Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) Integration With DAP

DAP/Amazon SES Integration

You can hook up DAP to Amazon’s Simple Email Service (Amazon SES) and have all of your emails go through Amazon’s beefed up, high-performance, high-deliverability email servers.

The document below explains how to connect DAP to Amazon SES. (troubleshooting info for DAP/SES integration)

  1. Go toย http://aws.amazon.com/ses/ and sign up for Amazon SES. You must already have an Amazon account and you can add SES to that same account.
  2. Then go to https://console.aws.amazon.com/console/home , log in if required, and click on theย SES link there.
  3. That will bring you to the SES “Dashboard”.
  4. When you first sign up for SES, you will be assigned a “Sandbox” account. Which means that you will only be able to send emails TO and FROM verified email addresses (a verified email address is something you add yourself to your SES account and then click on a confirmation link that Amazon sends you, to prove that you are the owner of that email id). Also, Sandbox access allows you to send out a maximum of just 25 emails per day, both FROM and TO verified email id’s only.
  5. So the first step is to add a Verified Sender. So click on the “Verified Senders” link in the menu on the left.
  6. That will bring you to this page. Click on the Verify a New Email Address link with the green check-mark next to it.
  7. In the popup, enter the email id that you wish to use as your FROM email id to send out emails. Please note that you can ONLY use verified email id’s to send out emails from your Amazon SES account. So whatever email id you wish to use in DAP Admin as the sender for outgoing emails (see DAP Admin > Setup > Config > From-Email Id : For all outgoing DAP emails), that’s the email id you should verify.IMPORTANT: The email address is case sensitive. So if you white-listed You@YourSite.com at Amazon SES, then you must enter the email address with the exact same cAsE within DAP Config too (You@YourSite.com is NOT the same as you@yoursite.com for the purposes of Amazon SES. Crazy, we know! But that’s how it is.)

  8. You will then receive an email from Amazon at that email id which has a confirmation link. Once you click on that link, your email id in your Amazon SES account is now “Verified” (also known as whitelisted). Please note that at this time, you still have Sandbox access. Which means you can send email both FROM and TO the same verified email id. Not very useful, but that’s ok. Now time to go back to the SES Dashboard and Request Production Access.
  9. Click on Request Production Access and you will be taken to a form that you need to fill out and submit. Amazon then reviews it, and it can take up to 48 hours for your account to be granted Production Access – which basically means, you can now use SES and start sending out real emails, and your per-day limit is now 10,000 emails per day.
  10. Now, you need to get a SMTP Username and SMTP password for sending out emails. This username & password is NOT the same as your Amazon account email and password. Neither does it have anything to do with your Amazon Public or Secret keys. This is a completely different (and new) username and password used JUST for sending emails, and it needs to be generated newly.
  11. To generate a new set of SMTP Username and Password, click on the SMTP Settings link in the menu. And then on the next page, click on Create My SMTP Credentials.
  12. In the resulting popup, click on Create.
  13. That will create your SMTP credentials. But to see it, you have to click on Show User SMTP Security Credentials
  14. Once you click on Show User SMTP Security Credentials, you will be shown your SMTP Username and Password.
  15. Be sure to note down the username and password in a safe place where you can get to it again, because Amazon will not show this same set of username and password ever again. If you lose them, of course, you can always generate a new set of username/password again for free, but you’ll never get the same pair again – it will be a fresh pair.
  16. Go to the SMTP Settings link in the menu and note down the Server Name.
    It will be one of the following:
    email-smtp.us-east-1.amazonaws.com (as in the image below)
    email-smtp.eu-west-1.amazonaws.com (European Union users)
    ses-smtp-settingsYou need to determine what your host name is, and then add the text “ssl://” to it at the front.

    So if the server name displayed in your Amazon SES account is this…

    …then the text you would enter into the DAP Email > SMTP page is this…

  17. Now log in to your DAP Admin Panel, and go to DAP Admin > Email > SMTP.
  18. On this screen, use the section Add a New SMTP Server to create a new SMTP row as follows:

    (Click on image above to see full-size screenshot)
    Description: Amazon SES
    Server: <what you noted down above>
    Port: 465ย (must be exactly that – ignore port numbers recommended by Amazon SES)
    SSL: N (must be exactly that)
    User Id: Amazon SMTP Username (that you generated and noted down in Step 15 above)
    Password: Amazon SMTP Password (that you generated and noted down in Step 15 above)
    Email Sending Limit Per Hour: 500 (ideal number – don’t go more – less is ok)Click on the “Add” button to create and save the new Amazon SES SMTP server setting in DAP.
  19. Once it is saved, now you will see 2 rows on the “Email > SMTP” screen. One is for the server “Localhost”, and the other is the new “Amazon SES”.
  20. Towards the end of each row, you’ll see a setting called “Activated?”. Set it to “N” for Localhost and “Y” for Amazon SES.
  21. That will now make all of your outgoing emails (listed below) go out only through Amazon SES, totally bypassing your web host’s email server. Which means, your email deliverability will go up substantially.
  22. List of outgoing emails include:
    – Real-time Welcome Emails
    – All transactional emails to DAP Admin – like payment receipt, new user signup, error notifications, user unsubscription notifications, etc
    – All autoresponder and broadcast emails
    – etc…

Watch this video for details:

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Tom Ermolovich - June 10, 2012

Excellent directions! Thanks. Amazon SES is a big step forward.

Bryan Toder - June 10, 2012

Perfect! Thanks!

Fred - June 14, 2012

This is great! Any idea on how to track opens and clicks since Amazon SES only shows bounces & other minor stuff? Do you guys think it’s a good idea using Amason SES as an atoresponder?

I bet you probably tested out this service so i would like to know to know how performed

Carl - June 21, 2012


Carl - July 5, 2012

Ok Ive implimented this and will let you know how it works for me ๐Ÿ™‚ Many Thanks Guys!!

Clare - July 24, 2012

Great tutorial! Hugely appreciated ๐Ÿ™‚

Paula - November 18, 2012

I always love your instructions. That’s what makes DAP such a good product. It is sophisticated but your instructions make everything so easy.

Weight Lifting Complete - November 22, 2012

Awesome instructions. Just set everything up. Super easy. Appreciate all the easy instructions very much. I realize how much time and effort you have put into this product. Will continue to support you all as you have created some pretty amazing products.

Veena Prashanth - November 23, 2012

>>I realize how much time and effort you have put into this product. Will continue to support you all as you have created some pretty amazing products. << Thanks :).

Nish - December 6, 2012

Love this! And the overall support Ravi and Veena provide is awesome. That’s what makes DAP such a no-brainer to have, if you are running memberships.

The only feature which I am waiting to see is direct integration with GoToWebinar – the way WL has introduced it in its latest version(s). Maybe that’s next I guess? It will be of HUGE benefit to a product’s backend..

Veena Prashanth - December 8, 2012

Thanks Nish :).

>>The only feature which I am waiting to see is direct integration with GoToWebinar << It wont be in the next dap release (as it's already packed with great features) but we will integrate it soon.

CK - January 16, 2013

I have ditched Aweber finally …

DAP saves me money, just by following these instruction…

Matt - February 14, 2013

I am very interested in DAP for an online course I will be developing. So, it’s great to hear about an integrated email system. My biggest question is whether Amazon SES basically replaces a program like aWeber or MailChimp or if it functions differently and only for specific purposes.

Cam - February 17, 2013

Just brilliant! Works like a charm and makes all those monthly auto-responder charges obsolete.

Great work, looking forward to getting my hands dirty with DAP!


David Crossland - March 12, 2013

Setting it all up was very easy with your instructions being so clear, thank you.

However, after asking for production access, I received an email telling me that they had “denied your request to use Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES)”.

I replied asking for explanation but they didn’t explain they just replied to confirm their earlier decision.

They simply referred me to their:

Amazon Web Servicesโ„ข Acceptable Use Policy http://aws.amazon.com/aup/

And AWS Service Terms http://aws.amazon.com/serviceterms/

Looks like I’ll be using the good old AWeber after all.

Rollin - March 12, 2013


Don’t get disappointed, same case here.

You can use Authsmtp.com instead, which I myself am using ๐Ÿ™‚

David Crossland - March 13, 2013

Thanks Rollin. I hadn’t realized this was an alternative to Amazon. And with full instructions from Dap on how to set it up too.

Rollin - March 13, 2013

Yes, it’s recommended by the DAP team, and it’s quite easy to use, although it’s more expensive than amazon’s service. But no complaints here, as it’s working great ๐Ÿ™‚

Tested it, seems to have good deliver ability ๐Ÿ™‚

Emanuelle - June 17, 2013

Wonderful !

Just implemented this quick, well written tutorial.

Works like a charm.

I LOVE DAP – thank you so much !

Debra - June 24, 2013

@Fred – yes, you should. I use Amazon SES for my arpReach email and I see bounces, opens and click-throughs. O course, I have to set those requirements when I set up the email, but Amazon sends that info back for sure.

Debra - June 24, 2013

Yes a well-written tutorial. I’ve just been checking my settings against those set out here and am hoping to use Amazon all the time now – previously it was defaulting to local server. Hope this fixes the problem.

Paul - July 31, 2013

I’m impressed! So happy for DAP. Great software Ravi and great tutorials/how-tos Veena!

DAP is amazing! I’ll be around for a LONG time!

Many thanks!

Chris Farcher - August 26, 2013

Absolutely amazing, I’m in the process of adding Amazon SES and your direction are incredible. As my system goes viral i’ll move into product creation for others and will start to highly recommend DAP.

Appreciate all the hard work

Chris Farcher

Veena Prashanth - August 26, 2013

Thanks Chris :).

chel - January 11, 2014

I absolutely adore how easy your instructions usually are!

Thank you!!

Ods - March 25, 2014

I am quite a beginner. DAP seems to have made life so easy with its clean Dashboard & easy to implement / integrate complex solutions. I am very impressed.

Btw, It seems we can easily use Amazon SES on Bluehost VPS or Dedicates Servers. Honestly, I exactly followed the above document & was initially worried with learning on — how to open New Port, what’s reverse DNS, how to use MX Pointers. However, my 1st test itself without doing any extra thing was successful.

I will test more to understand it better. I am used to BlueHost cPanel & I like it very much and was reluctant to make a switch. Good it worked well for me… & hope it will.

Martyn - September 18, 2014

Thanks for such easy to follow instructions. I have DAP on several websites but use the same email address for all sites. Can I use the same SMTP Username and Password on each site or do I have to apply for different ones for each site?

Ravi Jayagopal - September 18, 2014

Hi Martyn,

Yes, you can use the same SMTP username/password on all sites – basically you can use the exact same information for the entire SMTP row as-is. But remember to individually white-list each of the DAP “From Email” under “DAP Admin > Setup > Config” within your Amazon account – unless of course, you’re using the same one on all DAP sites.

Mozie - May 26, 2015

Just a head sup, I went with Amazon SES and after a few tests I have to say that SES with DAP is fantastic. Not one email has hit the spam box yet so I am really happy. Thank you DAP team. The SES with DAP solution is EPIC and the best part is, SES is so affordable, it’s free for a year and then really affordable thereafter.

Just thought I’d come leave a reply to help other start-ups like myself where every penny counts and email delivery with membership sites is extremely important. DAP wins!

Jeff Sanders - June 14, 2015

Is it possible to send more than 500 emails per hour? I have a list of 5,000 and I would like to send to all of them at the same time. How is that possible? Do I need a different smtp service or is this a DAP limitation?

Ravi Jayagopal - June 14, 2015

Hi Jeff,

DAP can send up to 1000 emails an hour. It’s not really a DAP limitation, but the limitation of the server. If you have a beefed up, dedicated server, you might be able to send even more, but for the most part, with a good virtual private server (VPS), you should be able to send 1000 per hour.

Sally - July 2, 2015

Great instructions! Like others have mentioned, I’m very happy that all your instructions are so detailed and thorough! I do have one question, however. While requesting a sending limit increase and sending it in, I was denied the same day with the reason being that I didn’t respond to whether or not I have a “process for handling bounces and complaints.” I didn’t answer this question, as I wasn’t sure (and it wasn’t marked as a required question). My question: Do we have a process for handling bounces and complaints and what is it? I know that with Aweber I have a notification when I have a bounce or complaint, but I’m not sure if it’s the same with DAP or if that’s what they’re looking for. Please advise. Thanks!

Veena Prashanth - July 3, 2015

Hi Sally,

High bounce and complaint rates put your account at risk of being shut down, so you need to make sure that you have a process in place to remove recipient addresses that have bounced or complained from your recipient list.

You can be notified of bounces and complaints by email, through a Amazon SES feature called email feedback forwarding.

You can remove bounced and complained addresses from your list manually by physically looking at the notifications and then removing the addresses from your list. There is no automated process for this currently.

Please see this document for more on email feedback forwarding:


See this document for some tips on maintaining a clean list:

Hope this helps.


Sally - July 3, 2015

Thanks Veena!

Jen Eick - January 21, 2018

I can’t say enough about you guys! I’ve been setting up my new project through DAP. Your “support” is outstanding – the directions are so clear, I haven’t even needed to call you yet! ๐Ÿ™‚

Veena Prashanth - January 21, 2018

Appreciate your kind words, Jen :).

-Veena Prashanth


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