  • Bug fix to disallow user from blanking out the password field when updating profile
  • Patch for some themes that might conflict with LiveLinks

04/23/2009: DAP v2.3 & LiveLinks 0.4

DAP v2.3

New Features

  • Disable double-opt-in: When you disable double-optin, every time a new user signs up (free or paid), the user will no longer be sent an "activation email" requesting them to click on a link to activate their account. Their account is automatically activated when created. Leads to one less email being sent to the user.
  • "Lead" commission for free signups: Earlier, lead commissions were being awarded only to those who sign up for a "free trial", but now they will be awarded to free signups too. So you can now ask affiliates to even promote free signups (like your free newsletter).

LiveLinks v0.4

  • Put user-profile on any wp page/post (%%USERPROFILE%%)
  • Put the affiliate details section on any wp page/post (%%AFFDETAILS%%)
  • Put the userlinks section on any wp page/post (%%USERLINKS%%)

04/03/2009: DAP v2.2 & LiveLinks 0.3

DAP v2.2

New Features

  • One-Click Unsubscribe Link
  • New merge variable: %%UNSUB_LINK%%
  • New merge variable: %%AFF_LINK%%
  • Ability to delete scheduled jobs in error
  • New mechanism for logging in (to overcome WP theme-related redirect issues)
  • Minor cosmetic changes
  • Fix to remove slashes getting added on on some hosts because of magic quotes setting
  • PDO check during LiveLinks installation

LiveLinks v0.3

  • Self-submitting form code changed to pure "action" only code
  • Removed confusing form variables from WP Login Form
  • You can now add custom text above and below your WP page content (login page that contains the text %%LOGIN_FORM%%)

03/13/2009: DAP v2.1 & LiveLinks 0.2

DAP v2.1 (03/13/2009)

  • New Features:
    Fully Plugin-based Installation (see LiveLinks changelog below)
  • Minor enhancements/fixes
    * Loading email templates
    * Link to Admin home in User home
    * Paypal subscription IPN
    * Loading available resources on user home page
  • Deprecated (a.k.a. "gone baby gone"): WP Personalization Plugin. Has been rolled into LiveLinks. Deactive and delete the "DAP-WP-Plugin" plugin.

LiveLinks v0.2 (03/13/2009)

  • Fully Plugin-based installation. You can now install DAP within your WordPress database itself. No need to create a new database. Simply upload the LiveLinks plugin, and "Activate" it from within WordPress.

02/23/2009: DAP v2.0

  • Two new WordPress plugins for DAP
    a) DAP WP LiveLinks
    b) DAP WP Personalization Plugin
  • "Sneak-Peek": Google-Friendly Blog Posts with "Sneak-Peek" for Protected Posts
  • “Remember me” functionality: You can click the checkbox to not be asked to login for 2 weeks.
  • Process Refund for Affiliates: Now when you process a “refund”, DAP will also reverse the affiliate commission. It will not reverse the Pay-per-lead amounts - only the Pay-per-sale amount.
  • Batch processing of Affiliates - Exporting/Re-exporting - Some affiliate management stuff.
  • When an existing subscriber buys a new product, DAP now sends out a welcome email. Body of this email is configurable (see “Templates”).
  • Affiliate currency display was all in US dollars. Currency is now configurable.
  • “Post Cancellation Access”: This is a very, very powerful feature. Basically, what this means that, if your subscriber had actual access to content (file or blog post) at any point in the past, then they will always continue to have it, even if they cancel their subscription. Fully think about what this means to you before turning this on in Config.
  • Minor changes to ClickBank recurring payments integration templates.
  • You can now configure the page (URL) that the user will be taken to, right after they login.
  • Ability to configure which is the login page (for WordPress blogs).
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn’t use a “+” in your email address earlier - like . Now you can.

01/22/2009: DAP v1.0

  • Changed logging to log to the database instead of to files
  • Moved templates from files to the database
  • DAP Paypal IPN Support
  • Fixed bug in Affiliate Reports
  • Improved installation process
  • Many minor cosmetic and front-end improvements

01/10/2009: DAP v0.9

  • Version 0.9 released

12/25/2008: DAP v0.8

  • Version 0.8 released

12/15/2008: DAP v0.7

  • Version 0.7 released

12/10/2008: DAP v0.6

  • Version 0.6 released

11/30/2008: DAP v0.5

  • Version 0.5 released

11/20/2008: DAP v0.4

  • Version 0.4 released

11/10/2008: DAP v0.3

  • Version 0.3 released

10/25/2008: DAP v0.2

  • Version 0.2 released

10/10/2008: DAP v0.1

  • Version 0.1 released