Give Existing Users Access To A Product

This flow is only for giving access to an existing User to a Product. If you wish to add a new user manually to the system, then see this post.

  1. Go to the Users > Manage screen.
  2. Search for the user by email id (or last name, user id, etc)
  3. Once you have found their information, check the check box in the first column next to their user id
  4. Then using the drop-downs in the top-right section, give them access to the new Product
  5. They’re initially added as a “Free” user by default. You may mark them as “PAID” if you want to have access to the product just like an actual paying member would.

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Pepita - February 11, 2013

What happens if you add a paid product to a user manually, who already has a free product to which he has been referred by an affiliate. Is the commission added to the affiliate?

Veena Prashanth - February 20, 2013

Hi Pepita,

Yes, if the user is already attached to an affiliate in DAP Users->Manage page, then any future purchases by that user will result in the same affiliate earning commission.


Allan Misner - April 11, 2016

I’ve added users to a product that paid through another means. It sent them the welcome email, but not one with their password. Did I not set up the welcome page properly?

Allan Misner - April 11, 2016

I think I solved my own issue. I added their email and password to the welcome message.


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