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GetResponse Integration

DAP integrates with GetResponse very easily.

DAP to GetResponse Integration

If you are on DAP 4.1, then DAP can connect with getresponse using the APIs provided by getresponse.

So when someone buys or signs up for that Product, then DAP will automatically notify your GetResponse list, and add the buyer or subscriber (if it’s a free sign-up) to your GetResponse list.

So basically, user gets added to DAP first, and then DAP adds them to GetResponse.

If you want the other flow (subscriber gets added to GR first, and then GR adds them to DAP, then see this GetResponse-to-DAP flow)

1) Retrieve the getresponse API Key from this URL:

2) Then go to DAP > Products > Manage, select the product, go to “Notificationstab, then in the Plugin Notification upon User “Add” field, add the following:

getresponse:<API Key>:<campaign name>

For example:


That’s it.

Now go to DAP admin -> add users page and add a brand new user / email and see what happens.

The added user should first receive the confirmation email from GetResponse, and upon confirmation, the user should get added to GetResponse.

If it does not work, then…

  • Set the dap log level to 5,
  • Go to DAP > System > Logs.
  • Empty logs, and rerun the test.
  • Then send us the log text from DAP > Sytem > Logs.