Adding A Manual Transaction

Once you have manually added a user, when you search for them on the Users > Manage page, you’ll see their row with “FREE” or “PAID” under the “Trans Id” column.

1) Enter an order (transaction) into the system by clicking on “Add Trans” (which stands for “Add Transaction”).

2) When you click on the “Add Trans” link, you will see a small popup appear (see image below) that allows you to manually enter an amount. So if the payment you received offline was say $97, then you would enter “97” or “97.00” in the “Order Amount” field and click on “Submit”.

3) Once you’ve entered a manual order, the “Trans Id” column will change from “FREE” or “PAID”, to an actual transaction id (or order id) – in the example below, it turns to Transaction Id “3”.


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abdullah - August 26, 2013

I am interested in buying your product (Site in A box), however I wonder if I could use it for offline payment (via bank transfer) and also online payment (via Paypal).
Especially for offline payment, is there a set of special registration forms for buyers where :
1. they will be informed about my about my bank account nuimbers
2. after buyers transfer their payment, they will be provided a form where they can fill in their personal infos + transfer info
3. My confirmation of buyers’ transfers ?

Also, is it possible to use other money symbols (I will be using Rupiah – Indonesia)

And last, is it possible to request that you set up the membership site two months “after” I make the payment (via paypal), since I am still finalizing the contents at the moment?


Veena Prashanth - August 26, 2013

Hi Abdullah,

Yes, you can do both online and offline payments in DAP.

For offline payment, after the buyers transfer payment, you can manually create a membership account for them in the dap back office and have dap email the users their login credentials. The users can login and complete their profile.

If you use paypal for offline payment, you can set the Paypal IPN to point to DAP so after the payment is approved, paypal will send a notification to dap and it will be registered in dap orders page.

Yes, you can use any currency. It’s a button level setting in dap.

Sure, we can setup the membership site whenever you are ready.

Hope this helps.



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