Processing Offline Payments

DAP supports offline payments.

Your buyer does not have to necessarily pay using one of our supported payment processors. You can also use un-supported processors, like say a physical Check/Cheque, Western Union, Wire Transfer, Bank Deposit, etc.

So when someone pays you offline, if you just want to give them access to a product or membership level, then see:

Creating New Users Manually

If you also want to record (or book) the payment in DAP, so that DAP can include the payment in the Admin reports, then keep reading.

Adding A Manual Transaction

And normally, when the user logs in after they’ve received the login information from DAP, when they log in, if they had an affiliate cookie on their system, the affiliate will get credit for their purchase, and will get credited the commission within an hour of their logging in (when the hourly DAP cron runs).

But if you want to override this and manually give some other affiliate credit for the purchase, then see:

Manually Crediting Affiliates


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