Self-Service Store (SSS) Installation & Setup

SSS Intro


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SSS Installation

  1. Make sure you are using DAP v4.1 or above, because SSS won’t work otherwise.
  2. Download the Self-Service-Store_vXX.zip file from the member’s area.
  3. Unzip the 5 files inside to your desktop.
  4. Here’s where each file goes:
    selfService-submit.php: Upload to your “dap” folder

    creditHistory.inc.php and selfService.inc.php: Upload to dap/inc/content folder

    selfServiceAdmin.php and selfServiceAdmin_submit.php: Upload to dap/admin folder.

  5. Go to “Setup > Config > Advanced” screen in DAP Admin Control Panel. You will see two SSS config items:Self-Service: Allow members to use credits and choose products a-la-carte.
    Set this to “Y” and click ‘Update’
    How to order the products displayed in your Self-Service Store?
    Ignore this for now. For future use. Let it remain at whatever it currently is set to.

SSS Setup & Configuration

Watch the following videos for more details:

1) Admin Setup


2) User View


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Matt - November 6, 2012

Hey Veena,

Looking forward to beta testing 4.4 for you. Been waiting for the updated credit store so we can release our products 🙂


Victoria - November 14, 2012

Hi, can I join the call? I have been waiting for this for quite awhile now. Would love to see if this is going to be the answer I have been looking for.



Veena Prashanth - November 14, 2012

Hi Victoria,

Sure, you can join.

I was going to send an email earlier with call details but could not get to it. I am planning to do the call tomorrow at 11:00 AM PDT. I will send an email shortly. If we get enough attendees, i will do the call tomorrow. If not, we will have to re-schedule.


Veena Prashanth - December 9, 2012

The NEW Credit Store plugin is ready for download!

If you have valid access to DAP/SSS product (access to support/upgrades has not expired), please open a ticket with us and we will give you access to the new CS plugin.

If your access to DAP/SSS support&upgrades has expired, please open a ticket with us and we will send out renewal instructions.

Please Note:
You need to be on DAP 4.4.2 to use this plugin so you will have to first complete the upgrade to dap 4.4.2 /livelinks 1.8.3 before you can use and test CS.

See – http://www.digitalaccesspass.com/blog/2012/11/dap-v44-beta/

Please read these documents on the credit store introduction and installation instructions.

1) http://www.digitalaccesspass.com/doc/credit-store-introduction/

2) http://www.digitalaccesspass.com/doc/credit-store-installation/



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