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Why DAP?

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Easily Convert aNY WordPress Site into a fully automated Membership Site!

Want to Know if DAP is the ONE for YOU? 

Want to offer courses from your Membership Site?

Easy as it gets

Set up your courses in no time.  No coding required.

Do it Your Way

 DAP's LMS gives you FULL control over course design.

Advanced LMS

Build quizzes,  award certificates amd gamify.

DAP comes with an Advanced, Built-In Learning Management System for your Courses!

Everything in ONE Place

Course Builder: Use DAP's advanced course builder to quickly and easily build your courses.

WordPress Content: Easily add WordPress content (pages/posts) to your course.

Page Builder: Use any page builder to create your course content in WordPress. 

Gamify your Course: Create a fun, gamified experience for your course using built-in gamification features.

Blocking Quiz: Set blocking rules where students can access the next lesson only if they pass the quiz or complete the quiz.

Assessments/Scoring quizzes: Add all types of quizzes to your lessons. 

Course Outline - Generate and publish a course outline to display the course table of contents.

Mark As Complete: Prevent users from accessing the next lesson until they complete the current lesson.

Manage Students: Monitor student progress, see how much time your students are spending one each lesson. You'll find their quiz answers/results, certificates, etc.

Certificates: Award certificates upon course completion.

Badges: Award different badges when they complete your course or for different actions.

Chris Lema - A well-known blogger and public speaker, VP of Product at Liquid Web

DAP is one of the most powerful plugins in the WordPress world for selling content (and protecting it)  either for membership or courseware sites (or both)

DAP has been here for a while, offering progress bars, “mark as complete” buttons, and more. And they don't lock you into any particular layout. Design it as you wish. And combine your course with your membership / protected content any way you like.

The DAP membership plugin protects content in every way you want it to – from full pages, to partial pages (with shortcodes), to posts and custom post types. It protects content by category, and protects files (like PDFs and Excel files). It also supports showing you a content teaser without showing you the whole content, in order to drive people to sign up.

Want to Build a Fun, Engaging Member Dashboard?

Display Member Accomplishments

Display Points, badges, certificates, enrolled courses, completed courses, in-progress courses & more

Upsell Products & Services 

Display products and services logged-in members don't yet have  under a "You might be interested in" section. 

Personalized Member's Area

Display name & gravatar image and allow logged-in members to change it for a more personalized experience

Nicole Wilks

 I tried SEVEN membership plugins before finding DAP... It has made me appreciate not only all that DAP has to offer, but how it's offered as well. 

I have high standards and wanted something not only simple for me to set up and manage, but also that provided a beautiful user experience for our members.  I tried seven membership plugins before finding DAP - which was maybe a blessing as it not only taught me what I don't want, but made me appreciate not only all that DAP has to offer, but how it's offered as well.  

The success of AFB Pet Club's membership site is literally the difference between the Animal Food Bank continuing to operate or not. My membership site was set up in less than 30 minutes. The user facing pages are beautiful and the dashboard for me is equally as beautiful as it is functional. The setup wizard makes easy word of getting the membership site up and running and Veena is incredibly responsive, smart, knowledgeable and helpful should you have any questions. I highly recommend DAP as THE membership solution for your WordPress site!

Member Dashboard Builder

What if you could create a member dashboard page where you could show your logged-in members all of their accomplishments? Imagine what it will do for your member engagement!

It'll allow you to make your membership site way more fun and addictive. It'll help you create positive user experiences that will result in better engagement, higher participation and more sales. 

Engagement Dashboard Builder

You can create a member engagement dashboard in less than 30 seconds! It's that easy-to-use and setup!

Create a SMART dashboard page, with the click of a button, where you can display products, certificates, badges, picture, enrolled courses, in-progress courses, completed courses, points, recent activity log, etc. to the logged-in members.

  • Display Name and picture (gravatar).
  • Display all the products and services that the logged-in member has signed up for.
  • Display badges and certificates.
  • Display courses they have completed.
  • Display in-progress courses. What % is still left?  
  • Display courses they have signed up for, but didn't start yet.
  • Display courses they have not yet signed up for (upsell).
  • Display a "might be interested in section" to upsell products and services (non-courses) that they don't have yet.
  • Display total points earned.
  • Display recent activity log.

Gene Pimentel

 The most robust membership system the world has ever seen

I just have to give a shout-out to Veena for her dedication to continually develop the most robust membership system the world has ever seen. 

I’ve been using DAP for many years and have been amazed on almost a daily basis by Veena’s total dedication and service.

Today I finally used the new LMS aspect of the DAP platform and was once again blown away. This is the perfect solution to course management and presentation. It’s going to save me a lot of aggravation and headaches moving forward. I love the flexibility and ease of implementation.

Member Page Builder

DAP comes with a powerful, advanced and fully-customizable member page builder! Create & customize beautiful, elegant member-facing pages with the click of a few buttons. You can create member pages such as member login page, registration forms, profile page, my content page, cancellation page, invoice page and affiliate page. 

Gamify your Site

  • Award points when users complete your course and/or lessons in your course.
  • Build excitement by displaying animations when users unlock points.
  • Collect testimonials on autopilot.
  • Get people to share your content and receive an email that lets you know when someone shares your content or leaves you a testimonial.
  • Increase your opt-in conversion. Give user registration points. 
  • Create an instant "credit" store where users can redeem access to products using their points/credits.

Deborah Johnson

In today's "new way of doing business", DAP provides many of the online tools you need to do business. 

I came back to DAP after pivoting in my business because there is really no better membership platform out there in my opinion! Veena is proactive with constant upgrades and I’m thrilled DAP now includes an LMS with gamification! Their customer support is amazing and I recommend them highly. I LOVE all you're doing in DAP where both ingenuity and customer service are absolutely incredible and amazing!

Offer All Types Of Products And Services!

Offer Freebies

Create & offer all types of free products - checklist, worksheet, training, mini-course, challenge, etc.

Sell Subscriptions

Create & sell membership levels. Offer different levels of content or community access to each level. 

Sell one-off products

Sell access to one-off products: Video, Audio, downloads, PDFs, WordPress content, Courses, Trainings, Etc.

Create & Sell All

 Types Of Products

You can use DAP to create and sell all types of products and services - free, paid, membership levels, payment plans, free or paid trial & more!

  • Offer free or paid products.
  • Create & sell membership levels.
  • Charge for your products in many different ways - one-time payment, free or paid trial, payment plan, pay-what-you-want, recurring subscription & more!
  • Create & sell one or multiple membership levels
  • Sell individual pieces of content (Netflix-style pay-per-post).
  • Create and deliver online courses and training programs using DAP's built-in LMS.
  • Sell access to different types of content: Video, Audio, Articles, PDF’s, Webinar, WordPress Pages/Posts & Categories, Courses, Trainings, etc.
  • Allow users to access all of their products (free & paid) under a single account.

Greg Capra

it looks like we will just miss hitting the 1 Million in gross revenue

I've doubled my business this year and it looks like we will just miss hitting the 1 Million in gross revenue! DAP, SPC and of course, you Veena has been a part of our success. Next year, we will plan on using your GameOfPoints (GoP) and the SmartQuizBuilder (SQB) plugins to continue to build. You are a force and I feel fortunate to have found you.

Content Protection, Billing, Access & Delivery

Content Protection

Protect all types of content - pages, posts, custom posts, categories, pdf files, audio, video, mp3, zip, pdf,  etc.

Content Delivery

You can use DAP to deliver your content in MANY different ways - instant, ongoing, dripped, timed, etc!

Billing & Access

Build quizzes, organize &  schedule lessons, award certificates, give points, gamify your course & more

Secure your Content

You can use DAP to protect all types of content - pages, posts, custom posts, categories, pdf files, audio, video, mp3, zip, pdf, doc,  gif, jpg, png, etc. 

Protect all types of content - pages, posts, custom posts, categories, pdf files, audio, video, zip files, etc. Protect regular files like .mp3, .zip, .pdf, .doc. .xls. Even protect Images (.gif, .jpg, .png).

Use DAP shortcodes to hide parts of a post or a page. 

Display teaser content. Content above the more tag is displayed to all but the full post can only be viewed by logged-in members with access.

Use tags to protect your pages or posts. For e.g., page tagged as "silver", can be accessed by anyone with access to products - silver, gold or platinum!

Content Delivery

You can use DAP to deliver your content in MANY different ways!

How do you want to deliver your content? 

Do you want to make it all available instantly, drip it out or release it on an ongoing basis?

DAP supports these content delivery models:

  • Instant – You want to make all of your content available immediately. 
  • Ongoing – You want to release new content on an ongoing basis. 
  • Content Drip (Day-Based) – You want to release content based on a set schedule. You can use day-based dripping where drip schedule is applied to a member's start date - X days after joining. 
  • Content Drip (Date-Based) - You want content to be available on a certain date (Eg: Monday, 28th December) or between a certain "date" range. You can use date-based dripping where everyone gets access to the content on the same date.
  • Timed Next lesson released only if users spend a certain amount of time on the lesson.
  • Quiz Complete  Next lesson released only if students pass or complete a quiz (blocking quiz).
  • Mark as Complete  Next lesson released when users click on the lesson complete button to confirm completion of the lesson.

Magazine-style Content Drip

DAP is the only plugin that fully supports magazine-style content drip model! 

DAP supports a unique content drip model where returning members can access previously paid-for-content! What this means is... if a member joins at launch but cancels after the first month, and rejoins 7 months later, she would have access to month 1 content (as she had paid for it before she cancelled), and also that of month 7, but NOT months 2-6. You can activate this setting at product-level.

Billing & Access

You can charge for your products & services in many different ways!

  • Free – Limited-time or Lifetime Access. 
  • One-Time Payment - Limited-time or Lifetime Access. 
  • Free Trial  $0 trial for X days, followed by $Y payment every billing cycle. 
  • Paid Trial – Paid trial for X days, followed by $Y payment every billing cycle. 
  • Payment/Installment Plan – Payment every X days, limited to Y total payments.
  • Recurring Subscriptions – $X Payment every Y number of days (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, custom). Payment until cancellation.
  • Pay what you want / Donation – Allow users to pay what they want. You can set a minimum amount. And allow them to check a box to pay the amount on a recurring basis.
  • Pay-Per-Post Model – Payment Allow users to purchase a piece of content, instead of the entire product. You can configure WP pages/posts to be pay-per-post eligible so users can purchase that content, instead of the entire product. 
  • Pay using Credits – Allow users to purchase credits and purchase products/resources of their choice, in your credit store - using credits. 

Daniel Thorpe

Guitar Domination

 If you want a membership plugin which is easy to use, with great support, a lots of features, at a low cost, I can`t think of anything better.

Digital Access Pass is a product I have used since 2015 when I set up my first membership site. Back then I just wanted a product that would allow me to host my online course. I was tempted to use Udemy but didn’t like the lack of control I had on that site. It seemed like they were just going to get my customer list and sell other things to them. Obviously, this would be bad for business. Avoiding Udemy and going with DAP was one of the best decisions I could have made.

Over the 5 years since I got DAP, it has developed loads and is always developing. I use it with SPC which is getting better and better too. As technology and websites are constantly evolving so is DAP and SPC. I have more faith in Veena and her team than any other software creator I work with and am 100% confident DAP will keep current, up to date and evolving as the net changes.

Built-in Affiliate Management Feature

Downline Builder

The DAP upline shortcode will allow you to show a user their referring Affiliate’s (a.k.a Sponsor’s) information.

Affiliate Coupons

Create & assign coupons to affiliates. When buyers use the coupon, right affiliate will earn commissions.

Custom Referral Links

Your affiliates can now create personalized links called ‘referral codes’ in their affiliate dashboard.

Affiliate Management

DAP comes with a built-in affiliate feature. From 2 tier payments, affiliate coupons, full-fledged reports, custom affiliate links, referral bonus (where you can affiliates free month of subscription), credits, download builder - you can do it all! 

  • Instant Affiliates: This means that as soon as a buyer purchases any product, they can get an instant affiliate link.
  • Upline Shortcode: Display the member’s upline affiliate’s data to the member. Basically, this shortcode will allow you to show a user their referring Affiliate’s (a.k.a Sponsor’s) information,
  • 2-Tier Affiliate Program: You can offer 2 tiers of affiliate commissions.
  • Offer both Pay-Per-Lead and Pay-Per-Sale commissions. 
  • Affiliate-AnalyticsYou'll find real-time earnings report, payment report, real-time traffic stats.
  • PayPal Mass-Pay Ready: You get a PayPal Mass-Pay ready, fully formatted affiliate list with all commissions listed.
  • Beautifully designed affiliate stats/info  page: Display affiliate stats, payment and earning details to the logged-in affiliate.
  • Generate Affiliate Coupons: When buyers purchase your product using a coupon that's assigned to an affiliate, they'll get a discount and the assigned affiliate will earn a commission!  
  •  Award commissions only to those affiliates that "own the product"  (configurable).
  • Create Custom Referral Links.

N. Lawrence

Despite dealing with Covid, our membership site is still on track and bringing in recurring income 

We are now into our 8th year with Digital Access Pass (DAP) and this year happened to be 2020 and what a crazy year it's been! While avoiding Covid for most of the year, I came down with it in late November and while most symptoms were minor, it was a challenge physically and emotionally.

I was just thinking though, what a blessing it has been to have my website using DAP for Membership. It's quite a neat feeling of security that even in the midst of being a bit out of "commission" that our membership site is still on track and bringing in recurring income despite all that. Thanks Veena again for DAP and SPC!

Detailed Reporting Suite

Lifetime Value

Customer lifetime value broken down by different types of products - subscriptions, trials, one-time, etc.

Churn & Retention

Find total number of members who left (churned) over the selected date range and also the  retention rate stats.

Sales & Earnings

Track total sales, earnings, refunds,  active & expired memberships, free & paid members, AOV & more.

Comprehensive Reporting

DAP comes with the MOST Comprehensive Reporting Suite!  You can track all key Membership Stats - Churn, Retention, Active & Expired Memberships, Total Free Members, Paid Members, Product-Level Breakdown, Average Order Value, Purchase Frequency, Average Lifespan, Customer Lifetime Value, etc. 

Frances Piggott

nothing can compete or compare with the features DAP provides for delivering online courses

I have used a few LMS software products, even tried Thrive Apprentice, but there is nothing that can compete or compare with the features DAP provides for delivering online courses. As the users keep asking, DAP keeps delivering and improving with new features all the time in its upgrades.

Email Notifications, External Integration & Automations

Built-in Email  Platform

You won't need an external email platform when you use DAP! You can use DAP's built-in email autoresponder and broadcast to send emails.


DAP integrates with all leading email platforms -such as AWeber, Mailchimp, Drip, ConvertKit, ActiveCampaign, GetResponse and more!


You can also configure DAP to bypass your webhost's email server and instead connect to an external SMTP service such as Amazon SES, SendGrid and more!

Built-In Email Autoresponder, Broadcast & SMTP Support

DAP comes with a built-in email autoresponder for pre-scheduled emails, email broadcast system to send email to your lists, and support for email SMTP if you want to connect to external SMTP servers such as Amazon SES.

  • DAP comes with a built-in email autoresponder and broadcast system.
  • Integrated Email Autoresponder can send pre-scheduled emails. Set up different follow-up series for different products.
  • Send both regular Text-based as well as HTML Email with styling and images
  • Built-in Email Broadcasting: Ability to broadcast emails to your members right from the DAP Admin Dashboard, no matter the size of your membership.
  • Use 3rd-Party Email Servers - like Amazon, or your own SMTP servers, to bypass your web host's email sending limits.

External email Platform

& Zapier Integration

Connect with email platforms such as: ActiveCampaign, Drip, ConvertKit, Aweber, Mailchimp, MailerLite, GetResponse. You can also connect DAP with any external platform via Zapier.

  • DAP supports all leading email platforms such as ActiveCampaign, Drip, ConvertKit, Aweber, Mailchimp, MailerLite, GetResponse.
  • You can also configure DAP to send user's membership password to your email platform.
  • Zapier Integration: Use DAP's automation engine to connect DAP with your Zap.
  •  Assign Activity-Based Tags To Your Users And Forward The Tags To Your Email Platform.

DAP's (Visual) Automation Engine

DAP's one-of-a-kind Visual Automation Engine will allow you to supercharge your membership site automations and create a truly incredible experience for your members. 

  • Connect DAP with external platforms such as: ActiveCampaign, Drip, ConvertKit, Aweber, Mailchimp. MailerLite, etc, with the click of a few buttons with the click of a few buttons.
  • Send Membership Password.
  • Assign & Send Tags.

William Owens

I am grateful for DAP being on the cutting edge of making it possible for the "little guy" to compete in a big way

DAP has been a game-changer for me. After attempting to set up multiple systems to manage content and customers, DAP has made it possible for me to do so in creative ways that would normally take a programmer to set up and multiple systems talking to each other.

With all of the changes taking place in this post COVID world of how people access content, I am grateful for DAP being on the cutting edge of making it possible for the "little guy" to compete in a big way and capture part of the market place without being taken to the bank but instead makes it possible to get what's truly theirs and put in in their bank. Isn't that why we work so hard? Thank you, Veena, and stay the course!

Take this Quiz to find out if DAP is right for YOU!

Smart, Tag-Driven Membership Site

Offer Freebies

Set up your courses in no time flat. Easily customize and build your courses or membership site without any tech stress. No coding required.

Sell Subscriptions

 DAP's LMS gives you FULL control over lesson design, course structure, pricing, student information, and more. Design your pages your way!

Sell one-off products

Build quizzes, organize your lesson content with a drag and drop builder. schedule lessons, award certificates, give points, gamify your course & more

Create a SMART, Tag-Driven Membership site!

  • You can assign (and/or remove) customer tags when any of these events happen: Purchase Tags, Lead Magnet TagsCourse & Lesson Completion TagsRecurring Payment Tags, etc. You can create different tag rules for different products. 
  • Cart Abandonment Tags:  Assign (and/or remove tag) when users abandon your cart and do not complete purchase.
  • Failed Purchase Tags:  Assign (and/or remove tag) when users try to make a purchase but it fails for any reason.
  • Trigger email automation when users get a new tag or lose a tag.  Notify your email platform such as ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit, Drip, AWeber, MailChimp, MailerLite etc (or notify your zap)
  • When members get a specific tag, you can give users access to a product in DAP, or remove their access from a product.
  • You can trigger email automations using DAP's built-in autoresponder. Send users an email (configurable in DAP) when they get a specific tag (or lose one).  

Steven J Kadlec

The software alone is worth it and saves you time and money. The best part however, has been the outstanding support from the DAP team, including the co-founder herself, Veena.

Digital Access Pass does everything for your site, and does it better than software designed to only focus on just one of the numerous things DAP does. The software alone is worth it and saves you time and money. The best part however, has been the outstanding support and service from the DAP team, including the co-founder herself, Veena.

They have went above and beyond my expectations and I asked them if they have clones of themselves, because I don't know how it is possible how they do what they do in terms of providing the level of support they do. Veena has helped me the entire way from where to host my site for the fastest performance to optimizing it, and even helping with a migration. I became an DAP elite member immediately. If you have any thoughts about whether or not to use DAP, just do it. Don't think any longer about it. You will be extremely pleasantly surprised, and will be glad you did.

Smart Pay Cart (SPC): The most advanced & easy-to-use shopping cart plugin for WordPress

Drag & Drop Checkout Page Builder, Order Bumps, Multiple Payment Plans, 1-Click & Member's Area Upsells, Visual Funnel Builder, One-Off & Subscription Products,  Pre-Applied Coupons, Order Receipts, Dunning Management, Full Tracking & Reporting & More

Smart Pay Cart (SPC) is FREE with DAP Platinum and Elite license!

  • SmartPayCart (SPC) comes with several built-in, high converting checkout templates.
  • You can accept payments using Stripe, PayPal and
  • You can use 1-step order forms or 2-step order forms.
  • You can create all types of payment buttons - buy now, add-to-cart, pay-what-you-want, pay-per-post, etc.
  • You can also create an instant storefront to sell your products and services.
  • SPC supports full-fledged dunning / failed payment management. Your users can update their credit card info on your site. They can self-cancel, pause and resume their subscriptions.

SPC also comes with an Advanced Drag & Drop Checkout Page Builder! Drag and drop your way to a beautiful checkout page layout, WOW your buyers, help convert visitors into customers!

  • Multiple Order Bumps:  You can offer not just one but multiple “order bumps” on your checkout page. From what we know, you cannot do this with any other cart plugins. Many SPC’ers have benefited from this feature where they are able to double their order value with order bump offers.
  • Free Membership Trial as an Order Bump: You can offer a “Free Membership Trial” as an Order Bump.
  • Automated Login: Your members will be automatically logged-in to the membership when they purchase your product. They don’t have to wait for a welcome email to login. They can instantly access your product.
  • Visual Funnel Builder: SPC comes with a unique “Visual Funnel Builder” that’ll allow you to build all types of sales funnel (unlimited 1-click upsells and downsells), with the click of a few buttons.
  • Mobile Optimized:  Create a completely different optimized look for your mobile users! Add different fields and re-arrange order for mobile checkout.
  • Build your own layout: You can build your own checkout layout, with fully customizable sections! Drag/drop elements wherever you want on the checkout page.
  • Add Different Elements: Add different types of elements (image, heading, text, testimonial, bullet points, etc) anywhere you want on your checkout.

Dr. Molly Martin

The flexibility and ease of using DAP + SPC, make running your online business a snap. 

I have been selling premium audio Spanish lessons online since 2010.  In 2017. I re-built my site using DAP and the shopping cart plugin, SPC and my sales have more than doubled! The flexibility and ease of using DAP + SPC, make running your online business a snap. I can change the organization of my site, create new products and put out new offers literally within minutes. And when I get stuck, DAP customer service is superb. Finally, both DAP and SPC are constantly evolving and responding to members requests.

Integrate DAP with External Shopping Cart Platforms

While we recommend (SPC) as it's our own plugin and made for DAP, however, DAP also integrates with all leading shopping cart platforms and you can easily integrate DAP with these platforms.

SmartPayCart (SPC) is our shopping cart plugin for DAP. It's one of the most powerful, customizable and easy-to-use shopping cart plugins for WordPress. And it's FREE with DAP Platinum and Elite Licenses! SPC integrates with Stripe, PayPal and

Click here to check out SPC's feature list.

DAP also integrates with several external shopping cart platforms. Here are some of the external shopping cart platforms that DAP integrates with currently:   

Warrior Plus (WSO PRO)
1SiteAutomation (1ShoppingCart and all private labels)
WP eStore

DAP is a LOT more than just a membership plugin...

Louis Plante

As soon you get in, you are a part of the family!

When I first joined DAP, I had my first call live on Skype(!) with Veena. From this day, I must say, I have never seen a person so dedicated in helping her customers. The service that the DAP team delivers is outstanding: extremely fast, effective and they always have a solution to every problem!

One of the things I appreciate the most, besides the regular upgrades, is the new powerful features they release all the time. It shows their dedication to the community of LMS membership users. I strongly recommend DAP, not only because of the quality of the product, but mostly because of the extraordinary customer service that goes far beyond expectations! 

Pay-Per-Post (Netflix-Style)

Sell individual pieces of content such as audio, video, PDF files, WordPress content, without creating a product! You can allow users to buy or rent your content, or signup for a membership. You can also create an instant content store with a buy, rent and/or a purchase membership button! 

Free & Paid Funnels

You can use our cart plugin - SmartPayCart (SPC) to create all types of funnels - lead magnet funnel, sales funnel, member funnel, product-launch funnel, etc. Charge for content in many different ways - one-time, recurring,  free, etc.


Pay-what-you-want (PWYW) is a pricing strategy where buyers can pay their desired amount for your product or service. And it's very easy to setup a PWYW / donation button using our shopping cart plugin for DAP - SmartPayCart (SPC).

Group Membership Model

DAP offers the most comprehensive group membership feature. The # of members that group owners can add is controlled by their product subscription. The group account owners can control who gets access to the membership program under them. 

Magazine Model

Want to deliver content as if it were a monthly magazine where members who were in for a specific month can access that month’s content but those that joined say the next month can't access previous month's content? You can do this very easily with DAP!


Your community could be the main component or a key benefit of your membership. You can use any free WP forum plugins, BuddyBoss or use Invision Community for your forum and integrate with DAP for a seamless single signup experience.

Shelley Holmes


 I've left behind a few other LMS options and I'm just using DAP's LMS - and it is exactly what we need!

I use DAP with Thrive Themes and love it. I’ve left behind a few other LMS options and am just using DAP’s LMS - and it is exactly what we need!  I’ve been a long-term customer of DAP, but this LMS option, which full integrates with DAP/SPC means we are minimizing plugins, which means less hiccups on your site. Veena and her team have given us an amazing tool to deliver online courses!

Done for You!

Need help with Membership Website Planning and Setup?

Henry Billingslea

My first concierge call was outstanding...

My first concierge call was outstanding. Not only did Veena answer all of my questions, including a question I didn't even know to ask, she offered motivation and confirmation that I can set up my membership site properly and effectively. Look forward to the second call.

DAP is very easy-to-use and setup. However, we also offer FREE 3 hours of one-on-one concierge calls with DAP's Elite License

 (Monthly & Annual). We share our screen on the call so you can actually see and learn with us. 

The 3 hours of time can be used for membership site planning, brainstorming ideas, strategy and implementation. You can use the time however you want. If you want us to split the 3 hours into 6, 1/2 hour calls, you can do that too!

So if you need a little extra help and don't have the time to figure it all out, signup for the DAP Elite Package. You will be glad you did! 

Chris Lema A well-known blogger and public speaker, VP of Product at Liquid Web

DAP offers a service where you can get their experts to configure things for you for pretty cheap

I have long told LMS and membership plugin vendors they should offer a white-glove service. After all, just because I want a new couch or bookshelf, doesn't mean I also want to build it.

The best news? If you buy DAP's Elite plan (which I recommend), it comes with 3 hours of their concierge service. You can get their experts to configure things for you for pretty cheap! It's a white glove service that changes the name of the game. Because as long as the power is available, I don't necessarily need to know how to configure every switch that's available to me. I want the benefit of the power. Not necessarily the know-how on how to do everything myself.

Simple, Easy, Flexible, Customizable & Powerful! 

Fanatical Support, Focused on Your Success!


Pricing Plan


Just getting started with your first membership site & want to keep costs low? Great option!




SAVE 2 MONTHS: Just $149 when you pay yearly
  • DAP 1-Site License
  • Plugin Updates & Support
  • All Core Features Included

Everything you need to run a successful membership business along with premium support!





SAVE 2 MONTHS: Just $299 when you pay yearly 
  • DAP Unlimited-Site License
  • Plugin Updates & Support
  • All Core Features Included
  • Access to SOME of our plugins. See list below.
  • 30 Minutes FREE Setup Help

Just getting started with your first membership site & want to keep costs low? Great option!




SAVE 2 MONTHS: Just $149 when you pay yearly
  • DAP 1-Site License
  • Plugin Updates & Support
  • All Core Features Included

Everything you need to run a successful membership business along with premium support!





SAVE 2 MONTHS: Just $299 when you pay yearly 
  • DAP Unlimited-Site License
  • Plugin Updates & Support
  • All Core Features Included
  • Access to SOME of our plugins. See list below.
  • 30 Minutes FREE Setup Help

* ALL Plugins included in Elite Membership - DAP unlimited-site license,,, Elite,,,, DAP2DAP, DAPConnect, IPN Redirect,,,, DAP Ticket & more!

* Plugins included in Platinum Membership - DAP unlimited-site license, & S3MediaVault Pro.

* Plugin updates and support are only provided until your current subscription is active. All purchases are subject to our terms of use.

* Unlimited-site license can only be used on the sites that you "own". It cannot be used on other client or partner sites.

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If, for any reason, you don't like DAP, you can get a full refund anytime within 30 days after your purchase. If you have any issues, just get in touch with our friendly support team and they'll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a swift refund.

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