Affiliate: DAP vs ClickBank

We are frequently asked, why should someone use DAP’s built-in affiliate program, rather than using ClickBank’s affiliate program.

Here’s the difference in a nutshell.

Advantage: DAP

When you use DAP’s built-in affiliate module, …

  1. You don’t have to send your members over to Clickbank to sign up separately for an affiliate account
  2. Every member (or buyer)  becomes (at your option, of course) an “automatic” and “instant” affiliate the second they purchase any product or membership level
  3. You can do Pay-Per-Lead (can’t do that with CB)
  4. You can choose your commission level to whatever you want (CB forces minimum & maximum commission percentages)
  5. You control who signs up for your Affiliate program (can’t do that with CB)
  6. You can kick spammers and abusers out of your affiliate program (can’t do that with CB)
  7. If you use CB, then every person who arrives at your web site through another CB affiliate’s link, can easily screw the original affiliate, and end up purchasing your product through their own CB affiliate link. But your affiliates can’t screw other affiliates when you use DAP. So DAP helps you protect your affiliates’ commissions. Which means, your affiliates will promote you more happily and aggressively, because they know their commissions are safe.
  8. CB is a bad choice of affiliate program in the IM and web-savvy niches, because everyone knows about CB, and everyone knows how to replace your affiliate nickname with theirs, and steal your affiliate’s commissions from right under your nose. And there’s nothing you can do about it.
  9. If you use CB, if an affiliate didn’t get credited for a sale you know that they brought in (for whatever reason), there’s no way to manually credit that affiliate for the purchase. Using DAP, you can do this (starting v3.9)
  10. You cannot credit or pay affiliates for offline payments with CB. You can do that with DAP (starting v3.9).

Advantage: ClickBank

Of course, you should also be aware of the flip side.

  1. CB has a large built-in community of affiliates that you can take advantage of to promote your product (of course, actually finding them and getting them excited enough to promote you is another thing altogether)
  2. CB takes care of handling commission payments and refunds and charge-backs – so it is less work for you as the admin.
  3. When you use a 3rd party like CB, some affiliates may prefer that, especially if they don’t know you, don’t trust you to make the payments on time, or your site is new (or not popular yet).

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Carlos Barahona - December 22, 2010


Can I use both, for example: http://mysite.com/dap/a/?a=1&p=cb0116.lfvilletez.hop.clickbank.net/

I mean, this would cookie the user with the dap affiliate tag and the clickbank tag right?, we’re doing a launch and need this to make the upsell tree via paypal and the main product via paypal.

Thanks in advance.

When can we expect dap v4.0? 😛

Adam - December 29, 2010

Why I didn`t find DAP 6 months earlier ;( I purchased Rapid Action Profits for $297 and now I realized WP is the way to go as most of my websites are based on WP. In order to use membership I have to purchase RAP Press for next $200 whcih is OK, but I found DAP even better. I watched your videos, read blog, reviews, testimonials and I want it badly.
Is there any discount coupon I can get from DAP?


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