Order Of Links On “My Links” page

[Updated 05/20/2012: Drag & Drop Re-ordering of links available since DAP v4.3.1]

Ordering Links

The ordering of links in the ContentResponder tab of a product is required ONLY if you have a “My Content” page (see example below – page uses the merge tag %%USERLINKS%%) and you want control over exactly how those links are displayed in that list:

Fig 1: Example “My Content” page which uses the merge tag %%USERLINKS%%

Ordering by Drip Day

The easiest way to organize links, is to set the dripping “day” for each link.

So if you’re setting up 5 links to be available on Day #1, 2, 3,4 & 5, then in the “My Links” section, DAP will display the links in “Newest On Top” order.

So the newest link (Day #5) will appear first, followed by Day #4, and so on, until Day #1.

Ordering When There Is No Dripping

If you have multiple links that you’re making available all on the same day (like say, all on Day #1), then once you’ve added the links from left to right in the ContentResponder tab of your DAP Product, you can then hold down any row from the Protected Content section, drag and drop and re-order it however you wish to.

Remember that the drag-and-drop re-ordering will only work within different links that are all set to drip on the same day. So for eg., dragging a day 1 link above a day 4 link (see screenshot below) will not work, and it will simply come back to it original position after refreshing the screen. But dragging one Day #1 link above or below another Day #1 link will re-order the links exactly in that order.

Fig 2. Screenshot showing drag-and-drop reordering in action

If you see the links order in the above screenshot, that’s the exact same order in which the links will appear when the member views their “My Content” page (or whatever you have called the user links page).

[DAPUserLinks] Shortcode

If you want even more control over how many links are displayed, order of the links, date format etc, then consider our new shortcode shown below:

[DAPUserLinks showProductName=”N” showAccessStartDate=”Y” showAccessEndDate=”Y” showDescription=”Y” showLinks=”Y” orderOfLinks=”NEWESTFIRST” howManyLinks=”10000″ errMsgTemplate=”SHORT” productId=”ALL” dateFormat=”YYYY-MM-DD”]

NOTE: orderOfLinks can have one of two values…

NEWESTFIRST will drip newly dripped links at the top. So day 7 link will be above day 1 link.

OLDESTFIRST will drip newly dripped links towards the bottom. So day 1 link will be above day 7 link.

So, here’s another version of the DAPUserLinks shortcode:

[DAPUserLinks showProductName=”N” showAccessStartDate=”Y” showAccessEndDate=”Y” showDescription=”Y” showLinks=”Y” orderOfLinks=”OLDESTFIRST” howManyLinks=”10000″ errMsgTemplate=”SHORT” productId=”ALL” dateFormat=”YYYY-MM-DD”]

Related: See more such shortcodes at DAP Shortcodes

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Laura - February 9, 2011

What would be great is just the ability to reverse the order. I’d prefer my posts to appear in chronological order instead of reverse chron.

Adam - May 1, 2011

>>But we do have it on our To-Do list to make the ordering configurable. Hopefully, well get to it in a future version.<<

Looking forward to it 🙂

Gary D. Collier - July 18, 2011

>>But we do have it on our To-Do list to make the ordering configurable. Hopefully, well get to it in a future version.<<

The sooner this happens the better. "Presentation" of material may not be a big deal to programmers, but when making quite a number of things available to people on the same day, week after week, doing so in "random order" in one long list (arranged only by days) is like walking into a room with junk lying all over the place.

Currently, I'm needing to jerry-rig this by naming files with directions in them. After a few weeks, the long single list of files just looks like a glob or a mess, not a well considered directory of info for the paying client.

Mike - August 13, 2011

Configuring the order of the links on the “My Links” page would be awesome and would make the member experience more intuitive and enjoyable (i.e. less frustrating). Please add this functionality ASAP. I keep looking for this improvement. Thanks.

Matt - April 4, 2012

I found that all you have to do is unprotect then re-protect the pages in the reverse order you would like them displayed. Clunky, but it works.

Bob The Teacher - May 20, 2012

This was fixed in one of the last versions of DAP, where you can now drag and drop the order from the ContentResponder section of a product.


Scott - February 11, 2013

How do I change the link titles? I have an ‘under construction’ plugin setup while the site is being worked on. All the links say ‘coming soon’, etc. Is it possible to change the title and/or is it possible to clear whatever cache those are stored in?

Alan Bergquist - April 29, 2013

How difficult is it to modify the %%USERLINKS%% page … I will never have more than one product for user so wanted to take out the line about “have access to 1 product” … and may need to put an additional sentence of information that I could add to the description but would prefer that it not be included there.

Ravi Jayagopal - April 29, 2013

Hi Alan,

See the new shortcode [DAPUserLinks] that allows you to just that.



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