Data Loading Errors

Progress Bar Never Stops

You’re seeing the green “Loading… Please Wait” progress bar continuosly running – it never stops and comes back with any data.

If this is a new setup, then it’s possible that your web host does not have a library called “JSON” enabled. Just ask them to enable it for your server. It’s rather simple to do, and we’ve never seen a host that won’t do this for their customers.

If it’s an old setup, and it was working previously, then your host made some changes that caused the library to stop working. So you still need their help in resolving the issue.

Error Message: “There was an error returning data'”.

One possibility is that your database or web site is temporarily down, slow, or plain not responding for some reason. So DAP cannot connect to your database, and comes back with this error.

Or it could also be the “Progress Bar Never Stops” issue from above.

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Kyle Jones - November 16, 2010

We had this error and it was that the extension iconv wasn’t loaded into PHP.

Rich Wilkins - July 21, 2011

I am having the “progress bar never stops” issue. Only in the members/users area. All other bars complete no problem. I have installed JSON and checked the iconv and everything seems to be in place. Any ideas why it never finds the user data base? Thanks.

Rich Wilkins - July 21, 2011

Thanks for the fast, excellent support! Ended up being my server did not have MBString support enabled.

Jason - February 7, 2012

Thanks Rich, moving a site running DAP to a new server and did not have MBString compiled with PHP5.

Paden - June 5, 2013

Hi, I just finished transferring my website to a new domain, then updated the DAP installation and livelinks. My old domain worked perfectly, the new one after the update and even before updating however is giving me this data load continuous error. I have already contacted my host and they claim that none of the above 3 solutions are an issue(JSON is enabled, iconv is loaded, and MBString support im told is also enabled).

Veena Prashanth - June 5, 2013

Please open a support ticket with us and we will take a look.



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