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The Most Scalable & Complete

Wordpress Membership plugin!

Easily Convert any WordPress site into a fully automated membership Site

Easy-to-Use & Powerful Membership Plugin

DAP is an easy-to-use, fully customizable and very powerful membership plugin for Wordpress. DAP will allow you to fully control access to your premium content, manage payments, manage members, manage your affiliates, send broadcast & follow-up emails, and control content access based on membership levels. You can use DAP to:

  • Offer free or paid products.
  • Charge for your products in many different ways - one-time payment, free or paid trial, payment plan, pay-what-you-want, recurring subscription & more!
  • Create & sell one or multiple membership levels. 
  • Sell individual pieces of content (Netflix-style pay-per-post).
  • Create and deliver online courses and training programs using DAP's built-in LMS.
  • Fully protect content or partially protect content using shortcodes. Use sneak peek feature so any content that appears before the ‘more’ tag on a post is available to non-members, and rest is protected. 
  • Deliver all of your content at once or through a sequential drip-feed. You can also configure DAP to release content when users complete certain tasks (such as release next lesson only after users complete the current lesson).
  • Restrict access to content published in posts, pages, custom posts, RSS feeds, etc and only allow access based on what the users have signed up for or purchased from you.
  • Sell access to different types of content: Video, Audio, Articles, PDF’s, Webinar, WordPress Pages/Posts & Categories, Courses, Trainings, etc.
  • Use the member page builder to create (& fully customize) beautiful and elegant member-facing pages such as login page, signup forms, my content page, etc.
  • Allow users to access all of their products (free & paid) under a single account.
  • Use the setup wizard to quickly & easily setup your membership site!

What Membership Model

do you want to use?

A subscription model is just one application of a membership site. There are a variety of ways

you can create and deliver your products & services from a DAP-Powered membership site.


Your Membership Model

There are no membership plugins as comprehensive, scalable and robust as DAP, and there's no membership model that you can't implement using DAP - rewards model, drip model, course model, magazine model, on-demand access model, activity-based release model, and so much more!

Online Courses

DAP comes with a built-in LMS that will allow you create, organize and deliver your courses, allow users to proceed to the next lesson only after they complete the previous lesson, show course progress, and more! 

Free & Paid Funnels

You can use DAP and SPC to create all types of funnels - lead magnet funnel, sales funnel, member funnel, product-launch funnel, webinar funnel. Charge for content in many different ways - one-time, recurring,  free or paid trial, etc.

Content Drip Model

Release your content at specific intervals instead of releasing all at once. Content drip will allow you to prevent content overwhelm and reduce the risk of users downloading all your content and then requesting a refund.

Tiered Membership Model

Instead of having just one price / level of access, create multiple tiers/levels, each with distinct benefits. Give the lower tier access to only the core content and higher tiers access to premium features. Easy to setup using DAP!

Product Bundling (Bonus Model)

Create a product bundle by grouping multiple (related) products together into a package. Sell products individually or create a product bundle. It's very easy to sell product bundles using DAP & SPC.

Free Trial Membership

Offer full access or limited access to your product/service for free for a limited-time. A Free Trial Offer will allow you to attract more people to your membership offer. Very easy to setup using DAP. Watch video for details.


Pay-what-you-want (PWYW) is a pricing strategy where buyers can pay their desired amount for your product or service. And it's very easy to setup a PWYW / donation button using

Rewards-Based Model

Create a rewards-based / gamified site where you can award users points for different actions such as signup, purchase, login, lesson/course completion, social sharing. Points can be redeemed in your store or at checkout.


Your community could be the main component or a key benefit of your membership. You can use any free WP forum plugins or use Invision Community for your forum and integrate with DAP for a seamless single signup experience.

Video, Audio & Downloads

Standard web hosts are not optimized for serving large files - like Video, Audio, PDF, etc. We recommend that you host files on a fast, scalable file server like Amazon S3 and protect it using our plugin. 

Group Membership Model

DAP offers the most comprehensive group membership feature. The # of members that group owners can add is controlled by their product subscription. The group account owners can control who gets access to the membership program under them. 

Magazine Model

Want to deliver content as if it were a monthly magazine where members who were in for a specific month can access that month’s content but those that joined say the next month can't access previous month's content? You can do this very easily with DAP!

All Access Model

You can give your members full and instant access to all of your products once they purchase membership. It'll allow you to attract customer base that prefer instant access and not a slow drip release of content. 

Library / Templates & Challange

You could offer different types of templates, plugins, etc as additional benefit of joining your membership. You can also offer say a 7 or 30 day challenge where members can sign up to achieve a specific goal. 

Live Events / Webinars

 You can use DAP to sell tickets to your live event. Publish the signup form for your webinar and protect the page so only your registered or paying users can access the page and register to the webinar.

what our customers are saying about dAP!

Everything You Need To Run A Successful Membership Business!

Deborah Johnson

In today’s “New Way of Doing Business” DAP provides many of the online tools you need to do business.

I came back to DAP after pivoting in my business because there is really no better membership platform out there in my opinion! Veena is proactive with constant upgrades and I’m thrilled DAP now includes an LMS with gamification! Their customer support is amazing and I recommend them highly. 

Thank you Veena Prashanth for all you do! I LOVE all you're doing in DAP where both ingenuity and customer service are absolutely incredible and amazing!

Greg Capra

DAP – SPC make creating additional revenue so easy!

Through bump offers, product chaining, automation engine, coupon codes and the robust membership tracking tools, I've been able to surpass the revenue of my prior business with little to no staff. During the economic turn down of the coronavirus, I have had one of my best months ever! I do not believe that there is a more powerful membership site platform available then the combination of DAP and SPC. And if that wasn’t enough, Veena and her staff support are the best I’ve experienced.

Ronelle Coburn

You get EVERYTHING in one seamless package with superb support at the best price there is!

Thanks to DAP, I have been able to expand my business worldwide, get out of student loan debt, and even finally buy a house! I am in the process of reinventing my offerings again and just reviewed various product, learning management, and membership systems, and DAP still is so far beyond and above all of them in functionality, ease, support, integration, and affordability that there is simply no comparison.

“I use DAP with Thrive Themes and love it. I’ve left behind a few other LMS options and am just using DAP’s LMS - and it is exactly what we need. The other 3 LMS options we’d been using, just didn’t give us the customer experience we wanted. I’ve been a long-term customer of DAP, but this LMS option, which full integrates with DAP/SPC means we are minimizing plugins, which means less hiccups on your site. But more importantly what Veena and her team have done is give us an amazing tool to deliver online courses!

Shelley Holmes

Content Protection ​Options

fully secure your content

Protect all types of content - pages, posts, custom posts, categories, pdf files, zip files, etc.

Partial Content protection

Use partial content protection feature to hide parts of a post or a page. You can do this using DAP shortcodes

sneak peek

Use the Sneak Peek feature to display teaser content. Content above the more tag is displayed to all but the full post can only be viewed by logged-in members with access.

Creating a Membership Site has never been easier!

Install DAP and you can setup your membership site in less than 30 minutes. Setup your products, billing & access details &  protect content.  Generate a signup form for your free product and publish on your opt-in page. Create payment buttons for your paid products and publish on your sales page! You can use our shopping cart plugin (SPC) for all your shopping cart needs. It integrates with Stripe, PayPal & DAP also integrates with  external cart platforms & payment processors such as ThriveCart, PayKickStart, SamCart, ClickBank, JVZoo, Warrior Plus etc.

Create an amazing user experience

You can use our shopping cart plugin (SPC) for all your shopping cart needs. It's made for DAP & integrates seamlessly with DAP. It's also one of the most powerful and customizable cart plugins in the world! It integrates with Stripe, and PayPal.

It also auto-logs-in users to their membership upon payment instantly!

From Order Bumps, Multiple Payment Plans, 1-Click and Member's Area Upsells, Visual Funnel Builder, One-Off and Subscription Products, Pre-Applied Coupons, Order Receipts, Dunning Management, Full Tracking and Reporting, Instant Storefront, Failed Payment Manager, Subscription management, Donation buttons, Pay-what-you-want buttons, Add to Cart buttons, a store for your content (pay-per-post) and more... It integrates with Stripe, PayPal & DAP also integrates with external cart platforms & payment processors such as ThriveCart, PgayKickStart, SamCart, ClickBank, JVZoo, Warrior Plus etc.

The most complete membership plugin


DAP does a whole lot more than just protect content. It allows you to automate both one-time payments as well as recurring subscriptions, upsell your buyers to add-on products and membership levels, deliver content and emails automatically to your buyers and members, market to them by email to sell more, recruit affiliates who can promote your products for a portion of your profits, and more...

1-Click Member Page Builder

DAP comes with a powerful, advanced and fully-customizable member page builder! Create & customize your member login form, registration forms, profile page, my content page, cancellation page, invoice page and affiliate page with the click of a few buttons. 

Detailed Reporting Suite

Track all key Membership Stats - Churn, Retention, Active & Expired Memberships, Total Free Members, Paid Members, Product-Level Breakdown, Average Order Value, Purchase Frequency, Average Lifespan, Customer Lifetime Value, etc. 

Built-In Affiliate Module

DAP comes with a built-in Affiliate module where your members can be instantly enrolled as Affiliates. From 2-tier commissions, detailed reports, commission override, pay-per-lead and pay-per-sale, fully customizable affiliate dashboard, you can do it all using DAP! 

Built-In LMS Support

DAP is one of the few membership plugins that comes with a built-in LMS for your online courses! From your course outline page, course progress bar, mark as complete button, points for course completion, you can create an incredible experience for your members!

Shopping Cart Plugin (SPC) is free with "DAP Elite Membership". It comes with an advanced checkout page builder, , Order Bumps, 1-Click Upsells, Visual Funnel Builder, Instant Storefront, Failed Payment Manager, Donation, Buy Now, Add-To-Cart buttons & more!

Email Autoresponder 

Set up different email followup series per product. Skip paying monthly fees to external email marketing platforms - especially when you are are just starting out. Synchronize drip to send email every time content drips. Support for Unlimited email broadcasting. 

Unlimited Everything

Unlimited Products, Unlimited Membership Levels, Unlimited Members, Unlimited Affiliates, Unlimited Email Autoresponders & Broadcasting, Unlimited 1-Click Upsells, Unlimited Coupons... Unlimited Everything!

Email Service Integration

Add your buyers to third-party email service providers such as Aweber, ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit , Drip, GetResponse, MailChimp, MailerLite, etc. Use the DAP automation engine to add users, send tags, password and more! 

Zapier Integration

Connect your favorite apps with both ZAP and DAP! The integration between DAP and ZAP works in both directions - DAP to ZAP and ZAP to DAP! You can send user, product and order information via DAP to your zap!

Setup Wizard!

Build your Membership site in just 30 minutes!

Use DAP's Built-in Setup Wizard to Quickly & Easily Setup your Membership Site!

Everything you setup using the wizard can be updated later!

 create one or more products/ membership levels

Setup billing & access details & protect content under each level/product.

Create Membership pages

Click a few buttons to create member-facing pages such as login page, my content page, my profile page etc.

Enter Payment Details

Enter payment processor credentials.For your free products, you can generate a registration form.

You can Deliver your content in many different ways

Content Delivery​Options


Give members instant access to your premium content upon purchase. 


Publish new content on an ongoing basis (usually per month) and make it available to your members. 


Release of content is controlled by  member's progress. For e.g., access to next lesson is locked until user's confirm they have completed the current task/lesson.

drip-feed (Day or date-based)

Use a day-based or date-based drip model. The day-based drip schedule is based on the member's start date to your product or service. The date-based drip schedule is based a specific start date. Content will be available to all users on that same date. You can use it to implement a magazine-style subscription model.

our customers love DAP!

Everything You Need To Run A Successful Membership Business!

“Everything CF does for about $300 a month, DAP does for about $50 a month!

I've used DAP for about 5 years on a number of membership sites to sell different types of products. You can watch this behind-the-videos to see how I use DAP and SPC on my site!

Ryan Hartman

Rob Fore

How I use DigitalAccessPass (DAP) to grow my Membership Site!

Rob Fore is a long time DAP customer. He uses (DAP) & (SPC) to build and grow his profitable and successful membership site business. Watch this video to find out more!



Spirit of innovation & customer support separates DAP from others! 

From an easy-to-use LMS program, an advanced shopping cart platform that allows to sell my products and services in different ways, to gamification options that allows me to increase engagement, I can do it all using DAP!


Pricing Plan


Just getting started with your first membership site & want to keep costs low? Great option!



Just $149 / year when you pay yearly (2 months free)
  • DAP 1-Site License
  • Standard Support Included

Everything you need to run a successful & profitable membership business along with premium support!



Just $299 / year when you pay yearly (2 months free)
  • DAP Unlimited-Site License
  • (SPC) Unlimited-Site  License
  • (S3MV) Unlimited-Site License
  • 1 Hour Premium Support every month
  • Standard Support Included
  • 30 Minutes FREE Consultation
  • Access to Weekly Office Hours

Just getting started with your first membership site & want to keep costs low? Great option!



  • DAP 1-Site License
  • Standard Support Included

Everything you need to run a successful & profitable membership business along with premium support!



  • DAP Unlimited-Site License
  • (SPC) Unlimited-Site  License
  • (S3MV) Unlimited-Site License
  • 1 Hour Premium Support every month
  • Standard Support Included
  • 30 Minutes FREE Setup Call
  • Access to Weekly Office Hours

* Plugins includes in Elite Membership -,,,,, DAP2DAP, DAPConnect, IPN Redirect,,,, DAP Ticket & more!

* Standard support includes text-based support. Premium support includes "login to troubleshoot" support. More here - Standard vs Premium Support.

* Unlimited-site license can only be used on the sites that you "own". It cannot be used on other client or partner sites.


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