Merging User Accounts

User ID 111 has been created with email id ABC123@somewhere.com

Same user buys a different product using a completely new (Paypal) email id. and DAP creates User ID 999 with PayPal email XYZ789@anothersite.com

User now has 2 accounts and wants only ABC123@somewhere.com (user ID 111) to be active.

So here’s what you should do:

  1. Place XYZ789@anothersite.com in the PayPal email field of User ID 111 and save.
  2. Give User ID 111 access to all products that User ID 999 currently has active, with matching start and end dates.
  3. Delete User ID 999 fully from the system.

If User ID 111 purchases additional products through Paypal, and her primary Paypal email id is still XYZ789@anothersite.com, then that Paypal email id will be recognized by DAP, and all purchased products will be activated under User ID 111 and no additional User IDs will be created.

However, if User ID 111 has changed their primary Paypal email id to be something else like XYZ123@yetanother.com, then the next time they make a purchase, DAP will not know it’s the same person, and will end up creating a completely new user id for the buyer. Which means, you will have to do the merge again, and replace the old Paypal email id in DAP with the new Paypal email id of the buyer.

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Yuzairy - November 30, 2011

If I want only XYZ789@anothersite.com (user ID 999) to be active, then the steps are:

1. Place ABC123@somewhere.com in the user email field of User ID 999 and save.

2. Give User ID 999 access to all products that User ID 111 currently has active (if any), with matching start and end dates.

3. Delete User ID 111 fully from the system.

Am I correct?

Veena Prashanth - November 30, 2011

If you want ABC123@somewhere.com to become the primary id, then you need to make sure the paypal email of user id 999 points to XYZ789@anothersite.com.

Otherwise the steps look right.


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