Troubleshooting DAP/WordPress Sync

The problem:   DAP users are not being “sync”ed to WordPress.

Here’s how to troubleshoot.

What are your sync options in DAP Admin -> Setup -> Config  -> WordPress Related Section?

Do you allow all users to be sync’d or just paid users?
Do you allow users to be synced only when they pick a username?

If you allow all users to be sync’d and do not want to force your users to pick a username before dap syncs to WP, then use these settings:

Sync DAP User Data to WordPress “Y”
Sync Paid Users Only “N”
Sync Only if Username Exists in DAP “N”

To test:
1) Add a user manually to DAP via dap admin panel
2) Note down the user’s dap login id/password
3) Open a new browser where you are not logged in to DAP as admin
4) Now login to DAP again but this time as the user you created in step 1.
5) Now visit any part of your blog. DAP will now sync user to WP.
6) Login to WP admin panel. Click on Users in the left sidebar and see if the new user was created.

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Eugene - September 25, 2011

I’ve found out how it works. When you create new user in DAP panel, it doesn’t automatically added to WordPress user table. It will only be added when that user logged in into the DAP login form. I am correct?

Veena Prashanth - September 25, 2011


Yes, see the steps 4 & 5 above under “To test”.

DAP will sync when the user logs in to their membership area and visits any part of your blog.

Ryan - June 3, 2012

Veena, I’m experiencing an issue with the sync not working once users have changed their password. I’ve tested it directly. Soon as password is changed, they stay logged into their DAP account, but their WP account logs them out, and from that point forward the sync doesnt work. I’m speculating that whats happening is the WP user password doesnt get changed in turn, therefore the passwords no longer match, so, the sync stops working. My settings for sync are:
Sync DAP User Data to WordPress “Y”
Sync Paid Users Only “N”
Sync Only if Username Exists in DAP “N”

Can you advise?

Veena Prashanth - June 3, 2012


If you are logged in as admin and try to sync password, the syncing won’t work.

It looks like you changed the user’s password first in dap (from dap admin panel), dap did not sync it, so the passwords between dap and WP became out of sync.

Now the user tries to login and change the dap password but because the password mismatch already occurred between dap and WP, the syncing does not work as dap is not able to authenticate the user for syncing.

Pls do not update user’s password directly in dap admin panel. Have the user update their password directly.

Anyway, now that the user’s password is already out-of-sync, even if user tries to change password in their dap profile, it wont work.

To fix this, pls login to WP admin, and change the user’s password in WP (in addition to dap). This way the passwords will be in sync between dap and WP and from there on, do not change users password in dap admin directly. Only have users change their password.

Russell Hall - July 14, 2012

I just thought I’d leave a comment on my findings after hours and hours of going in circles and thinking I was going nuts or that something was buggy.

I was trying to get DAP to Sync properly with WP so that when a new member to DAP (via product purchase) logged in via DAP (set up as a /login/ page on my WP site using the %%LOGIN%% tag) they would then go straight to the WP member-dashboard panel where I’d set up all support and download pages plus the link to DAP affiliate page which I’d set up.

The problem was that when I logged in as purchaser/member via DAP user credentials it would take me to the /member-dashboard/ page in WP I’d set up BUT,.. WP would present me with a default login panel indicating I was not logged into WP and that of course indicated that the DAP>WP sync was not working. Whilst I could have logged into WP using WP username (not user email username as used by DAP login) I knew this would both confuse and frustrate my members who would be think that they had already logged in and that something was wrong.

Here’s the problem and fix I discovered. When I added a new DAP user that did not yet exist in WP then everything worked perfectly. The new DAP user logged in and went unobstructed to the logged in /member-dashboard/ page in WP and also had a WP user profile set up automatically by DAP (beautiful!).
So to finally test this I deleted the original user (using my wife’s PayPal address I had tested the purchase with) from both WP users and DAP users and made a fresh purchase again using her PayPal email.
This time everything went perfectly and no longer does WP not recoginise the DAP login and present me with the annoying WP login panel when I’ve already logged in with DAP.
Now I can get on with the rest of the process knowing that this is working perfectly.
BTW,.. Sync settings used for WP are Y/N/N as I want all DAP members to be synced with WP (there won’t be any free members to this site).
Thanks to all and especially to Ravi & Veena for a great product and awesome support!

Jimmy - February 6, 2013

Is there any way for WordPress to create the user when user registers on DAP instead of when he logins for the first time?

Veena Prashanth - February 20, 2013

>>Is there any way for WordPress to create the user when user registers on DAP instead of when he logins for the first time? << Sorry, not possible currently. The sync occurs during first login but dap automatically logs in the user in a lot of cases (for ex- free signup of single-opt-in product, dap generated button for paypal, dap cart etc).


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