DAP’s “Pause Membership” Feature

How It Works

Joe Member joins your site on 01/01/2011.

He stays a member for about 3 months. Let’s say it’s now mid March. He wants to take a couple of months break. So he goes on a 2 month break. Comes back end of May and wants to resume his membership.

DAP allows him to pick up right where he left off – which is continuing to receive content as of April (04/01/2011), even though today’s date is May 25th, 2011.

So while he took a break, other members who did not take a break in membership, continued to pay for those 2 months, and continued to receive content dripped through those months. So it is only fair that when he does come back end of May and resumes his subscription, he does not resume from June’s content, but from April’s content (when he last put his membership on “Pause”).

It’s ok if you’re not dripping content on a monthly-basis, but rather on a “day” basis. So to put it in terms of “days”, when Joe resumes his subscription, since he was already 90 days old in the system when he put his subscription “On Hold”, and comes back another 60 days later (roughly about 2 months), then DAP will start dripping Day #91 content onwards for him, and NOT Day #151 onwards (he didn’t pay for 2 months in between).

This is how DAP works right out of the box. Nothing special to configure. And DAP automatically takes care of pausing the dripping when he is not paying.

WARNING: Just remember that in order for you to put his actual payments on hold, you will need to have a payment gateway like Authorize.net or Paypal Website Payments Pro. Or you must be using a shopping cart like http://1SiteAutomation.com . Using something like Paypal Standard or ClickBank will not allow you to put the actual charging of his credit card on hold.

NOTE: If you actually did want him to start receiving current content even though he left for 2 months, then all you have to do is, once he comes back and starts paying again, just extend his access end date on his account (which will initially be showing 03/31/2011 – end of March, when he left) and modify it and make it 05/31/2011. So when his next payment comes in after he resumes, DAP will extend his access end date to 06/30/2011 – which means, he can now access all of the current content.

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Lia Huber - February 17, 2012

So where do you do this? I can’t find a “pause membership” feature anywhere …

Shaun - March 6, 2012

I’m selling through Clickbank. I’ve had this happen a few times (Members losing their card and wanting to get back on the course down the line). Is there any way I can get them to carry on where they left off?

I’ve got a 7 day paid trial period on my product and after that a charge every 30 days. I’m guessing if people ordered through the same button again it’d charge them the trial money again and they won’t have access to carry on the course till the trial period is over (Because they’ll won’t end up paying the full amount until after the trial period)? On top of that they’ll lose the money from the second trial period?

Thanks in advance for your help. Please let me know if I should make this clearer.

Jason - April 12, 2012

Are members able to put there own membership on hold and activate it again or does the admin have to manually?

We have a one time fee but multiple drips of content. It would be really great if our customers can put the content on hold themselves and then activate it again themselves and we would see there status change in Users>manage.

Is this the case?

Thanks a lot.

Ravi Jayagopal - April 16, 2012


I’m afraid users cannot do it themselves. Admin needs to do it, because you will actually need to put the recurring payments on hold for the member, from the back-office of whatever payment processor you are using (assuming your processor even allows you to put them on hold).


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