Upgrading to the latest version of DAP

UPDATE: Use the new DAP Easy Installer plugin to upgrade DAP, and skip the old method below.

The following is relevant to you only if you are “Upgrading” DAP from an earlier version. (What’s new?)

Here’s how to upgrade to the new version:

  1. DO NOT DELETE your existing dap folder on your web site.
  2. DO NOT DELETE your DAP-WP-LiveLinks folder.
  3. DO NOT DISABLE or DE-ACTIVATE the DAP-WP-LiveLinks plugin.
  4. YOU MUST LOG IN TO WORDPRESS ADMIN and click on on the “DigitalAccessPass” link and load up the DAP Admin home page before proceeding.
  5. Upgrading DAP:
    Download the zip file dap_vXX.zip (where XX stands for whatever version you are upgrading to) from the member’s area and unzip to desktop. You should now see a folder by the name “dap” on your desktop.
  6. OVERWRITE the entire contents of the “dap” folder on your web site, with the contents of the new “dap” folder on your desktop.
  7. Upgrading the DAP-WP-LiveLinks Plugin:
    If you wish to make a back up of your existing DAP-WP-LiveLinks folder, DO NOT DO IT in the same folder, as WP will treat it as a duplicate copy of the plugin, and you could have unexpected results. If you wish to take a backup, then download it to your computer, or move it away from the wp-content/plugins/ folder. DO NOT KEEP more than one copy of the DAP-WP-LiveLinks plugin files (even if you rename them) in the wp-content/plugins/ folder
  8. Download the latest version of DAP-WP-LiveLinks_vYY.zip from the members area.
  9. Unzip the zip file to your desktop.This will create a folder by name DAP-WP-LiveLinks on your desktop.
  10. Simply Upload the entire DAP-WP-LiveLinks folder (including the folder too) to your WordPress plugins directory (which is wp-content/plugins/). You are essentially over-writing your existing plugin files, that’s all.
  11. Now go back to your WordPress admin page where you have the DAP admin panel already loaded and visible.
  12. If you’re not already viewing the DAP admin home page, then click on the DigitalAccessPass link in the WP admin menu towards the bottom left of your screen.
  13. You will now see a mostly-white-background page that shows you your current version of DAP and the version being upgraded to. And you will see a link that you need to click on, in order to upgrade your installation to the newest version you just uploaded. Just click on that link, and it should say “Successfully installed…”.
  14. CRITICAL: Once you are logged in as DAP Admin, click on the “Welcome, <admin name>” link towards the top left of your DAP admin panel (shown on all DAP admin pages). That will take you to the user edit page for your own DAP admin account. You MUST change your password now – even if it is to the same password as what you had before.

Note: The above ALL-CAPS, that too in RED does not mean we’re yelling at you :-). We just want to OVER-EMPHASIZE the importance of the text, that’s all.



  1. says

    I didn’t see my blog posts and pages right away. I had to click the save button again on the Settings/Permalinks pages again on the upgrade. Now they’re all there. This is a huge time saver since my new site has 150 pages! :)

    Thanks Ravi…

    Bob Jenkins

  2. says

    used filezilla to drag the dap folder into my root containing the existing dap folder, then dragged the livelinks into the content/plugins area with the existing livelinks folder. Then clicked on the Save button in th Settings/Permalinks area (made sure it was not set a defaut). But still the upgrade has not been successful. Anyone know if there is something I’m missing?

  3. says

    Still nothing under ‘Home’ link, Ravi. Do YOU see something there? (even tried hard refresh using Ctrl F5 in case it was a cache problem; still nothing)

  4. says

    It seems the only thing preventing my successful update to 3.4 is the final link is not appearing in my WP admin area. Is anyone else experiencing compatibility issues with the Headway theme interfering with plugin functionality? DAP 3.3 works fine with Headway if I don’t try to protect material within the content Leaves.

  5. says

    Ravi / Veena,

    Is it possible to make the jump from 3.3 directly to 3.5 when it is released don the road? I’ll be able to pay the additional update fee at that time (still about a week or so left on my original trial period, so with the initial fee coming due I thought it best to perhaps wait it out for 3.5 if possible). Thanks much for any input on this.

  6. says


    Yes, you sure can go from 3.3 to 3.5.

    But there is no real need to wait though. Updating is just a matter of uploading the new files and a couple of clicks. All automated. Very easy.

    We recommend that you start using 3.4, as it has a number of features that are extremely useful for you as an admin.

    – Ravi Jayagopal

  7. says

    Hi Ravi,

    I followed the instructions on upgrading DAP to v3.7, and when i clicked on the DAP link in my wordpress menu, i got an iframe with just this message: “Currently Installed Version(DB): 3.6
    Version To Be Installed: 3.4″

    Can you please tell me what to do from here ?

    Thank you,

  8. says

    Hi Ravi,

    I’m having the same problem as Vali. I upgraded from v3.5 and now only have the message “Currently Installed Version(DB): 3.5
    Version To Be Installed: 3.4″ when I click on DAP tab in WP dashboard.

    In the plug-ins menu the latest Live-Links download is called ‘Digital Access Pass with LiveLinks’ and version is 0.9.

    Before upgrading it was called WP-LiveLinks and version was 1.1?

    Any suggestions?



  9. says


    Just re-download the dap.zip and DAP-WP-LiveLinks.zip file again. Looks like a wrong file had gotten in there somehow.

    Re-download from your members’ area, re-upload to site, and you should be all set.

    – Ravi Jayagopal

  10. Steve says

    Ravi- when you say overwrite new DAP folder onto website. How exactly? Is that a Cut & Paste over old DAP folder in FTP or something?
    I’m not well versed in computer language, need exact instructions. Thanks!

  11. Jason says

    Guys, just wanted to let you know that your .htaccess rules may not work for people whose servers are locked down fairly well.

    If you are getting 500 errors look at the .htaccess file in the /dap directory.

  12. says

    Hello my version checker shows:
    OUTDATED! :-(
    It appears that you are NOT using the most current version of DAP.
    A newer version (v4.4.3) is now available, and may be downloaded in your membership area.

    But in my membership area only following available:

    You currently have access to 3 product(s).

    (Archive) DAP v4.3.1
    (Archive) LiveLinks v1.8.2 (FINAL – goes with DAP v4.3.1)
    (Archive) DAP v4.2.1
    (Archive) LiveLinks v1.7.1 (goes with DAP v4.2.1)

    DAPShoppingCart.zip – Use ONLY with DAP v4.2 and later
    What is this new DAPShoppingCart.zip?

    How can I get final version?

  13. says

    Since Livelinks is a plugin — can’t we just use the wordpress plugin dashboard and update it in the ‘usual’ manner?

  14. says

    Hi Bonnie,

    DAP needs to be uploaded via FTP. You can upload daplivelinks like any other WP plugin but the main dap folder cannot be installed via WP plugin installer.

    BTW, we will soon be releasing a new dap install/upgrades plugin so you will not longer have to ftp the files. The plugin will automatically upload the files to your site and upgrade your site. You just need to download the zip files to your desktop from our site.

    More to come soon.


  15. Massimo says

    I think I have the problem state in #23 by jason :

    Internal Server Error

    The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

    Please contact the server administrator at postmaster@asbr.it to inform them of the time this error occurred, and the actions you performed just before this error.

    More information about this error may be available in the server error log.

    [Tue Jan 07 12:27:10 2014] [alert] [client] – http://www.xxxxx.it – /web/htdocs/www.xxxxx.it/home/dap/.htaccess: Option Indexes not allowed here

    Do you have any solutions ?


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