The Most Complete, AI-Powered WordPress Membership & LMS Plugin

Easily Convert ANY WordPress Site Into A Fully Automated Membership Site!

Why DAP?

Watch this DEMO to Find Out!

AI-Powered Membership Site

From idea to a fully built out online course or PDF report, our new AI add-on will help you create both FREE and PAID content within minutes!

Online Courses

From idea to course outline, modules, lesson content - DAP's AI will build it all for you within a few minutes!


From idea to challenge outline, day-by-day breakdown of challenge lessons - DAP's AI will build it all for you within a few minutes!


Enter the topic name and the goal of your eBook. DAP's AI will create the entire awesome looking eBook within a few minutes!  Use the AI content as the starting point and edit it make it your own.

PDF Report

Enter the topic name and your mission. DAP's AI will go to work for you! It'll create the entire PDF report within a few minutes! Obviously you should update the AI-content and make it your own.

Use AI to Jumpstart your Course or Challenge Creation

From your course or challenge outline, intro, description, detailed lesson content - you'll get fully formatted, beautifully packaged course in 2 minutes!

Watch the Video Above for a Full DEMO

DAP Supports all Key Membership Models

DAP is not just a plugin! It's a full-fledged, all-in-one Membership and LMS Platform. You can use DAP to create, protect and deliver all types of Products & Services! DAP supports all of these membership models:


The Drip-Feed Model

Release content based on a set schedule. Billing can be monthly/yearly etc. Access is based on payment. Users will lose access if they cancel. Use day-based dripping (access released X days after joining), or date-based dripping (available on a specific date).


The Freemium Model

You can offer basic or limited features to users at no cost. For e.g., free trial (full access during the trial period), or a free plan with limited access. Use this to  give users a taste of your premium membership and lower the bar to entry for new users to your product.


The Fixed Membership 

Users get access for a specific period of time. After that period ends, typically members lose access but if you still want them to keep access, you can do that! Also, billing can be however you want - one-time, or recurring until membership ends.


The Online Course

DAP comes with several options for course creators! You can break down your course into modules and lessons, or just lessons. Sell it individually (for a one-time fee or payment plan) and/or with membership.


All Access Model

Give members instant access to everything you have (courses, trainings. etc.), and ongoing access to new content you add. Release new content every month to keep members from downloading and cancelling.


The Digital Product Model

Offer different types of digital products and downloads for a one-time fee. After the purchase, users will receive access to the protected content or download. You can give users limited or lifetime access to the product.


The Service Model

The service model is based on delivery of a service. For e.g. you can offer a done-for-you service where you can help clients with actual implementation / setup and/or offer one-on-one or group coaching service.


Tiered Membership Model

Every tier has distinct benefits and values.  We use the tiered membership model to sell DAP licenses (basic, platinum, elite) where each tier has different benefits but all have the same core features.


Group Membership Model

You can offer your membership program to small businesses, groups or corporations. This will allow group owners to control who gets access to the membership program under them and manage those accounts.


Free Membership

Add a FREE tier that does NOT require users to enter their credit card details. Use it to offer all of your freebies. Users can access all freebies under one account. It'll increase the perceived value of your membership. Upsell paid products in your member dashboard under "you might be interested in" section.


The Online Community Site

Bring your members together in one online community. You can charge a fee for access to private groups and forums, or make it free for all members. You can also allow access to different group/forums based on membership levels and use it as an incentive to get people to join your highest tier.  


The Hybrid Model

This is the most popular membership model - a combination of different membership models.

For e.g., a membership site that includes online courses, weekly coaching calls, and a community component. Combine different membership models to offer a great membership experience.


Magazine Model

Want to deliver content as if it were a monthly magazine where members who were in for a specific month can access that month’s content but those that joined later (say the next month) can't access previous month's content? DAP has the BEST magazine model implementation! 


Pay-Per-Post (Netflix-Style)

Sell individual pieces of content such as audio, video, PDF files, WordPress content, without creating a product! You can allow users to buy or rent your content, or signup for a membership. You can also create an instant content store with a buy, rent or membership purchase option! 


Free & Paid Funnels

You can use our cart plugin - SmartPayCart (SPC) to create all types of funnels - lead magnet funnel, sales funnel, member funnel, product-launch funnel, etc. Charge for content in many different ways - one-time, recurring,  free, trial, payment plans, credits, etc.

Is DAP the BEST Membership Plugin for You?

Want to offer courses from your Membership Site?

Easy as it gets

Set up your courses in no time.  No coding required.

Do it Your Way

 DAP's LMS gives you FULL control over course design.

Advanced LMS

Add quizzes,  award certificates, badges & gamify the experience.


DAP comes with an Advanced, Built-In, Learning Management System for your Courses!

You'll NOT need a different 

LMS for your courses!

Create Courses that stand out

Use DAP's advanced course builder to quickly and easily build your courses.
Your courses will look amazing! Wow your students and create a memorable and fun course experience for them.

✔️ You can use WordPress for your lesson content. You can design lessons however you want (using your own page builder), and make it part of your DAP course.

✔️ Use DAP's built-in course template! Create your lesson content in DAP using DAP's powerful built-in editor. 

✔️ Use DAP's built-in course template for the overall layout but use your own page builder to create / edit your lesson content.

Sell individually and/or offer with membership

You can charge for your course however you want and give users limited-time or lifetime access to the course.

✔️ One-time fee with limited-time access
✔️ One-time fee with lifetime-time access
✔️ Payment Plan (fixed number of payments) with limited or lifetime access. 
✔️ Offer it as part of your membership (recurring). They'll keep access as long as their membership is active

Reward Students and Gamify your course 

✔️ Award points when users complete your course and/or lessons in your course.
✔️ Build excitement by displaying inspiring messages and fun animations when users complete lessons.
✔️ Collect testimonials on autopilot. Give points for reviews.
✔️ Give users points for promoting your course on social. 
✔️ Increase your opt-in conversion. Award registration points for free courses.
✔️ Create an instant "credit" store where users can redeem access to products using their points/credits.

blocking quizzes - lesson access based on score

Add blocking quizzes to your lessons! Setup rules to prevent users from accessing the next lesson until a student achieves a minimum grade for a quiz.

automated reminders to get students back

Automate course reminders!

If students enroll but don't start the course, or start but don't complete it, you can setup course reminder rules to automatically send email reminders to these users. The content of this email is fully customizable. You can configure the total number of times you want the reminder to be sent.

Add a sense of urgency to get students to the finish line

You can add 3 different types of "smart" timers to your courses.
✔️Countdown Timer - Show a countdown timer to remind users how much time is left to complete the course. This is for courses where you give users limited-time access such as 7 days or 14 days to add a sense of urgency. It'll be displayed on each lesson page.
✔️Course Timer - Show time they have already spent on the course. It'll be displayed on each lesson page.
✔️ Lesson Timer - Show time they have already spent on the lesson they are on. It'll be displayed on each lesson page.

showcases courses in the member dashboard

✔️ Display products and services that the logged-in member has signed up for.
✔️ Display badges and certificates.
✔️ Display completed courses.
✔️ Display in-progress courses.
✔️ Display enrolled but not started courses.
✔️ Display not-yet-enrolled courses (upsell courses).
✔️ Display "might be interested courses" (upsell products)

Check out

What our customers are saying

It Looks Like We Will Just Miss Hitting The 1 Million In Gross Revenue!

I've doubled my business this year and it looks like we will just miss hitting the 1 Million in gross revenue! DAP, SPC and of course, you Veena has been a part of our success.

Next year, we will plan on using your GameOfPoints (GoP) and the SmartQuizBuilder (SQB) plugins to continue to build. You are a force and I feel fortunate to have found you.

Greg Capra

 The Most Robust Membership System The World Has Ever Seen! 

I just have to give a shout-out to Veena for her dedication to continually develop the most robust membership system the world has ever seen. I’ve been using DAP for many years and have been amazed on almost a daily basis by Veena’s total dedication and service.

Today I finally used the new LMS aspect of the DAP platform and was once again blown away.  I love the flexibility and ease of implementation.

Gene Pimentel

Despite Dealing With Covid, Our Membership Site Is Still On Track And Bringing In Recurring Income!

We are now into our 10th year with Digital Access Pass (DAP)!  I was just thinking though, what a blessing it has been to have my website using DAP for Membership. It's quite a neat feeling of security that even in the midst of being a bit out of "commission" that our membership site is still on track and bringing in recurring income despite all that.

Thanks Veena again for DAP & SPC!

N. Lawrence

Feature List

Affiliate Module

DAP comes with a built-in affiliate feature. From 2 tier payments, affiliate coupons, full-fledged reports, custom affiliate links, referral bonus (where you can affiliates free month of subscription), credits, download builder - you can do it all!

Membership Site

Assign tags when any of these events happen: Purchase Tags, Lead Magnet Tags, Course & Lesson Completion Tags, Recurring Payment Tags,  
Cart Abandonment Tags. Assign tag (add or remove tag) when users abandon your cart.

Email Autoresponder / Broadcast / SMTP

DAP comes with a built-in email autoresponder for pre-scheduled emails, email broadcast system to send email to your lists, and support for email SMTP if you want to connect to external SMTP servers such as Amazon SES.

Content Protection & Delivery

Protect all types of content - pages, posts, custom posts, categories, pdf files, audio, video, mp3, zip, pdf, etc. You can use DAP to deliver your content in MANY different ways - instant, ongoing, dripped, timed, action-based, task-based, etc.

Community / Forum

Your community could be the main component or a key benefit of your membership. You can use any free WP forum plugins, BuddyBoss or use Invision Community for your forum and integrate with DAP for a seamless single signup experience.


DAP integrates with all leading email platforms -such as ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit, Aweber, Mailchimp, MailerLite, SendInBlue, etc. Connect with automation platforms such as Zapier, Pabbly Connect, KonnectzIT, Integrately, Integromat, etc.

Unlimited Everything

NO limits with your DAP license.
Unlimited Products
Unlimited Membership Levels
Unlimited Members
Unlimited Email Autoresponders
Unlimited Upsells, Downsells, etc.

Group Memberships

DAP offers the most comprehensive group membership feature. The # of members (seats) that group owners can manage can be configured in the backend. The group account owners can fully manage the subaccounts under them.

Built-In LMS

DAP comes with several options for course creators! You can break down your course into modules and lessons, or just lessons. Sell it individually (for a one-time fee or payment plan) and/or with membership.

Built-in Challenge Builder

You can quickly and easily create a free or paid challenge. Add a to-do list under each challenge. Users can check a box to indicate completion. Gamify your challenge using points, fun animation, certificate, badges, etc. Drip out the challenge lessons.

Product Builder

Use DAP's user-friendly product builder to create, protect and deliver all kinds of products - free or paid. . Assign content, setup billing and a delivery schedule. Customize your welcome email. Your product will be ready in less than 10 minutes!

Form Builder

Use DAP's form builder to generate a beautiful signup form for your freebies! Publish it on your opt-in page. You can configure it to auto-login users when they signup. Deliver all of your freebies from your membership site. 

Gamified Experience

Use our game of points plugin to award points when users complete lessons, display inspiring message when users accomplish a goal, collect testimonials on autopilot. Award points for sharing your content on social. And so much more!


DAP comes with a fully customizable certificate and badge builder. Use it to upload a certificate image, design your certificate, customize it and award it automatically when users complete your course or challenge. 

Quizzes is our quiz plugin and it integrates beautifully and seamlessly with DAP. Whether you want to create a lead magnet quiz or a blocking quiz, you can do it all using SQB and DAP.

Dashboard Builder

DAP comes with a powerful & fully-customizable member page builder! Create beautiful member-facing pages such as login page, dashboard, profile, my content, cancellation page, invoice and affiliate page.

Shopping Cart Integrations

DAP integrates seamlessly with, which is our own cart platform for DAP. It also integrates with WooCommerce, ClickBank, PayPal, JVZoo, WarriorPlus, ThriveCart, PayKickStart, SamCart, 1ShoppingCart, 2Checkout, Zaxaa, Ontraport, WP eStore, eJunkie, etc.

Automation Engine

DAP's one-of-a-kind Visual Automation Engine will allow you to supercharge your membership site automations and create a truly incredible experience for your members. Easily connect DAP with your, send membership password.
assign & send tags.

Product Bundling

You can setup rules in DAP to automatically give access to additional products when users signup for a specific membership or product. No need to duplicate content. Use chaining to automatically give access and also remove access upon cancellation.

Payment Buttons

You can create many different types of buttons - buy now, add-to-cart, donation, Netflix-style-pay-per-post, pay-using-credits and pay-what-you-want.  You can also create an instant storefront for your products. Select the products you want to showcase in the store.

Create, Protect & Sell All Types Of Products - Free And Paid!

Create free, paid or hybrid memberships. Protect and sell all types of content. Accept payments securely. All with a simple and easy setup! Just identify and set up these 4 key elements for each product - content, billing, access and delivery:


A product is made of one or more pieces of content. The content could be whatever you want it to be - Video, Audio, Articles, PDF’s, Webinar, WordPress Pages/Posts & Categories, Courses, Trainings, etc. 

✔️ Course
✔️ Challenge
✔️ Community
✔️ Digital Product / Download
✔️ Interactive
✔️ Interviews
✔️ Product Reviews
✔️ Service
✔️ Software
✔️ Templates
✔️ Training
✔️ Other

Billing & Access

How do you want to charge for the product and how many days of access will members get when they signup?

✔️ Free – Limited-time or Lifetime Access.
✔️ One-Time Payment - Limited-time or Lifetime Access.
✔️ Free Trial – $0 trial for X days, followed by $Y payment every billing cycle.
✔️ Paid Trial – Paid trial for X days, followed by $Y payment every billing cycle.
✔️ Payment/Installment Plan – Payment every X days, limited to Y total payments.
✔️ Recurring Subscriptions – $X Payment every Y number of days (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, custom). Payment until cancellation.
✔️ Pay what you want / Donation
✔️ Pay-Per-Post


DAP supports these content delivery models:

✔️ Instant – Make all of your content available immediately.
✔️ Ongoing – Release new content on an ongoing basis.
✔️ Content Drip (Day-Based) – Release content based on a set schedule. You can use day-based dripping where drip schedule is applied to a member's start date - X days after joining.
✔️ Content Drip (Date-Based) - Make the content available on a certain date (Eg: Monday, 28th December) or between a certain "date" range.
✔️ Timed – Next lesson released only if users spend a certain amount of time on the lesson.
✔️ Quiz Complete – Next lesson released only if students pass or complete a quiz (blocking quiz).
✔️ Mark as Complete – Next lesson released when users click on the lesson complete button to confirm completion of the lesson.
✔️ Action-based – Create custom tasks. Your students will have to click a button to indicate they have completed the task and only then they can go to the next lesson.

Centralize Everything Under Your Membership Site

Offer free or paid products

Use DAP for not just your paid offers but also to create, protect and deliver your freebies!

Create/sell one or more Tiers

Create as many membership levels as you want! Offer with different benefits and/or content with each tier.

Sell individually or with membership

Sell your products however you want - one-time fee, payment plan, free/paid trail, subscription, donation, etc.


Monetize your blog. Charge for access to individual posts or pages without the need for a full-fledged product.

Online courses/Challenges

Create and deliver online courses, challenges and training programs using DAP's powerful, advanced, built-in LMS.

different types of content

Use any content format - Video, Audio, Newsletter, PDF, Webinar, Checklist, eBook, Pages/Posts, Courses, Trainings, etc.

Offer free / Paid Challenges from Your Membership Site

  • FREE or PAID Challenge: Create a 7-day, 14-day, 21-day etc. challenge using DAP's amazing challenge builder.
  • Task List: Add different action items to each lesson page. Users can check a box to indicate they have completed it.
  • Gamify your challenge: Award points, inspire participants with encouraging messages when they accomplish goals, display animations upon completion of each challenge, etc.
  • Award a badge and/or a certificate to those that complete the challenge. Drip out the challenge lessons.

Smart Pay Cart (SPC): The Most Advanced & Easy-To-Use Shopping Cart Plugin For WordPress.

Optimized Checkout
 Stripe, PayPal,
Dunning   Management

Smart Pay Cart (SPC)

The Most Advanced & Easy-To-Use Shopping Cart Plugin For WordPress

SmartPayCart (SPC) is our shopping cart plugin for DAP! It's FREE with DAP Platinum and Elite License! 

Checkout Page Builder

You can create a Fully Optimized, Buyer-Friendly & Conversion-Focused Checkout Forms, in a matter of seconds!  You can drag & drop form fields, add custom fields, add testimonials, terms & conditions, show/hide coupon section, display your product image, add privacy and security messages, and restate your offer with the click of a few buttons.

Order Bumps

Increase your average order value using order bumps. Easily add your order bump offer to any checkout page. Select any paid DAP product, customize the order temp section & add to checkout with the click of a button. You can offer not just one but multiple “order bumps” on your checkout page. SPC is one of the very free cart platforms that supports this. Many SPC’ers have successfully used this feature to double their order value.

Dunning Management

SPC supports full-fledged dunning management. Users can update their credit card & billing details. They can self-cancel their subscription. They can also pause & resume their subscription.  You can send an email reminder a few days before card expiration due date. You can also send automated email reminders for failed payments.

Visual Upsell Funnel Builder

It comes with a unique “Visual Funnel Builder” that’ll allow you to build all types of sales funnel (unlimited 1-click upsells and downsells), no matter how complex it is, with the click of a few buttons.

Payment Buttons

Create different types of buttons - buy now, add-to-cart, donation, Netflix-style-pay-per-post, pay-using-credits, pay-what-you-want, an instant storefront with your products, and so much more.


You can set a coupon start and end date. You can set a max limit on how many times it can be used. You can enable it on your checkout and customize the section. You can pre-apply coupon code on your checkout page so users don't have to enter it manually. You can use SPC's price-strikeout feature to bring attention to the discounted price.

Automated Login

SPC has a great integration with DAP. Your users will get automatically logged-in to their membership upon purchase. They don’t have to wait for a welcome email to login. They can instantly access your product after purchase.

1 or 2-step checkout

You can accept payments using Stripe, PayPal and SPC comes with several pre-built and fully customizable templates. 

You can use 1-step or 2-step order forms.

Member's Area Upsell

You can offer 1-Click Member's Area upsell with Stripe. Users can click a button to upgrade. Also, if the previous purchase was made via PayPal or, the button will automatically link to the sales page or buy button for that product.

Pay what you want

You can create a donation / pay-what-you-want button using SPC. You can also set a minimum amount & fully customize the donation checkout. You can set up a recurring button where users can pay a certain amount on a recurring basis, just by checking a box.

Pay using Points / Credits

Create a fully gamified, rewards-based membership using DAP, SPC and our plugin. Allow users to earn credits in many different ways and they can spend it in your store or purchase products using points via SPC.

GDPR Compliant / VAT Support

SPC is GDPR-compliant.

SPC will also automatically detect VAT/GST based on the user's country & display the VAT/GST amount as a separate line item in the order details area of the checkout.


You can block IP Addresses, ban purchases from an entire country (or countries) & ban specific email addresses from purchasing your products.

One-Off & Subscriptions

Use SPC to sell one-off products, recurring products, payment plans, trial offers etc. Just select your DAP product in the SPC button generator page & it'll create a button for it.

From a Drag & Drop Checkout Page Builder, Order Bumps, Multiple Payment Plans, 1-Click & Member's Area Upsells, Visual Funnel Builder, One-Off & Subscription Products,  Pre-Applied Coupons, Order Receipts, Dunning Management, Full Tracking & Reporting, SPC can do it all!

see what others have to say

You're in good company


In Today's "New Way Of Doing Business", DAP Provides Many Of The Online Tools You Need To Do Business.

I came back to DAP after pivoting in my business because there is really no better membership platform out there in my opinion! Veena is proactive with constant upgrades and I’m thrilled DAP now includes an LMS with gamification! Their customer support is amazing and I recommend them highly. I LOVE all you're doing in DAP where both ingenuity and customer service are absolutely incredible and amazing!

Deborah Johnson //

If You Want A Membership Plugin Which Is Easy To Use, With Great Support, A Lots Of Features, At A Low Cost, I Can`t Think Of Anything Better! 

Digital Access Pass is a product I have used since 2015 when I set up my first membership site. Back then I just wanted a product that would allow me to host my online course. I was tempted to use Udemy but didn’t like the lack of control I had on that site. Avoiding Udemy and going with DAP was one of the best decisions I could have made. I have more faith in Veena and her team than any other software creator I work with and am 100% confident DAP will keep current, up to date and evolving as the net changes.

Daniel Thorpe// Guitar Domination

Nothing Can Compete Or Compare With The Features DAP Provides For Delivering Online Courses!

I have used a few LMS software products, even tried Thrive Apprentice, but there is nothing that can compete or compare with the features DAP provides for delivering online courses. As the users keep asking, DAP keeps delivering and improving with new features all the time in its upgrades.

Frances Piggott //

Need help with tech, implementation or planning?

we'll help you with that too!

"DAP Offers A Service Where You Can Get Their Experts To Configure Things For You For Pretty Cheap"

I have long told LMS and membership plugin vendors they should offer a white-glove service. After all, just because I want a new couch or bookshelf, doesn't mean I also want to build it.

The best news? If you buy DAP's Elite plan (which I recommend), it comes with 3 hours of their concierge service. You can get their experts to configure things for you for pretty cheap! It's a white glove service that changes the name of the game. Because as long as the power is available, I don't necessarily need to know how to configure every switch that's available to me. I want the benefit of the power. Not necessarily the know-how on how to do everything myself.

Chris Lema

"My First Concierge Call Was Outstanding..."

My first concierge call was outstanding. Not only did Veena answer all of my questions, including a question I didn't even know to ask, she offered motivation and confirmation that I can set up my membership site properly and effectively. Look forward to the second call.

Henry Billingslea
Planning, Strategy or implementation

Need help planning your membership site, or the right membership strategy, or with just DAP setup/implementation? Just signup for the DAP elite license and you'll get FREE 3 hours of one-on-one concierge calls with us! We share our screen on the call so you can actually see and learn with us.

Use the time however you want

The 3 hours of time can be used for membership site planning, brainstorming ideas, strategy and implementation. You can use the time however you want. If you want us to split the 3 hours into 6, 1/2 hour calls, you can do that too!

you are not alone

So if you need a little extra help and don't have the time to figure it all out, signup for the DAP Elite Package. You will be glad you did!

Simple, Easy, Flexible, Customizable & Powerful! 

Fanatical Support, Focused on Your Success!




  • DAP 1-Site License
  • Plugin Updates & Support
  • All Core Features Included




  • DAP 5-site License
  • Plugin Updates & Support
  • All Core Features Included
  • Access to add-on plugins. See list below.
  • 30 Minutes FREE Setup Help




  • DAP 10-site License
  • Plugin Updates & Support
  • All Core Features Included
  • AI Add-on Included
  • All plugins included. See list below.
  • 3 Hours FREE setup help (every year)




  • DAP 1-Site License
  • Plugin Updates & Support
  • All Core Features Included
  • Get 2 months free when paid annually compared to monthly!




  • DAP 5-site License
  • Plugin Updates & Support
  • All Core Features Included
  • Get 2 months free when paid annually compared to monthly!
  • Access to a few add-on plugins. See list below.
  • 30 Minutes FREE Setup Help




  • DAP 15-site License
  • Plugin Updates & Support
  • All Core Features Included
  • Get 3 months free when paid annually compared to monthly!
  • All plugins included. See list below.
  • 3 Hours FREE setup help. 

* ALL Plugins included in Elite Membership - DAP license, AI Add-on,,, Elite,,,, DAP2DAP, DAPConnect,,, & more! You get 10-site license with Elite Monthly and 15-site with Elite Annual. This is not an agency license.

* AI Add-on:  Don't want to signup for Elite License but want access to the AI option? You can signup for the AI Add-On here.

* Plugins included in Platinum Membership - DAP license, & S3MediaVault Pro. You get 5-site license with platinum membership. You can use it on up to 5 sites that you own. This is not an agency license.

* Plugin updates and support are only provided until your current subscription is active. All purchases are subject to our terms of use.

* DAP license can only be used on the sites you "own". It cannot be used on other client or partner sites. If you want to use it on a client site, you'll have to purchase a separate license for each client.

money back


30 day guarantee

100% Money Back Guarantee for 30-Days

Purchase With Confidence...It's Risk Free!

If, for any reason, you don't like DAP, you can get a full refund anytime within 30 days after your purchase. If you have any issues, just get in touch with our friendly support team and they'll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a swift refund.