Gift Subscriptions

There are two ways members can buy gift subscriptions for others.

1) Use the recipient’s email id (but their own name and billing info) during checkout. So when DAP creates the member account, it will send the welcome email to the recipient’s email id.

NOTE: Using the recipient’s email id may not be an option if the gift giver is paying for it using their own Paypal standard account, in which case their Paypal email id will be used by DAP to create the membership account. So, the best option is the one explained below.

2) BEST OPTION: Have the buyer make the purchase in their own name, and then forward the welcome email (which has the password to the member’s area) to the recipient. And the recipient can then log in using that information, and can change any and all profile information on the User Profile page.

NOTE: If this is a subscription product, then the recipient should not change the “Paypal Email” field in the profile, which will be having the buyer’s Paypal email id, because recurring subscriptions will continue to come in using the buyer’s Paypal email id. And since the recipient is not the one being charged, and it’s still going to be charged to the gift giver’s account, they need to leave that field in there. So you can use the [DAPUserProfile] shortcode and maybe not even show the “Paypal Email” field.

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Richard Robinson - January 14, 2016


My clients are mostly organizations, so I want a central individual to pay for multiple memberships. Is this gift membership method the best way to deal with that? Or is there a more purpose-built way of dealing with corporate subscriptions?


Ravi Jayagopal - January 17, 2016

Hi Richard,

Unfortunately this is the only way of doing it. There’s no separate, gift-subscriptions-specific way of doing this.

Sorry about that.

– Ravi Jayagopal


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