Integrate Worldpay

Integration between DAP and Worldpay is IPN (instant payment notification) based and pretty straightforward.

a) Login to your Worldpay account, go to your Production/Test Installation, set the Payment Response URL to point to the DAP script on your site — http://YOURSITE.COM/dap/dap-worldpay.php (replace YOURSITE.COM with the name of your site)

b) Make sure the ‘Description‘ in Worldpay eXactly matches Product Name in DAP.

That’s it.


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Phil macaulay - August 14, 2012

Hmmm… Ok where is dap-worldpay.php on my website?
Seriously it seems straight forward but are there more ‘comprehensive’ details on the Worldpay integration. Like how do you setup the payment page without a shopping cart???

Running a testing site presently…

I put in the Payment Response URL as suggested and made sure the Product Name was the same….but what if I have more than one product for example. I really do not understand this process at all. Please could you provide more information.


Veena Prashanth - August 14, 2012

>>Hmmm… Ok where is dap-worldpay.php on my website? < < If you ftp to your site, you will find it under the dap folder. >>but are there more ‘comprehensive’ details on the Worldpay integration. Like how do you setup the payment page without a shopping cart??? < < The payment button is generated within Worldpay. There isn't much you need to do within dap to integrate. 1) Generate the button from their website. See if this link helps : http://worldpay.com/support/bg/index.php?page=development&sub=integration&subsub=examples&c=UK

2) Here is the link to Worldpay button generator (pls check with Worldpay site for latest docs)


In the button code:

Set the desc to point to your DAP product name.

Then follow this document to setup IPN in Worldpay and test.

Richard Trussler - February 14, 2013

Hi, I have created the button on the world pay site, and added to my sales page. The product name for the button and within the installation setup in worldpay match.

world pay takes the money, but it doesn’t seem that I am getting any payment response even though I have put in the http://domain.com/dap/dap_worldpay.php, and checked the box to say allow payment response.

the new user account is not being setup.

if I manually setup a user account I receive the emails fine and the account works perfectly.

any help would be appreciated….. Thanks

Veena Prashanth - February 20, 2013

Hi Richard,

The name of the script is dap-worldpay.php and not dap_worldpay.php.

This is NOT correct :

The IPN url should be:



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