What is a Product?

In DAP, a “Product” is the same as what some would call as a “Membership Level“.

We call it a “Product” because you really are selling access to this “Product/Membership Level” as an actual product on your web site.

A Product is basically a collection of…

1. “Content” (blog posts/pages/category links),

2. “Files” (.pdf, .mp3, .mp4, etc) and

3. “Emails“ (autoresponder emails)

Think of a Product as one big bucket, into which you add some content, you add some files, you add some autoresponder emails, you set up how the content should “drip”, how the files should drip, how the “emails” should drip, specify if this is a “Recurring” product or a “One-Time” product, specify the price, is there a trial, etc.

Basically, this “Product” is what your members “Buy” access to (or you can also give them access on the backend, without them having to buy – for eg., to your JV partners or business associates).

Whatever content you want your members to have access to when they become a member, is what you would add to this product.

For example, if you are running a subscription site on “How To Train Dogs”, you could give your product the same name “How to Train Dogs”. And to this product, you would add blog posts that you have created (like “Tools to buy”, “Dog Training 101”, “How to reward your dog”, etc).

You can set up Unlimited Products/Membership Levels in DAP. For instance, you can have 3 recurring membership levels (3 different products, called “Platinum Members”, “Silver Members” and “Gold Members”) – and you can add different content to each of these levels.

At the same time, you can have a 4th product – a one-time-sale product – called “Puppy Potty Training” where the buyer just gets access to 1 PDF report.

And you can have a 5th product – a one-time “Video” product – where the buyer gets access to a series of videos, all at the same time (no “dripping”).

A member can have access to one or more (unlimited) products at any given time.

Any time we say content, we mean WordPress blog posts, blog pages and regular files (PDF, zip, doc, mp3, mp4, swf, .jpg, etc).

Adding content/files means that as an admin, you can specify what content on your web site is part of this product, and you can go into each link and specify the access control for that file – like, is this content free or paid, when is it accessible to the user (on day #1, day #7, etc) – and for how long.

You can add content from your web site using the provided file browser within the “Manage Products” page, or you can also add using full URLs (like http://www.YourSite.com/dogtraining/protect-this-post.html).

Adding emails means you can setup an email autoresponse to be a part of this Product, and that email can be configured to go out to the user after “X” number of days after she has joined, or on a specific date (in case your email is date- or time- sensitive.

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Mark - October 30, 2009

Great ideas here!

Also, If I have, say, a Viddler video which I have customized to NOT be embeddable by members/viewers in any way, and I place that within an HTML page which is in turn protected by DAP, would this be a good way to offer protected video content? It seems like this is the way to go. Look forward to your thoughts…

Ravi Jayagopal - October 30, 2009


>>would this be a good way to offer protected video content?

That is correct.

An even more secure strategy is to host your videos on Amazon S3 and use http://S3MediaVault.com in combination with DAP to make your media/videos the most secure.

– Ravi

Adam - November 23, 2009

Ravi, we’re planning to have a site where it’s content based. In other words, members will have access to pages created on the site. My question is how can I give member “x” access to pages 1-3 and member “y” access just to only 4-7 and member “z” access to pages 2, 5-6? I’m thinking that I’m going to have to create several products in order to do this. I really would like to assign whatever pages I want to assign to a member based on his/her membership level. Is there a way to do this without creating a ton of products?

Adam - November 23, 2009

Actually, after looking at this more closely it will actually work. Each page could be a separate product and then we select which page(s) members get. Man, this is great because the one program that turned out to be a flop only allowed total access which is what we didn’t want. Good job Ravi…it will work.

Ravi Jayagopal - November 23, 2009


It looks like you figured it out before I could answer your question :-).

We will put this on our TODO list to work on a more elegant solution in a future version.


– Ravi

Julie - May 2, 2010

I would like to have DAP allow the purchase of a specific WordPress “role”. That way – by tying capacities to that role – I could use the user’s role to provide more specific benefits than just access to content, but also tailor other features.
Your thoughts on that, please …

Pravesh - November 9, 2010

Hello Ravi & Veena,

Is it possible to have 2 prices for 1 product?

For example, if I am offering a subscription, I want to give the user to the ability to choose to pay on a monthly basis or a one-lump sum as a yearly subscription – is this possible using DAP?

Veena Prashanth - November 10, 2010

Yes, you can have 2 prices for 1 product.

If the price is all that is different between the products, then all you have to do is create 1 product in DAP and then create multiple payment buttons with different price pointing to the same DAP product.

The price/amount set in DAP is ONLY used if you the DAP shopping cart. The price/amount set in DAP products page is NOT used if you use regular Paypal button or 1SC/CB etc.

Note: if the payment interval is also different in addition to price (say one is yearly subscriptio and the other is monthly), then you need to create 2 different products in DAP as the recurring setting will be different for each product. You can create a full clone of an existing product in DAP by selecting the product (in DAP products page) and clicking on ‘Save as copy’.

Hope that helps.

Pravesh - November 10, 2010

Hi Veena,

Thanks for the info – the latter part of your reply is what I was thinking I had to do: create 2 different products as the payment interval and the price are different

For example

Membership A

monthly subscription: .02 per month
year subscription: .10 per year

Therefore I would need to have

Membership A1 – with .02 and another copy as membership A2 with .10

Thanks for the reply!

PJ McClure - December 12, 2011

What needs to happen to integrate 3rd party physical product fulfillment? i.e., a paperback book shipped from my fulfillment house.

Veena Prashanth - December 15, 2011

You will have to integrate it with dap using the dap using the dap plugin framework.


kristina - July 18, 2013

How can I add file? Where members can download the file?

Veena Prashanth - July 21, 2013

>> How can I add file? < < You can drip / protect content in dap products page -> contentresponder tab.

>> Where members can download the file? << Please see: http://www.digitalaccesspass.com/doc/dap-user-links/



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