Upgrading to DAP version 1.0

The following is relevant to you only if you are “Upgrading” DAP from an earlier version.

Yay, DAP version 1.0 is here! (click here to see the what changed )

This is an important update, so do not skip this.

Here’s how to upgrade to the new version:

1. Download the zip file and unzip to desktop. You should now see a folder by name “dap” on your desktop.

2. Overwrite the contents of your current “dap” folder on your site with the contents of the new “dap” folder on your desktop.

3. Do not try to use any admin functionality yet. Visit the following link:
http://YourSite.com/dap/update.php and follow the instructions on your screen.

NOTE: Replace YourSite.com with your actual domain name.

That’s it!


This is just for your information….

We have moved the email and header/footer templates from text files into the database, as some web hosts were very weird with file permissions and were causing issues. So all files which were previously located under /dap/templates/email/ and /dap/templates/content/ have now been moved to the database.

The contents of these template files have been copied over as-is to your database. But just as a sanity check, visit your “Admin > Templates” screen and double-check the content of these templates.


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Joseph - January 22, 2009

Any documentation or maybe a short list on what exactly has been upgraded?

It’s my experience that people like to know what’s been improved 🙂

Ravi Jayagopal - January 22, 2009


You’re right. This information is available as part of the update, but now it is available here too.


Thanks for the feedback.

– Ravi


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