Troubleshooting Login Errors

Problem: When you go to , you get redirected to a "Page Not Found – 404" error page.

Solution: This is happening because in DAP Config, you probably set up an invalid URL to be the default login page. So do this:

  • First, log out of DAP by going to (manually type that in to your browser)
  • Now log in to DAP via DAP's special login page –
  • Go to "Setup > Config > Advanced" screen
  • Then where it says "Location of your login page (eg., if using WordPress). Should start with a forward slash (`/`)" – enter a valid URL there. Before entering any URL there, visit the URL separately in a separate browser tab (or window) and make sure you can actually get to it, and that it has a login form there. Then put that URL in to the above field, and click on "Update".
  • Now in a separate browser (totally different browser) where you are not logged in to DAP or WP, try to go to and see if it redirects to the right page. If not, revisit the steps above, and double check the login URL, that's all.
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