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Product/Forum Chaining

This is by far the most exciting feature in 3.9. I don’t think even we, the developers of DAP, have been this excited about a new feature.

Now, with just a few clicks of the mouse, you can completely automate your Forum management, and do some really slick stuff like…

* “Silver” Members get posting access only to the following vB forums…
– Introductions
– General Discussions

* “Gold” members get access to all above, plus the forum “Puppy Potty Training Tips”. So they get access to the following vB forums…
– Introductions
– General Discussions
– Puppy Potty Training Tips

* “Platinum” members get access to ALL of the forums above, PLUS some premium forums, like “Joint Ventures”, “Starting Your Own Dog Business”, “Premium Support”, and more. So they get access to…
– Introductions
– General Discussions
– Puppy Potty Training Tips
– Joint Ventures
– Platinum Mastermind
– Starting Your Own Dog Business
– Premium Support

And then you can add some more rules like…

Both Gold & Silver can just VIEW the “Premium Support” forums, but cannot POST anything.

And Gold & Silver CANNOT even VIEW the “Joint Ventures”, “Platinum Mastermind”, “Starting Your Own Dog Business”.

See how insanely powerful this can get?

Sure, you could have a forum with WP-based forum plugins like bbPress and Simple:Press too.

But comparing those WP forums to vBulletin? That’s like putting a kid who’s just completed one month of boxing lessons, in a ring with Mike Tyson right after someone said something mean about his mother!

And can you imagine what it would do to your “retention rate”, when you tell your members that if they cancel their subscription, they will lose access to the entire community of like minded people?

And to think that we’re just scratching the surface of monetizing forums here.

The vBulletin forum software is so rich in rules and user roles, and the DAP integration with vB is so tight that you could start just a “Forums Only” membership site and charge just for access to your forums!

Imagine creating a one-time product where for $10, they get to post in a “Special Offers” forum where they can advertise their product or service?

Or how about charging $10 to post in a forum called “Outsourcing”, where they can advertise their need to hire someone either for both long-term and short-term projects? It would be free to view for everyone, but you have to pay-to-post]

Veena Prashanth
Co-Founder & Co-Developer, DAP

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Forum Integration — DAP Documentation - November 3, 2010

[…] This post is primarily about integration with WP-based forums. For vB integration details, click here. […]

Frank - November 4, 2010


I just upgrated to 3.9 and don’t see the “Forum Mapping” option in the menu. Where is it?


Robert - November 17, 2010

If you integrate DAP with a wordpress forum, you have the problem that if people logout from DAP, they are still logged in to the forum/wordpress. Do you have this problem with VBulletin aswell?

Veena Prashanth - November 17, 2010

No, we do not have this problem with vbulletin.

And DAP 4.0 release will resolve this problem with wordpress based forum plugins as well.

Kyle - September 13, 2012

Does DAP integrate with vBulletin 5?

Veena Prashanth - September 26, 2012

>>Does DAP integrate with vBulletin 5? << Yes, DAP integrates with VB 5.

Justin - November 1, 2012

It doesn’t integrate with VB5, or at least I can’t get it to work. I do have a support ticket in though so perhaps you can help me get it to work.

However it seems that the file structure of VB5 has changed and some of the files you need no longer exist. 🙁

Veena Prashanth - November 1, 2012

I thought dap integrated with VB 5.0 per our previous tests but recently we tested it on another site and it kept coming up with a blank page. VB 5.0 is still in beta and it probably still has bugs. We will not be able to support VB 5.0 until it’s out of beta and stable.
Sorry about that.

Daisy Peel - June 12, 2013

Do you support VB5 at this point? Thanks 🙂

Daisy Peel - June 20, 2013

How might you set it up so that a user buys a product and gets membership, with access to a forum/usergroup, then a week later gets upgraded to a different forum/usergroup that allows access to an additional forum, and so on and so forth? Is that possible?


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