Making Affiliate Payments

DAP’s affiliate program works the same regardless of which DAP-supported payment processor or shopping cart you’re using.

DAP does not directly make any affiliate payments. Instead, at the beginning of each month (or however often you wish to pay your affiliates), with one click on the Affiliates > Run Reports page, DAP will give you a list of all affiliates to whom payment is due, and the actual amount due to each one of them.

The format of the payment list that DAP provides you with, is already “Paypal Mass-Pay Ready” – which means, you could simply upload the file that DAP gives you, upload it to your Paypal account, and then pay all affiliates in one click (details further below).

Or if you don’t wish to pay by Paypal, and wish to use any other form of offline payment (like sending them a physical “check” in the mail, doing wire-transfers, etc), you’re free to use any external means for paying your affiliates. Once you have paid (by Paypal, or other external means), you just come back to DAP and mark all those affiliates as “Paid” – which is when DAP actually reports to all of those affiliates that a payment has been sent to them. Until the actual payment is made, they only see that they are owed a certain amount.

How To Pay Your Affiliates In DAP

1) Go to “Affiliates > Reports
2) Click on “Pay Affiliates as of mm-dd-yyyy” on the right/top part of the page (in older versions of DAP, this would be called “View Due Payments as of mm-dd-yyyy“)
3) DAP will bring up a list of affiliates to be paid. Click on “Export affiliates for payment
4) DAP will create an export of only those affiliates. Only those affiliates can be paid now, as per DAP.
5) You take the exported list that DAP gives you. Pay them via Paypal MassPay (details in the next section below).
6) Once you’ve actually sent them the payment via Paypal, come back to “Affiliates > Reports“, pick the previously exported list from “Mark affiliates from ……. as Paid” drop down (your last un-paid export will be shown in the drop-down list).
7) Mark that export as “Paid”.

That’s it!

Making Payments Via Paypal Mass-Pay

1. Copy all of the text from export field that DAP provides you with, and save it as a text file on your desktop, with a file name like, say, “February 2012 Commissions.txt

2. Log in to your Paypal account

3. Click on “Send Money

4. Click on”Make a Mass Payment

5. Upload previously saved text file on this next screen.

You may also enter a custom subject and body for the email that Paypal will send to all those receiving a payment.

6. Follow the rest of the on-screen instructions and hit “Send”, and you will see a confirmation from Paypal that your payment has been scheduled.

At this point, the money would have already been debited from your Paypal account.

Soon thereafter (usually within 10 minutes), Paypal would’ve actually deposited your payments in to the affiliates’ Paypal accounts.


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Simon - March 17, 2011

Is there a way of adding a tracking ID to an Affiliate link?

I have an affiliate who has 5 sales people using his affiliate link but he has no way of telling which sales person has sold what product as DAP just details the Aff link. (he does not want to set up 5 seperate free accounts)

I was thinking along the lines of :


If I could set up a report for him that says something like :
You have made 100 sales in this payment batch.
They are
20 product 1 on Tracking ID 1234, amount $597
30 Products 1 on tracking ID 1235, amount $745
15 products on Tracking ID 1236, amount $267
Where the tracking ID is the salesperson.

(I pay by PayPal so Multi-Tier Affiliates are not an option for me)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Affiliate Reports — DAP Documentation - September 23, 2011

[…] in and ready to go. If you’re paying via Paypal Mass-Pay, then all you need is this file. See this post for details. NOTE: Being exported for payment doesn’t mean that you’ve actually paid […]

Dan - March 28, 2012

What if their paypal email address is different to the email address they use to sign up (not uncommon)? Is there a work around for this?

Dean - July 10, 2012

Mass Pay In Paypal…Is NOT available for Canada…So what do we do??

Ravi Jayagopal - July 11, 2012

Dan: DAP already supports this by making a note of their original paypal email id in a different field. So even if they change their main email id, DAP will still know who they are when their recurring subscription comes in.

Ravi Jayagopal - July 11, 2012

Then you’re going to have to pay them through a different offline method – like maybe a wire transfer or physical checks. And you can still mark them as “Paid” in DAP once you’ve sent out the payments, however you send them.

Dan - July 11, 2012

Thanks Ravi, but I am not sure you understand the question. In many cases, an affiliate would like you to email them at one email address, but they would like to be paid via PayPal using a different email address. Does DAP allow for this?

Pepita - October 13, 2012

I have the same question as Dan does. Except that in my case I have people signing up for free content. So they haven’t paid me and I therefore do not have their PayPal email address…

Can I ask them to update their email address at their membership info?

Thanks for your time.

Ravi Jayagopal - October 18, 2012

Currently, DAP still uses the main email id to send affiliate payments.

It’s not an issue, because Paypal allows up to 5 email id’s to be added to your account. So they will still receive your payment at the main email id – for now. We will be fixing this in an upcoming release.

Dan - October 18, 2012

Hi Ravi, it is an issue, because in many cases, it’s the JV managers email address that they sign up with, but that is a total different person to the one that needs to be paid.

Ravi Jayagopal - October 19, 2012

Yeah. If the member wants someone else to get paid for their own work, then I guess it’s not going to work. But for most other use cases, people do want to get paid themselves, and that’s when it is not going to be an issue.

Dan - October 19, 2012

Hi Ravi, I don’t mean to be difficult, and you know I love your software, but I just don’t think you have this quite right. Take me for example. I am an affiliate manager. I handle all the emails and affiliate transactions for my client. I want all emails from affiliates going to me, because I am the one that will be placing the swipe, and measuring performance. However I am not the one that should be paid. I deal with affiliate managers every day… this is not at all uncommon. Infact, I would say that about half of the people I deal with work like this.

Ravi Jayagopal - October 19, 2012

There’s nothing right or wrong about this. We understand what you’re asking, it’s a feature we don’t have at this time, and we already said we will be implementing it soon. What else would you want us to say?

Dan - October 19, 2012

Fair call 🙂

Mark - January 21, 2013

Hi Guys

Is it possible to mark individual affiliates as paid?

The reason for asking is that I have just found out that I do not yet have the ability to do MassPay via PayPal and we only want to make payouts that are over a commission threshold.

Kristen - January 24, 2013

I had the same question as Mark.

Mark - January 31, 2013

Submitted a ticket to DAP and got this in reply:

>>Is it possible to mark individual affiliates as paid?<>If not, then may I suggest this is added in the next release.<<
"Payment threshold for affiliates" is already on our list. So hopefully within the next few releases.


– JC

Ravi Jayagopal - February 1, 2013

Just FYI…

Starting DAP v.4.4.x, to make affiliate payments, DAP will first check if the user’s “Paypal Email” field is filled. If it’s there, it will use that.

If not, it will use the user’s main email id to send payments (for the Paypal mass-pay report).

Simon - February 11, 2016

So if the affiliate does not have a Paypal account, or one with the email they use with me, what happens with the mass pay system? Does it tell me the people who they have not been abel to credit?

Ravi Jayagopal - February 12, 2016

Hi Simon,

It’s the same as sending money personally via Paypal to an email id. Paypal will notify the recipient at that email id, that they have a payment waiting for them. And the recipient can simply add that email id to their existing Paypal account, so it goes into that Paypal account, and gets tied to their current Paypal account for life, so all future payments will be delivered seamlessly going forward. Or they have the option of creating a new Paypal account with that email id. It’s their choice. Either way, it’s not going to get lost.

If they never “accept” the payment (because they never saw or read or received the email that Paypal sent them), then the payment will be returned back to your account after some days (30 days I believe, I could be wrong on the exact number – better to check with Paypal about that). And if a payment is returned, then Paypal will also notify you that your payment to email XYZ did not go through.

And after every mass payment, Paypal will show you a CSV file with the status of all the individual payments within that batch. If you check this report about 15 minutes after sending the mass payment, you will know exactly who got it, who didn’t, which ones are waiting, which ones were “Denied”, etc. And you should copy that file to your computer for future reference.

Hope this helps.

– Ravi Jayagopal


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