Forum Integration

DAP currently integrates with all WordPress-based Forum plugins (some of them mentioned below) as well as two non-WP based (vB & XenForo).

So if a member logs in to your membership site via the DAP login form, then they will also automatically be logged in to your forum. That’s called “Single Sign-on” and DAP supports it with all of the above forum software.

Which Forum To Use With DAP?

The WordPress-based forums listed above (Simple:Press, Mingle, etc) are not really full-featured (like XenForo or vBulletin). DAP doesn’t – and cannot – protect individual forum posts or threads if you used the basic WordPress-based forums. But they’re all free, have pretty decent forum features, easy to set up and use, and will work just fine for most people.

However, if you want a more full-featured forum software that will give you greater control over many details, allow you to protect content at a thread or forum level, and want tons of user and admin features, then we highly recommend going with XenForo (XF) or vBulletin (vB). XF and vB are not free, have a slightly bigger learning curve than the simple WP forum plugins, and require more setup and maintenance overall. And if you want the best forum plugin, and are willing to pay the price (dollar-wise as well as effort-wise) and put in the time to set it up, then XF is the way to go, and DAP integrates extremely well with XF.

Now, the rest of this post is about integration of DAP with the WordPress-based forums.

(For XenForo integration details, click here

(For vB integration details, click here)


Integration with BuddyPress, bbPress, Simple:Press, Mingle, etc

What this essentially achieves, is that once your forum plugin has been integrated with DAP (explained below), anyone who is a member in your DAP-powered membership site, will also be automatically be logged in to your forum when they log in to your membership site.

So they won’t have to log in twice [like, once into DAP and once into your forum].

Here’s how you set up the DAP/forum integration.

  1. Download the 3rd party WordPress forum plugin
  2. Install it as per their instructions. We don’t support the installation or setup of the forum plugin itself.
  3. Log in to your DAP Admin Dashboard and click on “Setup > Config”.
  4. You have two settings on the page that applies to forum integration:
    Sync DAP User data and WP User data
    Sync WP data only for PAID users
  5. Pick “Y” or “N” for each of them, and you’re all set.

Now, a quick explanation of both settings.

1) Sync DAP User data and WP User data

If you turn this to “Y” (for “Yes”), then every time someone logs into DAP, they’re automatically logged into WordPress too (with a “user” WordPress role). And because they’re logged into WordPress, that means they’re also logged into your forum (because you are using a WordPress-based Forum Plugin which already integrates with your WordPress installation)

2) Sync WP data only for PAID users

This one matters only if you have set (1) above to “Y”.

So once you have decided to turn on the DAP/Forum plugin integration, then if you want only your “PAID” members to have access to the forum, then set this to “Y”.

If you want both FREE and PAID users accessing your forum, then set this to “N”.

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Markus - April 18, 2012

I have recently integrated a worpress site and a vbulletin forum, in that intallation its possible to make any dap product => access to one specific forum.

Im wondering if I could de the samething with simple:press (the new 5v), I want to have 3 products, and the purchase of any of these product should => grand access to its specific product-forum.

Veena Prashanth - April 20, 2012

No, the forum access control at membership level is ONLY possible with DAP=>Vbulletin. Not possible with DAP->Simple:Press.

Seral - February 15, 2013

Any news on functionality with simple machines forum?

Or any future integration with any other forums for forum access control at membership level?

Veena Prashanth - February 20, 2013

Sorry, no news on Simple Machines forum integration yet. The member-level access control is limited to Vbulletin.

Nik - May 9, 2013

If I have two wp installations, with the domain set up as such:


and I install the SimplePress Forum plugin on each installation separately, then SimplePress will use two different wp databases.

Can DAP distinguish between the two or would it simply give access to both SPF’s? … or not work at all?

MORE IMPORTANTLY: Would there be any way to TELL DAP to check membership level for each wp database login?

Thanks for all your work, guys.

Veena Prashanth - May 10, 2013

If you have dap livelinks plugin installed on both wp installations, then the users will be sync’d to both WP databases and users will get access to both SPFs.

The syncing to /wp-inst-for-memsite1 will occur when the user visits that blog in a logged-in state and syncing to /wp-inst-for-memsite2 will occur when the user visits that blog in a logged-in state. The syncing to WP/SPF is not based on user’s membership level.

coen - September 8, 2013

Does DAP also work in the new vBulletin 5 Connect version?

Veena Prashanth - September 11, 2013

>>Does DAP also work in the new vBulletin 5 Connect version? << Not yet but we hope to integrate dap with VB 5 in the next few weeks.

coen - September 12, 2013

Thanks Veena,

Is it better to wait for this update?

Veena Prashanth - September 12, 2013

Hi Coen,

DAP works well with VB 4.x. So its better you go with VB 4.x for now and then upgrade to VB 5.0 in a few months from now when the DAP integration with VB 5.0 is stable. But if you do not want to first install VB 4.x and then upgrade to 5.0, then you can wait for dap -> vb 5.0 integration.


coen - September 12, 2013


Do you have a affiliate link for buying vBulletin?

Veena Prashanth - September 12, 2013

Hi Coen,

>> Do you have a affiliate link for buying vBulletin? << Thanks for checking! We appreciate it. Our affiliate link is http://digitalaccesspass.com/vb.php


Veena Prashanth - September 19, 2013

Hi Coen,

Just wanted to let you know that DAP integrates with
vBulletin 5 now.

See – http://www.digitalaccesspass.com/blog/2013/09/vbulletin-5-now-integrates-with-dap/


coen - September 19, 2013

Great service 😉
I will look into it…

Thanks Veena

Tawnya - October 10, 2013

Any future versions upcoming that will make this work with IPB forum? http://www.invisionpower.com

Veena Prashanth - October 11, 2013

Sorry, dap does not currrently integrate with IPB. We might integrate with IPB in future. No timeline set for integration yet.



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