Aweber To DAP (<=4.3.1)

Follow this documentation page for Aweber-to-DAP integration only if you’re using DAP 4.3.1 or older.

(For DAP version 4.4 and newer, click here)

Subscriber Flow

The flow of subscriber in this model, is “FROM Aweber TO DAP“. User gets added to Aweber first, then arrives at DAP via Aweber “thank you page”, at which point she gets added to DAP.

Now, if the flow is from DAP-to-Aweber, and are using email parsing to integrate DAP and Aweber, then your Aweber list will always be double-opt-in (as per Aweber policy, nothing to do with DAP).

But if you want your Aweber list to be single-opt-in, then you can use an Aweber signup form on your squeeze page (instead of the DAP sign-up form) and then have Aweber add users to DAP.

Please note that you cannot use this flow for Paid members – because paid members will need to have paid first, which means DAP needs to process their payment first, and if successful, it can add them to Aweber. So for paid members and paid content, always use the other DAP-to-Aweber flow.

But for free signups (say, like when you’re trying to build a list), you can add them to Aweber first using the flow explained below, just so you can take advantage of making your Aweber list single-optin, and then have Aweber add the subscriber to DAP on the other end. So this way, DAP can then create a free account for them, email them their login/password, and give them access to the “Free” content (that is, content available only to “Registered” users, so to speak), etc.

So here are the steps…

Aweber To DAP Integration

1. Go to DAP Dashboard > Products > Manage page.

2. Note down the Product Id of the product to which you want to sign-up the users (after adding them Aweber first, of course)

3. There is a file called dap-aweber.php in the dap folder. Make a copy of that file and call it dap-aweber-PRODUCTID.php.

Replace with the text PRODUCTID with the actual Product Id you noted in the previous step.

So in the example above, Product Id is 2. So the name of the file copy should be dap-aweber-2.php.

4. Open this file (dap-aweber-2.php).

The first line of code in this file looks like this:

$default_product_id = 1; //Change this to any product id from DAP

Change the part shown in bold below:

$default_product_id = 2; //Change this to any product id from DAP

Upload this file back to /dap folder on your site.

Aweber List Is Single Optin

If your Aweber list is single-optin, then follow the steps below. If not, skip to “Aweber List Is Double-Optin” flow further below.

5. Now login to your AWeber account.

5A) From the “Current List” drop-down, select the list that you wish to sign up users to.
5B) Click on “Web Forms” in the menu at the top.
5C) Edit existing form by clicking on the name of the list.

6. On the next page – the list form generator page – click on ‘Go to Step 2’ towards the bottom of the page.

7. On the next, page….

7A) Click on the thankyou page dropdown and select ‘Custom’.

7B) Set the thank you Page URL to http://YourSite.com/dap/dap-aweber-PRODUCTID.php
Replace YourSite.com with the name of your site.
Replace PRODUCTID with the ProductId of the product  you noted in step 2.
So, if the productId of the product in DAP is 2, then the thankyou page URL will be – http://yoursite.com/dap/dap-aweber-2.php

7C) Where it says “Pass Form Data”, check the check box so that Aweber can “Forward subscriber information to your thank you page” – which essentially is DAP, so that DAP can add the subscriber to your membership site.

That’s it!

Aweber List Is Double-Optin

In this flow, set up your Web Form as usual, with no DAP-specific settings required.

Only change required is in the Aweber list’s main “List Settings” page.

5. Now login to your AWeber account.

6. From the “Current List” drop-down, select the list that you wish to sign up users to.

7. Go to My Lists > List Settings

8. Go to “Confirmed Opt-In” tab

9. Scroll down to “3: Success Page“, and enter the URL of the special dap-aweber-2.php script (or whatever the file name is) you created back in Step #4 above.

Check the check-box that says “Pass subscriber info for personalizing this page”.

Ignore the comment that says “Not recommended for WordPress users”, because this is going to point to a DAP script, and not a WordPress page.

Click on “Save Settings”.

That’s it!


Now that you’ve set up DAP to integrate with your Aweber list (single- or double-optin), you may use the Aweber web form directly on your squeeze page for signing up subscribers (instead of DAP’s “Direct Signup Form”).

Now, every time a subscriber signs up via the Aweber form, they will automatically be added to DAP.

If your list is single-optin, then the subscriber will be added to DAP instantly after sign-up.

If your list is double-optin, then the subscriber will be added to DAP only AFTER they’ve clicked on the Aweber double-optin confirmation link.

In both cases, they will be redirected to the DAP Login Form.

You may also configure the DAP Product’s “Welcome Email” to send out the DAP email and password via DAP itself.


You can leave the Welcome Email in DAP Product page as blank. And then configure DAP to generate a default password (DAP Admin > Setup > Config > Default Password) as shown below, and then enter that same pre-chosen password in to your very first Aweber follow up email that goes out to your subscribers, so that they can receive their dap id/password details directly from your Aweber list.

For more details about this default password, please see this post.

NOTE: If you want to send the subscriber to a different page (instead of the DAP login page) upon sign-up, then do this:

  • Open dap-aweber-2.php (or whatever the script name is)
  • Look for this line :
    $redirect = Dap_Config::get(“LOGIN_URL”);
  • Update it to point to any URL of your choice. For eg.,
    $redirect = “http://yoursite.com/thankyou”;

This way you can redirect users after they complete the Aweber signup, to a landing page of your choice.

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Joe - August 3, 2010

Will this way work if I do not want to assign log in and passwords to customers receiving free blog content? I only want the customers who have signed up for a product purchase off of the blog to be assigned passwords.

Veena Prashanth - August 4, 2010

This method will not work if you want to add paid members to your aweber list.

It will work only when you use Aweber sign-up form and give away free (but protected) content to those that sign-up. You protect the free content in dap so it’s not publicly available and you setup Aweber to redirect to DAP upon successful sign-up. This way DAP can create the membership account and the users get access to the free content.

If you have paid products and want to add paid members to your Aweber list, then you cannot use the Aweber signup form. You need to then have DAP notify Aweber via 3rd party notification (in DAP products page).


Marc - August 5, 2010

If you use email parsing to integrate DAP and Aweber, then the Aweber list will always be double-opt-in.

Veena i understand that removing the double optin email message from the product will make my product single optin so if i’ll use the direct form signup and aweber email parser i’ll have a single optin for sign up users.

Am i wrong?

Aweber Integration — DAP Documentation - August 30, 2010

[…] If you are looking for the other way, i.e, “FROM Aweber TO DAP”, then click here. […]

Adam - December 29, 2010


I`m considering to purchase DAP. Do you have the same integration sample for Get Response as for Aweber


Veena Prashanth - December 29, 2010

We do not have the integration sample but we can help out with the integration after you purchase DAP.

Adam - December 30, 2010

Cool !

Thank You Veena 🙂 I very appreciate it your prompt answer

Kevin - December 30, 2010

I have been using the DAP form and forwarding sign ups to Aweber, but the double opt in was a problem. A lot of sign ups just miss the confirmation e-mail. I am going to try the Aweber form and forward to DAP instead. This should avoid the confirmation e-mails, and members will still get added to Aweber and Dap with one form. Thanks for the post.

Paul - December 31, 2010

Could DAP work with another outside autoresponder system like autoresponseplus.com

Veena Prashanth - January 1, 2011

As long as they have a “subscribe by email” feature and provide your list with a subscribable email id – like yourlist@icontact.com (say)-
then DAP can easily integrate with autoresponseplus.com. Just put that list email id
into the “3rd Party Notification” field on the DAP Product page, that’s all.

Paul - January 1, 2011

Thats great! Thanks Veena!

Matt Jones - January 3, 2011

Hi guys
Just setting up Aweber with Dap and inserting a password so that DAP will generate a default password for all new users as per the final point on the above blog.

Can someone share this password around since it is not automatically generated?

In my Aweber login form i am asking for just the first name and email, does the first name become the user name and therefore make it easy to share the password if you had the same first name?



Nirav - January 31, 2011

What if the the list doesnt have subscribe by email option…

Veena Prashanth - January 31, 2011

To integrate the list with DAP, that’s the only way currently. If subscribe by email is not supported, then custom coding would be required to call the 3rd party APIs that we do not support it currently.

Mitch - February 18, 2011

Is there a way to send a notification to Aweber once the person has paid so their membership goes from Free to Paid, and then DAP notifies Aweber to take that person off the Free email list (the promotion list) and puts them on the customer list (for updates and news etc) ?

Using the rules in Aweber I can create a rule that when someone gets added to one list they are removed from another list, so there just needs to be a way to notify aweber one more time once someone has gone from Free to Paid. Any ideas?

Thanks again – this is a fantastic product!

Mitch - February 18, 2011

Thanks Veena. I see my problem is that I’m trying to do something impossible 🙂

When using Aweber – > Dap, need to create 2 products, one is free and one is paid, and each product works with a different email list. Thanks for the help 🙂

Aweber Integration Summary — DAP Documentation - March 11, 2011

[…] Click here for Aweber single-opt-in list => DAP integration steps […]

vincent - August 20, 2011

Hey Veena, I think Mitch should still be able to setup a “remove” in Aweber even when using the Aweber to DAP technique. This is possible if he is hosting both the PROMOTION list and the CUSTOMER list (DAP to Aweber) in the same Aweber account. All Mitch needs to do is set a rule in aweber to say if a name appers in the Customer list, Aweber must remove it from the Promotion list of the same account. Or am i as lost?

Adam - December 6, 2011

I`m new to Aweber. Today I tried to set up Aweber to DAP, but it doesn`t work. After initial setting following above I`m added to AW, but not to DAP. Instead, I got following error:
Warning: include_once(dap-config.php) [function.include-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/ma4/public_html/MYURL/dap/dap-aweber-1.php on line 3

Warning: include_once() [function.include]: Failed opening ‘dap-config.php’ for inclusion (include_path=’.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php’) in /home/ma4/public_html/MYURL/dap/dap-aweber-1.php on line 3

Fatal error: Class ‘Dap_Config’ not found in /home/ma4/public_html/MYURL/dap/dap-aweber-1.php on line 6
I want my Thank You page after form submission. What I did was:
1. in dap-aweber-1.php file (1 is product) I added my custom Thank You URL.
$redirect = “http://MyDomain/thank-you”;

2. In AW web form Thank you page I inserted:

When I submitted details in web form I was showed AW confirmation page instead of my custom.

By the way, new AW (in your blog is a little bit different) have now email parser including DAP. Do I have to use it or just leave it?

Veena Prashanth - December 6, 2011

Make sure dap-config.php is included at the top (right after the php start tag)

include_once (“dap-config.php”);

If that does not work, add the full path to config…

If you visit this url in a browser (http://mydomain/dap/getpath.php), it will return the path to dap on your site.

Say it returns:

Then change the include statement in dap-aweber.php script to this:

include_once (“/home/cr/mydomain.com/dap/dap-config.php”);

See if that helps.

Adam - December 6, 2011

Thanks Veena,

I have DAP in my main website and sub-website installed:
First is: my_domain
Another: my_domain/ai (here with optimize press

I realized that in order to run it I have to have both enabled. When I installed OP long time ago I deactivated DAP in main website, because I installed on OP. However, it didn`t want to work, so I had to reactivate it on main one, even though I don`t use there. Today I found that one of them did not have dap-config.php in it. No reason why. I pulled out from DAP which had it and added to the one whcih didn`t have it. Still no success.

Here is my dap-aweber-1.php

“include_once (“/home/ma4/public_html/my_URL/dap/dap-config.php”);

$default_product_id = 1; //Change this to any product id from DAP
$redirect = “http://my_URL/Thank-you”;

I added in AW Web Form Thank You Page:

Now when I tested Preview in AW I get:


An error has occurred!

Error: Sorry, all fields are mandatory. Please go ‘back’ and fill up the missing information.

Click here to go back.”

Should I open a ticket? I will keep trying yet

Adam - December 6, 2011

That error message in Preview is probably because it`s just Preview. I tested web form with above configuration and it worked. However, DAP did not receive anything. I couldn`t log in using manual password I gave in first follow up welcome email. Password is set up correctly in DAP admin config

Adam - December 6, 2011

Veena, Thank You a lot.

Everything works perfect 🙂 I`m set.

Love you guys for prompt responses

Can you delete the latest post above?

Veena Prashanth - December 6, 2011

Thanks Adam :-).

Mick - December 29, 2011

Hi Veena,

Is there any way to remove the “Powered by DigitalAccessPass.com” within the “Thank You” welcome email?

Apart from that, all set up – cheers!

Veena Prashanth - December 29, 2011

Hi Mick,

Yes, you can remove it in DAP setup – > Templates -> Email: Footer.

Jeff - January 12, 2012

In the discussion of how to “Use Aweber Webform to Sign-up Users” you say the following:

—start excerpt—
But if you want your Aweber list to be single-opt-in, then you can use an Aweber signup form on your squeeze page (instead of the DAP sign-up form) and then have Aweber add users to DAP.
—end excerpt—

To my knowledge, Aweber signups are always double opt-in, meaning I fill out the Aweber signup form, and then check my email to click a confirmation link. So I’m not sure what you mean by single opt-in using Aweber to DAP work flow.

Are you saying that a double opt-in is still expected from the Aweber part of the sign up, but DAP will not require an additional confirmation step?

Please clarify. Thank you!

Veena Prashanth - January 12, 2012

>>To my knowledge, Aweber signups are always double opt-in, meaning I fill out the Aweber signup form, and then check my email to click a confirmation link. So Im not sure what you mean by single opt-in using Aweber to DAP work flow. < < You can remove the 'double-opt' from aweber list. Go to Aweber My List -> List Settings -> Under the Confirmed Opt-in tab there is an option to turn off opt-in for webform.

Look for this: Require Opt-In on Web Forms
And turn if off.

Opt-in will not be expected from the Aweber part of the sign up if you turn off “Require Opt-In on Web Forms”.

Matt - January 20, 2012


I have a situation where once in my membership area I am running an omnovia chat room. We have an API built for it that when the javascript link is clicked it opens the conference room in a new window. Everything is working alright however I am running into a small problem.

I am using the Aweber=>DAP configuration. That is working fine.

My problem is that when someone submits information via aweber it is merging their First Name and Last Name into the Firstname field once they become a member.

There for it leaves the last name field blank when they are a member in our dap system.

So even if I use the merge tags %%First Name%% I still end up with their full name.

However the main reason I need to see if I can find a solution is that the omnovia conference room requires a first and last name.

there for in order to get it to work I have to go into the users profile and copy and past there last name down into the last name field and save.

Is there a way to get DAP to recognize First name and Last Name separately?

If I need to open a support ticket I can just let me know.

Thanks in advance,


Veena Prashanth - January 20, 2012


I dont think it’s dap merging the firstname.lastname.

If you are using dap-aweber.php script for aweber->dap integration, you will notice in that script that dap uses the “name” parameter in the request header to retrieve name from aweber and aweber is probably sending firstname.lastname in that field.

You can write custom php code to extract just the firstname in dap-aweber-productId.php script.

Something like this:

$name= explode(” “, $_GET[‘name’]);
$first_name = $name[0];
$last_name = $name[1];

Adam Teow - April 9, 2012


I put the following line in the “dap-aweber-3.php” file to redirect to my wordpress page:

$redirect = “http://fastcashmember.com/oto1”;

However, I was not redirected and the following error occur. Please help. I am launching my product this week.

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘:’ in /home/adamteow/public_html/fastcashmember.com/dap/dap-aweber-3.php on line 6

Dan - October 7, 2012

Any info on how to integrate with iContact? They don’t seem to have a subscribe by email. They do have an API, but I am concerned that they limit the calls to 60 per minute, and we can easily get more than that during a big launch. Is there a better way?

Veena Prashanth - October 7, 2012

DAP does not integrate with iContact. You can integrate using the dap plugin framework but you will have to custom develop the APIs connecting dap to icontact.

Sorry, we do not have a workaround for the icontact ‘number of calls per minute restriction’.

Dan - October 7, 2012

So there is no way to connect with iContact? iContact give HTML code to use for your form when signing people up. Obviously this involves a call to a php file on their servers as part of the form. Is it possible to call this from within the plugin framework of DAP, passing it through the required parameters? There must be some way to integrate with iContact, they are one of the most used auto responders.

Veena Prashanth - October 9, 2012

The icontact webform -> dap integration may work for ‘free product’ signups but wont work for paid products because the paid product flow is always from dap -> payment processor -> dap -> autoresponder.

There might be other ways to integrate icontact apis with dap but we have not yet looked into it. We have it on our to-do list for future.

Massimo - November 3, 2012

Hello Veena,
I’m configuring DAP for a friend of mine, and it’s a very powerfull program.
Just one question.
Into the scenario “From Aweber to DAP”, is there a way to automatically login the user?
I’ve setup a single optin list into Aweber, and, after an user submit his name+email, I’d link to automatically log in that user…
At the moment, the user must check his email, copy the generated password, and then log into the site.. It’s another step to do 🙂
Thanks for your reply,

ps: The other solution, “From DAP to Aweber”, is good because the user is automatically signed up into the website, but in that way you’ve got the Aweber double-optin problem (via the email parser…)

Veena Prashanth - November 3, 2012

Hi Massimo,

>>Into the scenario “From Aweber to DAP”, is there a way to automatically login the user? << It will be possible in dap 4.4 (upcoming release of dap). Not possible currently. Thanks, Veena

Adam - November 3, 2012

Is there any date for 4.4 release?

Kornel - November 19, 2012

Is it possible to just require the “email” in the opt-in form instead of the “name” and “email”?

I have an Aweber single opt-in setup as per your instructions but when I tried to use an Aweber opt-in form that only had the email as a field, it did not work.

Thank you in advance.

Bob The Teacher - January 21, 2013

I had a bit of trouble with this until I made sure that I…
1) passed subscriber information on (right below the confirmation link in the confirmed opt-in page in Aweber) (and yes, that’s explained above but I failed to see it)


2) Took out the /* */ comment lines. Then it was all good.

This is an awesome feature, thanks Ravi and Veena!

Veena Prashanth - January 21, 2013

Thanks Bob.

Please see this on simplified AWeber->DAP integration in DAP 4.4.


>>Is it possible to just require the “email” in the opt-in form instead of the “name” and “email”? << If you want to accept just the email, then you need to default the $_REQUEST["name"] in the dap-aweber.php script to a default value (you can set it to the user's email address). For ex: $_REQUEST["name"] = $_REQUEST["from"]; Thanks, Veena

SHISHIR - June 19, 2013

Hi Veena/Ravi,

When changing the php file I stored it as dap-aweber-3.php
Now where do we upload this new file to?
And do we replace the earlier file dap-aweber.php with this new file or we let both files stay on the installation.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Adam - September 13, 2013

Hi! I’m receiving this error …

“Oops! An error has occurred!

Error: Sorry, all fields are mandatory. Please go ‘back’ and fill up the missing information.”

The user is subscribed in aweber but DAP for some reason is refusing to accept the info.

FYI: I’m asking for email only from the subscribe and no name.


Veena Prashanth - September 19, 2013

Hi Adam,
>> FYI: I’m asking for email only from the subscribe and no name. << Please see this : http://www.digitalaccesspass.com/forums/threads/1025-How-can-i-accept-just-email-in-my-signup-form?highlight=Aweber


Tristan - November 6, 2014

What if they are already a paid member – they already have their name / email in DAP?

I just want users to keep the same account, and also give them a new product without charging anything. Also, only if they actually want it (so I cannot use product chaining for this). How would I do that with DAP -> Aweber without messing up email / names / passwords for the user?

Veena Prashanth - November 6, 2014

As long as the users use the same email for signup, dap will not create a duplicate account. The existing account will be associated with the free/paid products so the same login id / password will work for both products.

See – http://www.digitalaccesspass.com/forums/threads/952-Multiple-products-tied-to-same-account-how-do-users-see-their-membership-level



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