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DigitalAccessPass (DAP) in 2020!

DAP Demo/Review from a DAP user, Evan Gregor!

What our users are saying about DAP!

"In today’s “New Way of Doing Business” DAP provides many of the online tools you need to do business."
Deborah Johnson

I came back to DAP after pivoting in my business because there is really no better membership platform out there in my opinion! Veena is proactive with constant upgrades and I’m thrilled DAP now includes an LMS with gamification! Their customer support is amazing and I recommend them highly. 

I LOVE all you're doing in DAP where both ingenuity and customer service are absolutely incredible and amazing!

"I’ve left behind a few other LMS options and am just using DAP’s LMS  - and it is exactly what we need."
Shelley Holmes

I use DAP with Thrive Themes and love it! I’ve left behind a few other LMS options and am just using DAP’s LMS - and it is exactly what we need! 

I’ve been a long-term customer of DAP, but this LMS option, which full integrates with DAP/SPC means we are minimizing plugins, which means less hiccups on your site. Veena and her team have given us an amazing tool to deliver online courses!

DAP Testimonial from Leks Vucko

I couldn't find a problem that had EVERYTHING I wanted...until I found DAP!

Watch the video to see why Leks picked DAP over other membership plugins and her overall DAP experience!

Leks Vucko

DAP Testimonials

Greg Capra
DAP makes creating additional revenue so easy!

Through bump offers, product chaining, automation engine, coupon codes & tracking tools, I've been able to surpass the revenue of my prior business with little to no staff. During the economic turn down of the coronavirus, I've had one of my best months ever! 

I do not believe that there is a more powerful membership site platform available then the combination of DAP and SPC. And if that wasn’t enough, Veena and her staff support are the best I’ve experienced.

Molly Martin
My sales more than doubled after I started using DAP!

I have been selling premium audio Spanish lessons online since 2010. In 2017, I re-built my site using DAP and SmartPayCart (SPC), and my sales have more than doubled!

The flexibility and ease of using DAP + SPC, make running your online business a snap. And when I get stuck, DAP customer service is superb. Finally, both DAP and SPC are constantly evolving and responding to members requests.

Ronelle Coburn
You get EVERYTHING in one seamless package with superb support, at the best price there is!

Thanks to DAP, I have been able to expand my business worldwide, get out of student loan debt, and even finally buy a house! I'm in the process of reinventing my offerings again and just reviewed various product, learning management, and membership systems, and DAP still is so far beyond and above all of them in functionality, ease, support, integration, and affordability that there is simply no comparison.

Testimonials / Reviews!

“Everything CF does for about $300 a month, DAP does for about $50 a month!

Ryan Hartman

How I use DigitalAccessPass (DAP) to grow my Membership Site!

Rob Fore is a long time DAP customer. He uses DAP & SPC to build and grow his profitable and successful membership site business. Watch this video to find out more!

Rob Fore

Spirit of innovation & customer support separates DAP from others!  

From an easy-to-use LMS program, an advanced shopping cart platform that allows to sell my products and services in different ways, to gamification options that allows me to increase engagement, I can do it all using DAP!

Sergio Sadas


DAP Testimonial from a long time Dapper: Matt Adams

DAP provides maximum flexibility for me to present my content in my (Dog Training) niche exactly the way it needs to be  presented! 

Daisy Peel

How I use DigitalAccessPass (DAP) to grow my Membership Site!

Luis Aquino