Hiding Protected Links On Member Home Page

When you have hundreds of posts or pages protected as part of a DAP Product, the list of links on the DAP Member Home Page (that is the result of using the merge tag %%USERLINKS%%) can get quite long and unwieldy.

So you can choose to hide some of those links from being displayed on the member’s home page.

Here’s how you hide a link from being shown on the member’s home page…

1) Go to the DAP Product in question, scroll down to the ContentResponder section

2) Click on the edit link next to the content in question on the right. The “Edit Files” popup will then show up on the left.

3) Set “Display On User’s Home Page” to “N”.

That’s it.

The content is still part of that product, it is still being protected, but the link simply won’t be displayed on the member home page.

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Kevin - May 10, 2012

If you hide a link (on user’s home page) and the user wants to view that link later in his membership…how could he or she find it and view it? For example if I hide links 1-50 of 100 because 100 links available to this member on his/her user profile is getting to be too many , but the user remembers link 24 and wants to review it…how does he/she find it?

Veena Prashanth - May 19, 2012

You can create a separate page using dap shortcode for userlinks where all the links are displayed and make that page available to the users in their members area.

[DAPUserLinks showProductName=”N” showAccessStartDate=”Y” showAccessEndDate=”Y” showDescription=”Y” showLinks=”Y” orderOfLinks=”NEWESTFIRST” howManyLinks=”10000″ errMsgTemplate=”SHORT” productId=”ALL” dateFormat=”YYYY-MM-DD”]

More here:


Kevin - May 20, 2012

Awesome! Great support for your products! (no body is better)

Veena Prashanth - May 20, 2012

Thanks Kevin :).

Joe - September 19, 2012


It seems that the column “Is free?” under protected content has disappeared. I want my free users to have access to only some products/pages, and paid users will have all products/pages.
How do I use this functionality in the latest update of DAP? The training video seem to be from a previous version.


Veena Prashanth - September 25, 2012

Hi Joe,

We did away with ‘isFree’ in dap 4.3.1. It’s no longer needed.

If you see the blog post on dap 4.3.1, you will find the changes we made to free product access.


You will find the details below this in the blog post :

We have not updated the videos as more changes are on the way in dap 4.4 / 4.5. We do plan on updating all the videos within next few months.

Heiko & Andre - October 10, 2012


I got a drip feeding question concerning this:

How can I create a menu where the user only sees links to the pages he has actually access to?

Because we are creating some sort of community – but with drip feed content.

Another question:

We got the “latest comments” widget on our sidebar. So if someone clicks there – and has no access he get redirected to my homepage (do not know why).

Would be cool if the reader gets to page where he can read: You will get access to this content in X days.

Or if I could only display the comments to pages the user has alreday access to – would this be possible?

Thanks again! 🙂 And many greetings! 🙂


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