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The “Unlimited” License

Using the Unlimited License

With this license, you can install and use DAP only on web sites you ow (as an individual or business entity).

This includes (but not restricted to)…

1) You CANNOT use it for a “JV” (say a partnered membership site) with another business owner. Example: You tell your partner, “You bring the content, I’ll bring the membership software”. Not allowed.

2) You CANNOT use it for your clients’ web sites, say, if you are a web , designer or virtual assistant (or perform any kind of services for clients).

3) You CANNOT redistribute, re-purpose, re-package the license in any way whatsoever. It is strictly to be used only on sites you own.

4) If you want to install DAP for clients, feel free to use your own affiliate link to purchase a license on their behalf, and you can bill them separately. Don’t forget to use a unique email id when purchasing a license on somebody’s behalf, so that we can track it as a new sale and give you the correct affiliate credit for the sale. Or you could also simply give your affiliate link to your client, and ask them to sign-up for DAP using that link.

5) When you buy this license for yourself, installation is free only for the first web site. Additional installations can be purchased for just $19.97 per installation, or you could do it yourself.

Additional Comments

* When you purchase the unlimited license, you own the license for life. But you get free support and updates for 6 months.

* While the software itself will never expire, your ability to get free support and upgrades does expire after 6 months. At which time, you may sign up for our extremely affordable Upgrades & Support program. But again, this is optional. You don’t have to sign up for anything or pay us another penny ever again if you don’t want support or upgrades after 6 months.


Upgrading Your DAP License

You can upgrade your license to a bigger license (say, “1-site” to “3-site” – or “3-site” to “Unlimited”) at any time by just paying the difference.

Please note that if you upgrade, your “Free Support/Free Upgrades” dates will not be extended.

They will stay the same as your original license purchase.