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Troubleshooting OptimizePress Templates

If you’re using OptimizePress as your theme, make sure you’re only using membership templates that have the word “DAP..” in them.

DO NOT USE any template that has the words “WP” or “WP Secured“. That will cause members logging in via DAP, to not be able to access those pages.

Those templates are meant for OP’s own internal membership functionality, or built for other membership plugins. Those will not work with DAP.

Templates that are OK to use with DAP

  • Members 1 Content (Free/DAP/WL)
  • Members 1 DAP Login Page
  • Members 1 DAP/Wishlist Error
  • Members 1 General Page (Free/DAP/WL)
  • Etc.. anything with the word “DAP” in it.

For the other squeeze page/sales page templates, it doesn’t matter which ones you pick.

This restriction applies only to the “Members…” templates.



OptimizePress Issues

1) OptimizePress 1.x CSS Issue


You try to visit a protected page that you’re not eligible to view, and see an ugly page full of un-formatted links


  • Create a custom error page in WP – like
  • When creating the above page, select the OptimizePress template “DAP Error Page”
  • In the body of that error page, enter something like this:
    Sorry, you do not have access to this content.
    If you are already a member, click here to login.
    If you are not a member yet, then click here to get access.
  • In the above example, link the text “click here to login” to your stand-alone DAP login page (eg., And link the “get access” text to your sales page.
  • Then take this error page’s URL – which is – and enter it into the “Error Page URL” field of all DAP Products.
  • Also enter this same URL into DAP Admin > Setup > Config > “Error Page URL (Global)”.

Save, and that will no longer display the ugly error page going forward. Instead, it will redirect the user to the above custom error page.

2) OptimizePress 2.x Content Protection Issue


You try to visit a protected page that you’re not eligible to view, yet you are still able to see all of the content. Or the page appears messed up with missing menu items or formatting issues.


  • Make sure “Sneak-Peek” is turned OFF – it won’t work with OptimizePress 1.x or 2.x.
  • Follow all of the same steps from Problem 1 and create a custom error page.