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Protecting WordPress Posts & Pages

  • Log in to DAP Dashboard and go to the “Products/Lists” page.
  • Select the product to which you want this blog post/page to be a part of
  • Scroll down to the “ContentResponder” section
  • On the left, you will see a list of blog posts & pages that have been published (if you scroll down in the window where the list of “posts” show, you will also see list of “pages”)

  • Select one or more (hold Ctrl + Click to select multiple)
  • Click on “Add Selected Posts/Pages” to protect the posts/pages.
  • The post(s)/page(s) will now show up on the right-hand side of the box.
  • Click on “edit” next to each link to configure dripping for individual posts/pages.

Creating a Product (Quick Start)

  1. Log in as DAP Admin
  2. Click on “Products” link (menu at the top)
  3. Enter “Test Product 123” in “Product Name”
  4. Enter the same text “Test Product 123” in “Product Description”
  5. Click “Save”. All other fields are optional.
  6. You are now in “Edit” mode of product “Test Product 123”.