JVZoo Auto-Login

JVZoo => DAP Integration


When you integrate JVZoo with DAP using this automated login feature, your users/buyers will get auto-logged-in to their membership upon purchase and they can instantly download / access the purchased content. They do not have to wait for their welcome email to login.

And you can redirect users wherever you want after they are auto-logged-in.

The users will get auto-logged when they hit the ‘Access My Purchase’ button on the JVZoo Receipt/Thank-you  page after they complete purchase. But even if the users decide to abort and do not hit the ‘Access My Purchase’ button, the great thing about this new feature is… DAP has a backdoor to make sure the user account gets created automatically (for successful purchase) and you do NOT have to handle the user creation manually. You will receive emails or tickets from your users complaining about ‘no access’ after purchase.

This is a unique integration that only DAP has where your users do NOT have to take any action after a purchase for automatic account creation or auto-login.

1) Users do not have to enter an email/password on a web form to gain access to membership after their purchase (unlike few other membership programs where they need to do this extra step to get access). With dap, it’s automatic. No manual action needed.

2) Your users do not have to click on ‘access my purchase’ for account creation. If they click on it, they will get auto-logged-in. If they don’t and abort, no harm done. Their account will still be created automatically by DAP. They will receive the welcome email with their login credentials seconds after purchase so they can login that way.

So you are fully covered regardless of what the user/buyer does after the purchase as far as membership account creation is concerned.

You need to be on DAP 4.6 or above to use this feature.

Please use this document to integrate JVZoo with DAP.

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Clarence Coggins - November 20, 2014

Thank you for the detail explanation of how to connect the three well known services. I believe that our technical department has plan to utilize this feature with JVZoo and Warrior Plus.

Peter O. - December 12, 2015

Hi Veena,

I have been a JVZoo affiliate but now have used DealGuardian.com for several recent promotions. I’m wondering if DealGuardian is on your radar for integration with DAP?

Veena Prashanth - December 12, 2015

Hi Peter,

DAP already integrates with DealGuardian.

1. Set the IPN in DG to point to http://YOURSITE.com/dap/dap-dealguardian.php
2. Make sure the product name in DAP exactly matches the product name in DG.

That’s it.



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