Redirect After Double-Optin Confirmation

If you are using double-optin for your DAP product, then you would normally have entered the text %%ACTIVATION_LINK%% in your email body, which is replaced by a unique confirmation link specific to that user.

Normally, when that activation link is clicked, the user is redirected to your login page configured under Setup > Config > Login URL.

But if you wanted them to be redirected elsewhere to a page of your choice, then in your double-optin email body, where you normally enter %%ACTIVATION_LINK%% , enter this instead:


Where “http://link/to/landing/page/” is the URL where you want them to be redirected to after they click on the double-optin activation link.

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Eric - December 15, 2013

Any idea why this redirect method won’t work to redirect to a domain other than the domain DAP is installed on? I get a 403 error if I try to redirect to anywhere other than my domain.

Veena Prashanth - December 16, 2013

Hi Eric,

Please use relative path in the redirect url instead of full path and it should work.

For ex, instead of http://YOURSITE.com/redirect-here, use just /redirect-here and it should work.



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