DAP Shopping Cart – Upsells only supported for Credit Card Payments

If you select “Allow Both CC and Paypal” option in the step 2 of button generation process, then on the checkout page you will find 2 options:

1. Pay with CC
2. Checkout with Paypal

The Pay-with-CC button on the DAP Cart Checkout page can be configured to lead users through a 1-click Upsell Funnel.

The “Checkout with Paypal” button on the DAP Cart Checkout page can’t do 1-Click Upsells but you can configure it to lead buyers to an upsell page with a ‘regular checkout with paypal’ button. If they click on it, it can send them to paypal to login and pay. It won’t be 1-click though. The user’s will be out of the DAP cart flow at this point. But that’s fine as the dap cart completes each individual transaction before sending users to the next page.

You could use our Paypal Upsell Tree Plugin for 2-click upsells with paypal, but this plugin is not integrated with DAP Shopping Cart. If you want to use this plugin, you will need 2 separate button on the sales page – pay with CC OR pay with Paypal instead of an integrated checkout option on the checkout page.

See – http://wickedcoolplugins.com/doc/paypal-upsell-tree-documentation/

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Anthony - August 14, 2015

Hi Veena,

I found this post from a google search. Can you tag it under “paypal upsells” or something similar as I was looking in the documentation articles for 2 hours yesterday and it was not there, no answer to the problem – this article presents the possible solutions very clearly.

Veena Prashanth - August 14, 2015

Hi Anthony,



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