Creating Ready-made Banners & Copy For Affiliates

DAP lets you create a “Affiliate Promo Materials” page that has ready-made, ready-to-copy-paste banner images, HTML code, and email copy, that includes the affiliate link of the affiliate viewing the page, already readily embedded and customized just for her.

Here’s all you need to know:

Wherever you insert the Affiliate Merge Tag….


…into your blog posts/pages, it will get automatically get replaced by the affiliate’s actual affiliate link, that looks like this…


So, that’s all you really need to know to create a custom, affiliate promo page.

Creating Customized Banners

Normally, your banner code for affiliates would look like this:

<img src=”/path/to/banner/image.jpg”>

That would simply display a banner that is not linked to any link.

Then, here’s how you would link it to any link.

<a href=”http://LinkToSomething.com”><img src=”/path/to/banner/image.jpg”></a>

Now, instead of the link above, you would insert your Affiliate Merge Tag in there, like this:

<a href=”%%AFF_LINK%% “><img src=”/path/to/banner/image.jpg”></a>

That would display the image, as well as link it to the affiliate’s own custom affiliate link. The above code is what you would enter into the promo page in the “Visual” tab, because you want the affiliate to see the actual raw HTML code that she can copy/paste and publish on their web site.

So when the affiliate views your promo page, they would not see an actual image that is linked to their affiliate link, but the raw HTML – just like what you see below – which they can copy and publish on their web site.

<a href=”http://YourSite.com/dap/a/?a=1234 “><img src=”/path/to/banner/image.jpg”></a>

Obviously, you don’t want them to directly link to the image on your site. So you just tell them that they need to download the image/banner and upload to their web site.

The same can be done for email copy too.

That’s how simple it is.

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Adrian - December 27, 2010

I am using clickbank for payment and affiliate management of my site.

Should the DAP affiliate page be disabled if I am using clickbank?

Can I use a combination of DAP (pay for leads) and Clickbank (pay for sale)

Can the Ready-Made Affiliate promo page be configured for clickbank affiliate id?

This should be as easy as using a %%Clickbank-ID%% variable from the profile as part of this page.

Ravi Jayagopal - December 29, 2010


Ideally, yes, DAP affiliate page should be disabled (don’t even create one to begin with) if you’re using CB. Or, you could use both of them in tandem like you mentioned – DAP for the leads, and CB for the sales.

We will integrate a CB nick into the dap database in a future release. It is on our to-do list, so we will get to it sooner than later for sure.

– Ravi Jayagopal

Kevin - January 9, 2011

Within the affiliate page for users, I have set up banner images and corresponding html code that contain user affiliate links. Right now the code refers to banner images which I uploaded to my word press media section. I thought this would simplify the use of these banners rather than having affiliates save the images to their desktop and then upload to their own sites. What is the reason for you recommending not doing it this way? Thanks

NormanLawrence - May 16, 2013

Hello Kevin,
I see you are waiting on an answer. This is very common practice to have the affiliates download the graphics and then upload to their own web server. This saves on your website receiving so much of the load as more people link to the graphics.


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