Premium Web Cart Integration

Starting v4.2.1, DAP now integrates with Premium Web Cart (PWC)

PWC=>DAP integration is very simple to set up.


  • If your DAP version is 4.2 or earlier, you must upgrade to DAP v4.2.1 & LiveLinks v1.7.
  • If you are already using DAP v4.2.1, then download the very latest dap_v4.2.1 zip from the member’s area, unzip the contents to your desktop, and upload just the dap-pwc.php (within the main dap folder on your desktop) to the dap folder on your site.

Integration Steps

  • Login to your PWC account.
  • Go to Cart Settings > Advance Integration.
  • Select PWC IPN tab.
  • Set the PWC IPN URL to http://yoursite.com/dap/dap-pwc.php  (Note: replace yoursite.com with the name of your site)
  • Make sure the product name in PWC  eXactly matches the Product Name in DAP.

User Flow

  • Buyer clicks on the buy button (button created within your PWC account and published on your sales page).
  • Buyer completes the payment successfully and is transferred to the thankyou page.
  • PWC notifies DAP via IPN about the purchase.
  • DAP automatically creates the member account, and sends thank-you email (configured in your dap products page) with login info to the buyer.   NOTE: Make sure to setup the thankyou email in the DAP products page for all the products you sell via DAP.
  • When the user logs in to their membership area, they will be redirected to either product-level logged-in URL or global logged-in url based on whether they have access to just 1 product or multiple products. The product level logged-in url is used if the user has access to just 1 product. The global logged-in url (under dap setup -> config -> advanced -> url to which user is redirected upon login) is used when user has access to multiple products.

: You can create a member’s area and redirect users to that page upon purchase.

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Karen Tax - November 15, 2011

How does DAP know which product was sold via PWC?

Veena Prashanth - November 15, 2011


PWC sends the product name in the IPN notification to DAP.


Karen Tax - November 15, 2011

So do I need to make sure the product name in PWC is an exact match to the product name in DAP?

I’m loving PWC btw… It looks GREAT! A nice complement to DAP.

Thomas - December 22, 2011

Can we set up multiple instances of DAP to process payments through the same PWC account?

Veena Prashanth - December 22, 2011

>>Can we set up multiple instances of DAP to process payments through the same PWC account? << Does PWC support sending IPN to more than 1 script/ url ? If yes, then you can put the IPN url of different DAP powered domains in PWC and upon payment, PWC will send the payment parameters to all the domains. The DAP site/domain that supports the purchased product will process the payment notification, create the membership account etc and the other dap domains will ignore the IPN that don't belong (and for different site). If PWC does not support multiple IPN, then the alternative would be use our IPN redirect script that can route a single IPN to multiple destinations (we will be launching it in a couple of weeks).

Tanya Smith - December 31, 2011

I am super excited about the IPN redirect script. So awesome! You guys are cutting edge. Thanks!

Veena Prashanth - January 2, 2012

Thanks Tanya!

steve klein - January 15, 2012

How about cancellations? what if someone stops his subscription would he automatically be cancelled on DAP?
how do we do that?

Veena Prashanth - January 16, 2012

Here’s how all cancellations are handled by dap:


Veena Prashanth - January 21, 2012

>>So do I need to make sure the product name in PWC is an exact match to the product name in DAP? << Yes, the product name in PWC should eXactly match the product name in DAP.

Steve Klein - February 2, 2012

I mean, is there a way for Premium web cart to send IPN notification when a refund is made so that member can be automatically deactivated?

actually would like to know this too with 1SC.

I know paypal does..


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