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The Product Name within DAP should be the exact same (even the case) as the Product Name in your Shopping Cart.

So if you were using a 1ShoppingCart (or private label) to accept payment for selling your digital info product or for access to your membership site, then the Product Name you use in your 1ShoppingCart admin panel should be the exact same name as what you use within DAP.

This is the only way for DAP to know about a new purchase through your 1ShoppingCart cart. And when it parses your 1ShoppingCart notification email, it can figure out that your buyer who purchased that product needs to be added to DAP, so that your buyer can get access to either your info product files, or to your subscription-based site.

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Julie - May 2, 2010

Currently DAP does not play well with WP e-Commerce. I am getting errors that point to conflicting use of functions.
Besides having a membership site, I also want to sell products with varying attributes and would like to use WP-ecommerce for that. I am getting errors with DAP installed.
What do I need to do to run both concurrently?

Marc - September 20, 2011

I was planning to us WP e-commerce with Digital Access Pass. However, according to the post above, it is incompatible with DAP. Has that issue been addressed? If not, is there a compatible solution for selling physical products (such as printed books) to someone who also buying a membership to my site content? Thanks for your help with this issue.

Veena Prashanth - September 20, 2011

DAP integrates with WP estore (as long as it’s connected to paypal or authnet for payment processing).

Eric Bryant - January 11, 2012

Can I successfully sell one-off physical products with the DAP shopping cart, like training DVD’s and printed books? These are single products with no options like size/color.

Thank you! I purchased DAP a few days ago just getting things up and running. Very exciting–thanks for an incredibly thorough system!


Veena Prashanth - January 12, 2012

Hi Eric,

The dap cart is not really meant for physical products as it does not apply separate shipping tax etc. It can be used best for selling digital products that does not require physical shipment, tax etc.


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