Paypal Standard Upsell – Guide

Upsells and Downsells are now extremely simple to implement using OUR NEW “Paypal Standard Upsell Tree” plugin for DAP.

Which means you do not need a merchant account any more. All you need is a regular Paypal (Standard) Business/Premier Account.

  • IMPORTANT: What you need before you can use this plugin

    1. You need a Paypal (Standard) Business or Premier account
    2. You must have SSL (secure server) enabled on your web site. Ask your web host to enable SSL for your site.
    3. You must have a working version of DAP 4.4.3+
    4. You cannot sell a “Recurring” product as an Upsell.  Recurring products have to be the first product in the flow.
    5. Here’s what you CAN do: You can have a recurring product as the very FIRST product that they purchase (when they first click on the “Buy” button on your main sales page), and then you can offer any number of “One-Time” Products as upsells or downsells.
    6. Here’s what you CANNOT do: Offer a “One-Time” product as your first product that they buy, and then try to upsell them to a “Recurring” Product. Unfortunately, this is a Paypal problem at this time.
  • Install Paypal Upsell Tree plugin

    1. Login to your account and download the file,  file from page. If you do not have access to this plugin, please contact us via a support ticket and we will send you the right link to purchase the plugin.
    2. Go to WP admin -> plugins -> add new -> Upload tab -> select the file, click on Install, and after the plugin is installed, click on activate to activate the PaypalStandardUpsell plugin in WordPress.
    3. Download the WCP License plugin from your downloads area ( )
    4. Install and activate the WCP License plugin in WordPress (just like any other WP plugin).
    5. Make a note of your WCP license key (you will find it in your downloads area).
    6. Go to WP admin – > settings -> WCP license and enter the WCP license key (that you noted in step# 6 above).
    7. Also,  unzip the  file to your desktop (the one you downloaded in step #2), you will find a dap subfolder under it.
    8. FTP to you site, find the root folder of your site, and upload the entire dap folder to the ROOT FOLDER of your WEBSITE. When you do this, it will automatically overwrite the files in your DAP folder with the right version needed by PUT.
    9. Installation of Paypal Upsell-Tree Plugin is now complete.
  • Find the API info from Paypal.

    1. log in to your Paypal account.
    2. Click on “Profile”
    3. Click on “Request API Credentials” (under ‘Account Information’ section). It will bring you to the API access page.
    4. Under Option 2, click on “Request API credentials” to create your own API username and password.
    5. Click on “Request API signature”
    6. Click on “Agree & Submit”
    7. Note down the following pieces of information:
      * API Username
      * API Password
      * API Signature
  • Enter the Paypal API info in DAP Seup -> Config.

    1. Login to DAP Admin Dashboard.
    2. Go to “Setup > Config“.
    3. On that page, click on the “Paypal” link in the links towards the very top of that page (or scroll down to the “Payment Processing: Paypal” section).
    4. Enter the 3 pieces of API info that you got from Paypal in the previous step into the Config fields 7, 8 & 9 on that screen:

    Paypal API Username, Paypal API Password, and Paypal API Signature. Cick  “Update” and save the changes.

  • Generate a WP based FINAL CONFIRMATION page.

    1. This is the page the users will land on when they have added all the items (main item, upsell items) to the cart and are ready to complete the final checkout.
    2. WordPress Based FINAL Confirmation Page for Paypal upsell:
        •    Create a NEW WP page. 
        •    Click on the PUT Editor button in the WP admin – > Add New page -> Visual Tab. pick the options and complete the  creation of this WP page.
        •    Lets say you call this page – confirmation.
        •    Publish this page.
      1. When your buyer reaches the final checkout confirmation page (/confirmation) then they can review all of the products in their “Upsell Cart”, and buy them all instantly and all together, without having to go back to Paypal ever again.
  • Steps to generate the MAIN buy button 

    1. In the DAP Dashboard menu, go to Payment Processing > Generate Buy Button
      Please click on the ‘Paypal Standard Upsell’ tab.
    2. STEP 1 – Select the DAP Product for which you’re trying to generate the buy button, from the Product list.  NOTE: The very first product that you sell in the flow can be a recurring product or a one-time product.
    3. STEP 2Generate “Primary” Buy Button (initial/first payment button that triggers upsell).  This will be the button that kicks off the full sales funnel. So this is your PRIMARY buy button. Fill in the text boxes for button generation and copy the generated button code to the MAIN SALES PAGE on your site.
  • Generate the Upsell and No, Thanks button.

    1. PLEASE NOTE:  you cannot upsell / downsell a recurring/subscription product because of Paypal API Restriction.
    2. YOU can do unlimited upsells and downsells BUT THE  upsell/downsell products can only be non-subscription products.
    3. In the DAP Dashboard menu, go to Payment Processing > Generate Buy Button
      Please click on the ‘Paypal Standard Upsell’ tab.
    4. STEP 1  –  Select the product that you want to UPSELL or DOWNSELL.
    5. STEP 3 –  Please SKIP the STEP 2 (as step 2 is for MAIN/PRIMARY button) and go straight to STEP 3.  Follow the easy-to-use instructions on the button generation page, fill in the text boxes for upsell button generation and copy the generated button code on to the upsell or downsell page.
    6. NOTE:  On every upsell page, make sure to provide both AN UPSELL BUTTON as well as a ‘NO, THANKS’ button. WITHOUT a NO, THANKS button, the users cannot SKIP any UPSELLS and they will be stuck.
    7. To generate a No, Thanks. button, select the button type (STEP – 3) as No, Thanks.
    8. You can repeat step #3 through step #7 for all of your upsell/downsell pages.
    9. When it’s the last upsell button or if it’s a No, Thanks button that does not lead to any more upsells, then please set the
    10. Now when you set to “NO”, the button generation process will ask you to fill the URL of the FINAL CONFIRMATION PAGE.  You can set it to (replace with the name of your site). The URL needs to match the url of the confirmation page you created when you followed the instructions for Generate a WP based FINAL CONFIRMATION page.
    11. VERY IMPORANT:  Please sure that both the upsell button code as well as “No Thank You” link on the last upsell or downsell page, should point to /confirmation or whatever is your FINAL CONFIRMATION PAGE URL.  Please set this correctly during the button generation.
  • Test the User Experience

Make sure to test the entire purchase flow, and every upsell/ downsell / no, thanks button before you go LIVE.

To test, you can either create a new Paypal account that is different from your SELLER account OR you can create a Paypal Sandbox account.

If you want to use Paypal Sandbox account for testing, please remember to switch back to your LIVE account before you go LIVE.

For Paypal Sandbox testing, please make the following changes to DAP Config.

DAP Setup => Config => Payment Processing: Paypal => Use Paypal Sandbox => “YES”
DAP Setup => Config => Payment Processing: Paypal => Paypal API Endpoint ->

NOTE: Remember to change back to original settings before you GO LIVE.

While all of this looks like a LOT of steps, that is only because we have tried to explain the steps in detail so they are clear. In reality, it is very simple to set up, and starting from scratch, if you have DAP & SSL already installed, it shouldn’t take you more than 1/2 hour to set up your 1-Click Upsells/Downsells/OTO’s. If you have any further questions, feel free to open a support ticket, and we will assist you in getting this going.

You are NOW ready to launch  your UPSELL-Powered Sales Funnel!

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