Installation / Pre-Installation FAQs

What are the minimum web-hosting requirements to run DAP?

See “Minimum web-hosting requirements”

What web hosts to you recommend?

See “DAP-Certified Web Hosts”

I’m getting an error during installation

See this post for more details about errors .

How can I avail of Free Installation?

See “Free Installation”

How do I setup Cron?

Setting up Cron Jobs

All about Cron Jobs

Your host does not support Cron Jobs

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Tom Nunamaker - November 6, 2009

Hi Ravi,

I’m running 64-bit windows server 2008 with IIS 7 and PHP, MySQL etc. Instead of a Cron job, I’d need to use windows scheduler (or setup a scheduled task in the ColdFusion administrator…hehe). My question is have you seen any issues with installing your software on 64-bit windows server 2008 with IIS 7?


Ravi Jayagopal - November 6, 2009


DAP has never been tested on a Windows server. DAP relies on your web site having these features:

* .htaccess support
* PHP 5 / MySQL4
* PDO for MySQL

Using Win Scheduler instead of Cron is totally fine. The main thing is for your site to support the above requirements.

If your site does support this, then it’s certainly worth a shot.

– Ravi Jayagopal

Jesse - October 20, 2010

Hello, I’m interested in the unlimited license DAP.

Since I will be using DA on more than 1 domain, does DAP still need to be installed on each domain – or can it run from one central location (a feature I would LOVE!)

Veena Prashanth - October 20, 2010

Yes, you can run DAP from one central location.
See – http://www.digitalaccesspass.com/doc/global-content-affiliate-hub/

Jonathan Rivera - January 11, 2011

Hey Ravi, I just wanted to stop in and tell you that your product support is phenomenal. It’s almost as if you thought of EVERYTHING, thanks!



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