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The latest version of Paypal Payments Pro (called PAYFLOW) is not compatible with DAP and Recurring Billing Cycles, You will have to open a Paypal account with the older version of their Payments Pro Merchant service that is compatible with DAP. Please make sure to use the older version of PPP which has to be specially requested through their support team. In a future DAP release, we will make it compatible with the new version of PPP.

Please read this for more on Payflow and Paypal Payments PRO :


1. Login to your Paypal.com account

2. Go to Paypal Profile -> My Selling Tools -> API access -> Update -> Click Request API Credentials -> Click Request API signature -> Click Agree and Submit.

If you had done this before, then just click on ‘View API Signature’.

3. Copy and paste the API username, password, and signature into DAP Setup -> Config -> Payment Processing: Paypal -> Items 7 through 9.

7) Paypal API Username
8) Paypal API Password
9) Paypal API Signature
10) Paypal API Endpoint

4. Login to your Paypal account -> Paypal Profile => Instant Payment Notification (IPN) -> Click on Update -> make sure IPN is enabled

Click on Update and set the IPN URL to point to :

http://YOURSITE.com/dap/dap-paypal.php (replace YOURSITE.com with the name of your site)

5. Create the Product that you want to sell in DAP products page. Set the pricing and recurring options for the product in DAP products page -> price & recurring tab.

6. Set the ‘welcome’ email in DAP products page -> Notifications tab.

7. Set the content that you want to protect/drip under this product in DAP Products page -> Content Responder tab.

Now read this document to complete the rest of the DAP cart setup on your site.

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Shane M. - September 5, 2014

Is the newest version of DAP (4.6.2) compatible with the current version of PayPal Pro?


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